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Ben Shapiro
A CEO who claims to believe in being outspoken and edge forced a producer to scrub audio from Kirk’s show that was critical of her lame podcast. Cool.
tommy tom 1955
My squash coach loved it!
Erika banged her squash coach
I love this podcast!
Erika always has the best and most interesting guests. I love when she has other barstool personalities on because she does such a great job interviewing them. Especially loved the latest episode with Kim and Alex. I love their fresh perspective and can’t wait for more content from them!! You go girls!!
Inspirational…every episode.
This deep dive into business strategy of one of the fastest growing organizations, is inspirational for future women CEOs! I’ve always had a love for barstool sports since my freshman year of college and now as a 27 year old…and wow…love Erika!!
Margaux (instagaux)
Home wrecker, and so afraid to offend the woke she actually bleeped out Shapiro’s name. Unreal.
Love the seriousness
Love this podcast, so insightful for a young professional
He Who Shall Not Be Named
Does Ben Shapiro break up 2 marriages?
Not for common people
Character issues aside - not a whole lot on here for average people. Meaning people who have common sense & value relationships because of the other person’s values - not their pull or the power they have. Don’t waste your time.
Look Yourself In the Mirror
If you are taking advice from the definition of a “homewrecker” who has zero moral compass, and damaged the lives of multiple people including children, you need a serious reality check. Business isn’t everything and chasing a dollar like this and forgoing every other facet of what it means to be a good human is pathetic.
Nardini runs with PC crowd?
Beeping out Ben Shapiro’s name is so 2021 and so NOT Barstool at the same time. #Unsubscribe
Say his name?
What an absolute weak move bleeping Ben Shapiro’s name. 1 ratings for you moving forward. Horrible - virtue signaling at its worst.
Nice censorship.
Pretty edgy beeping out Ben Shapiro’s name. That’s so Barstool!
Say his name!!!
Ben Shapiro
So ceo , podcaster , affair , hockey , sporting lessons ... when does she have time to parent? This podcast is boring . Rather hear what she does on podfathers.
All she does is toot her own horn. She ran a business into the ground before Dave came and saved her. Save your time and don’t listen to this “pat myself on the back”podcast.
Kind of a fraud…
Her holier, smarter, scrappier than thou shtick doesn’t hold up when you learn she’s cheating on her husband with the local squash coach. No thanks!
Israel Schwartz
How can you lampoon a male employee for his conduct and not your own
A male employee has a front page headlined affair, and he's suspended and lampooned. Female CEO has a front page affair and its untouchable.
0-27 on nickname choices
Poor role model
You lost all credibility after the squash incident. Unsubscribing. You should consider stepping down from such a public role.
Stoolie facts
Great squash player, okay content manager, and meh wife.
I would leave my family for this podcast.. barstool to moon🌙
got kirk in a collar
Not a fan of squash
Niche sports bore me
Erika is Terrible Mother, Wife and CEO
Address the adultery situation
She cheats at squash!!!
I was a member at her elite country club and was the no 1 ranked squash player for 10 years running. After several all night training sessions with Swiss the club pro she magically was a squash star. Not fair!!!!!!
This is a Racket
I was a big fan of Barstool until she came in and squashed dissent like a ball with a racket.
Edmund II
Love it!
First, love your passion for what you do! You are a true role model! And I love Kelly Martin! More interviews with her :)
Top notch manager
Love the passion that you have for your people. You truly understand that importance of respecting and challenging your employees to be their best self. #ilovethat
PAY JARED. Great 2 chair on Kirk Min Show
Stop bullying Jared
You’re not Dave
Solid content that we need
45 year old not white dude here. Thanks to Erika and team for so many compelling topics I wouldn’t otherwise come across. The honesty, savvy and unstoppable attitude are inspiring and motivating. I’ve passed on regular listening on several podcasts first part of 2021 but still zero in on this one.
Look forward to this every week
This pod is so good for me and being a continual learner. It’s relevant for people of many stages in their careers, and to learn about the goings on in the world from a Barstool/ Nardini lens. To be inside her brain is a great place! Also, I never realized I actually care about sports, I just didn’t know it was the business side of sports! Thank you Erika!
