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On Token CEO, Erika Nardini offers a glimpse into her world as CEO of Barstool Sports. Between meetings and conference calls, Token CEO tracks Erika's moves in real time, with episodes twice a week. From current news to business strategy, Erika breaks down a variety of topics with an inside look on what’s going on in Barstool HQ. Featuring weekly guests from the boardroom, the locker room, and everywhere in between, Token CEO is raw and candid - just like its host.
Have Another Drink (Feat. Joshua Acheatel)
Erika analyzes what’s going on in the food and beverage industry in the midst of the Pandemic. She chats with Joshua Acheatal, a small business owner in NYC, to see how he’s handling things.
Oct 22
1 hr 1 min
I Learned The Internet Working Security (Feat. Coley Mick)
Erika talks with Barstool’s own Coley Mick about his experience with the company, his new position as EIC, doing what scares you, and his version of success.
Oct 19
1 hr 20 min
Take It Like A Woman
Solo episode today because the boss has a lot to say. Erika delivers a rant on feminism, women in the workplace and the double standards that frustrate her the most.
Oct 15
40 min
One Foot Out The Door (Feat. Kirk Minihane)
Kirk Minihane joins the show to ask Erika everything he wants to know about the business of Barstool Sports. The two get into the ongoing Sirius negotiations, employee contracts and Erika’s workplace pet peeves.
Oct 11
56 min
Di's Story
On today’s episode Erika is joined by Diana Keen and Liz Moore, founding members of the Roots & Wings Foundation. Diana shares her story of being diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Inflammatory Breast Cancer and how she's transformed a short prognosis into 6 years of fighting. To learn more about Diana and her foundation, visit
Oct 8
1 hr 12 min
If You Want a Seat at The Table, Flip It Over.
Bonus episode and breaking news! Erika is the newest board member of the WWE. She chats with Barstool's Jared Carrabis and Robbie Fox to explain how it all went down.
Oct 5
26 min
The Glory of Barstool Sports
No guest today because the boss has a lot to say. Erika breaks down this week’s headlines including the President’s COVID diagnosis, Facebook’s new workplace policies and how they relate to Barstool and why more women are leaving their careers now than ever before.
Oct 5
54 min
Feed Yourself First (Feat. Rachel Hollis)
Erika covers today’s headlines including period paint, market spoofing and the social media monopoly. Later, she is joined by entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Rachel Hollis. Rachel talks about her newest book, why having bad days are actually a good thing and more importantly, her favorite protein powder. Twitter: Instagram: Spotify Playlists:
Oct 1
1 hr
Running Isn't Pretty (Feat. Andi Dorfman)
Erika is joined by author and television personality Andi Dorfman. Andi shares why she made the pivot from reality television, how she started her own run club and gives a behind the scenes look on launching her own business and fitness community. Twitter: Instagram: Spotify Playlists:
Sep 28
44 min
Obsession With Perfection (Feat. Dr. Laurie Santos)
Erika is joined by Yale Professor Dr. Laurie Santos. Laurie is a self-proclaimed happiness expert and teaches the most popular course in Yale history. Laurie shares her keys to happiness and offers insight on what connections should be our most valuable. For more from Dr. Laurie Santos, check out her podcast The Happiness Lab. Twitter: Instagram: Spotify Playlists:
Sep 24
51 min
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