Today's Homeowner Podcast
Today's Homeowner Podcast
Danny Lipford
Need to know how to fix a leaky faucet, stop a squeak or paint your porch? No project or renovation job is too small for National Home Improvement Expert, Danny Lipford, and seasoned contractor and author, Joe Truini. Danny and Joe host the Today's Homeowner Podcast each week — sharing the latest tips and practical advice to help you have the best–looking house on the block. If you are looking for REAL solutions for REAL homeowners, the Today's Homeowner Podcast is the place for you.
Control the Condensation in Your Home | Tips
Did you know your home can have good condensation and bad condensation? Listen to learn about some solutions for the negative side of sweating.
Feb 24
1 min
Dryer Safety Tips | Tips
Clothes dryers are one of those modern conveniences that can easily be taken for granted, but don’t let that warm air meant for your clothes heat up the wrong things. Listen to learn about some dryer safety tips.
Feb 23
1 min
How to Protect Your Floors from the Snow | Tips
In the winter time it’s nearly impossible to keep your floors from getting tracked up with snow. Listen to learn about protecting your floors from what comes with the snow.
Feb 22
1 min
Simple Trick to Keep Your Storm Doors Quiet | Tips
Do you hate the sound of a slamming door as much as I do? Listen to learn about adjusting your storm doors to close smoothly this winter.
Feb 19
1 min
How to Save Money on Your Winter Utility Bills | Tips
Is the “cold crunch” of winter putting the squeeze on your utility bills? Listen to learn about some simple ways to save.
Feb 18
1 min
Maximize Your Kitchen Storage Space | Tips
Storage space is always at a premium in the kitchen, so how do you create more without adding any cabinets? Listen to learn about maximizing the cabinet space you have.
Feb 17
1 min
Tips to Get Rid of Lingering Odors | Tips
This time of year we spend so much time inside that we become more aware of what’s going on in our houses. Listen to learn about what to do if one of those things is a lingering odor.
Feb 16
1 min
How to Hide Your Charging Station | Tips
Does your kitchen counter look like the discount table at an electronics store? Listen to learn about corralling the charger chaos in your home.
Feb 15
1 min
The Importance of Maintaining Your Fireplace | Tips
Everyone enjoys a fireplace during the winter, but safety has to be a priority. Listen to learn about keeping your fireplace or wood stove properly maintained this winter.
Feb 12
1 min
Keeping Up with Your New Year's Resolutions | Tips
We’re just over a month into the new year, and lots of us have already broken many of our New Year’s resolutions. Listen to learn about following through on those plans to improve your home.
Feb 11
1 min
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