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Tom Rhodes
254 Book Roulette
1 hour 27 minutes Posted Mar 15, 2018 at 2:34 am.
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Praise be to the written word!

In my living room I have the walls lined with book shelves holding over 2,000 books. This is my life time collecting books and Ashna's lifetime of collecting books joined together. Since living in Los Angeles we have invented a game we like to call "Book Roulette." This game consists of us randomly pulling a book from the shelf, cracking it open and reading a few paragraphs or highlights from that book to each other. It is our nerdy way of plucking riches of the written word for the delight of our brains. It is our way of entertaining ourselves on cold rainy nights like tonight when we recorded this episode. Living among thousands of books means nothing if you are not gaining anything from them. That is why we invented this game and share it only with good friends who come to our place and like to get cozy with inspiration. So brace yourself and get ready for explosions of powerful words from the shelves of Tom and Ashna. You will most certainly be enriched with pearls of words and thoughts that will tingle you to the core of your soul. "I am happy even before I have a reason!"   TRR Smart Camp goodies:

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