Great listen
I really enjoyedThis podcast. I am a 38-year-old male and it was very refreshing here you ladies talk about working hard to achieve the goals you’ve set. Just seems like most people today only focus on a double standard part of the conversation.
The Honey Badger of all Podcasts
Erika and the Token Crew are incredible. I can’t express enough how thankful I am for this community. There’s no better way to kick off the week with a Monday Token episode and then finish strong with a Thursday episode. This podcast brings so much strength and inspiration. I love everything about this community. Each episode is unique and brings new perspectives, ideas, goals, and awareness. Thank you Erika and the Token team for your everyday amazing work. To the moon!
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Jen Caruso
Token Gang
This pod is everything. An inside-look at Barstool’s place in the media industry, Erika’s personal advice, and interviews with incredible guests all make for an incredible show. Blessed to be a part of the Tokens!!
Queen Erika!
Such a great podcast and love hearing Erika's opinion on things! She's awesome and hilarious!!
Brynley Quinn
Erika is everything
Such a great podcast and group of Tokens who listen. So much great advice from Erika and the other Tokens. Love being a part of this group
1st round!
Power to the women
Being a woman in the workforce is never easy and you have no idea where the line is of being who you are and being professional because that line is ever changing for women. This podcast reminds you that you’re not alone in how you feel and to never ever think you don’t belong at the table
Love this pod!! Makes me feel not alone in this world. Erika is a queen and that is all.
Token ceo podcast is for anyone who likes humor, relatability, wisdom and a weekly download on choice current events. Erika is human and yet superhuman at the same time. We aren’t worthy to get this honest picture into the life of a top female ceo, but I’ll gratefully take it (every Monday and Thursday)!
Token podcast
Love it. On the days it comes out my work day is 10x better
Must Listen!
Monday’s and Thursday’s are my favorite days now since I know I’ll wake up to queen Erika dropping a new podcast! She has an amazing ability to breakdown complex topics in easy to digest ways. I often find myself listening to topics I’m not interested in but Erika explains it in such a way to make me care! Highly recommend :)
Cat fightz
A must listen
Love tuning in to listen to Erikas guest and advice! A breathe of fresh air to not always hear the same leadership take on everything and that you can be yourself!
Great podcast
This podcast is amazing. It is a highlight of my commute to work. Thanks to this podcast, Facebook group, Instagram posts, zoom, clubhouse chat have been more helpful then my schools career center.
This podcast has kept me going through the pandemic with inspirational nuggets and behind the scenes Barstool content from an absolute boss. I love Erika’s honesty and I value any career advice that she’s willing to share. In addition to content each week, Erika and the Token team have created a supportive community through the Facebook group, making it possible for fans to connect and network as well!
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The Salty Ju
I cannot recommend this podcast enough. If you’re a young professional, old professional, a mother, a father, a college student, or unemployed this is the podcast for you. Erika talks all things women empowerment, as well as how to be a CEO and still live your life. Such an inspiration.
Keeps Me Motivated
I’ve had a rough year with losing my job, but the Token CEO has kept me motivated to keep working hard and fighting for a job. Erika is a BOSS and is so willing to help other in anyway possible! A great listen for anyone who is a hard worker.
Maddie Gosson
Love to see it
Enough said.
Shoutout Erika (aka My Mentor)
This pod has truly kept me going throughout WFH. Erika’s takes are both informative and insightful. This is an absolute must-listen if you care about the media industry and crushing it at work in general. They say you feel like podcast hosts are your friends... but Erika truly feels like my mentor at this point. Hoping to pay it back somehow, someday. Huge thanks to Erika and her team for creating such valuable content.
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C Youngs
My Twice Weekly Kick in the A**
I’ve been listening to the Token CEO basically since it’s inception during quarantine in 2020 and it has continued to keep me motivated and entertained. From interesting guests, insightful business commentary and just 100% realness from Erika, everything is there and I never miss an episode.
Educationally Bad A** Podcast!
Erika is such a bad a**; giving us all some insight into barstool, women in the work force, the industry and so much more. If you’re into a dope CEO educating you in a really cool way; give this pod a listen! You won’t regret it!
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