'tis but a scratch: fact and fiction about the Middle Ages
'tis but a scratch: fact and fiction about the Middle Ages
Richard Abels
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Thank you Dr. Abel and Ellen for introducing me to medieval literature in an enjoyable way. I absolutely love your podcast.
A lot of fun
A well-researched, well-written podcast narrated by a husband and wife team with a charming dynamic. An educational and amusing listen!
“Your arm’s off!”
Great fun! I love the snippets from Monty Python. Also very interesting to hear how our understanding of this period has evolved.
Approachable and entertaining tales of the Middle Ages!
Dr. Abels and guests bring the Middle Ages to life in a thoroughly entertaining and enriching way, highlighting the true historical accounts of many fabled characters and commercially mischaracterized personalities. His graduate-level accounts of historical figures and pivotal events, based on an intimate understanding and analysis of the source material, brings these stories to life in vivid and relatable fashion. Highly enjoyable commute-length stories to reawaken the sense of chivalry and faith that defined the period and fuel the popular imagination!
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Generous, detailed and charming
Thank you to Richard and Ellen for generously re-creating the kind of medieval depth and historical learning that you would normally need a Phd candidacy to enjoy. Listening to lengthy 11th, 12th and 13th century stories on podcast is never easy but they bring a warmth, charm and disarming honesty to it. This human side never interrupts making sure that facts are supported, and that open or contentious academic debates are fairly called out. Stick with it past the early episodes when they find their stride, and be ready to use the 30 sec rewind button to properly hear things over.
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Outstanding podcast!
I am a medievalist (PhD, Medieval Studies, UToronto), and I deeply admire Professor Richard Abels’ scholarship, especially an article that he wrote for the Journal of Medieval Military History entitled “Cultural Representation and the Practice of War in the Middle Ages” (2008). My point is that Prof Abels is a serious scholar and an accomplished scholar. It is a wonderful thing that he is sharing the fruits of his many years of research and teaching with the general public. Prof Abels’ podcast is highly informative and entertaining. I feel as though I am auditing one of his medieval survey courses remotely. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in learning about the Middle Ages from a true expert. Professor Abels, thank you for making this podcast! I look forward to each and every episode!
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Medieval History Brought to Life!
Richard Ables, Professor Emeritus US Naval Academy, brings medieval history to life in a way that few can. He mixes humor, deep research, and his best guesses to present medieval events as they were or at least probably were. The storylines are both factual and human. The interactions with his wife and co-host enhance the listening experience. I can’t wait for the next episode to drop!
Chris Lisk
Excellent beginning to a hopefully long podcast series.
I found this podcast through Reddit and was excited for a new medieval focused podcast. The hosts have a lively dynamic that helps keep the energy up. Crossed fingers for plenty of HRE focused episodes.
Nathan Swapp
Very interesting podcast with a lot of potential!
After listening to the first 8 episodes, I have found this podcast to be very informational and entertaining. After the first couple of episodes, I found it interesting and moderately entertaining but thought it could improve in some areas (mostly production and post production). With the last five episodes I have noticed a marked upward trajectory. The information has always been good but the general flow of the podcast is much smoother and seems a little less scripted. Additionally, the topics continue to be novel and entertaining. I have really high hopes for this podcast and look forward to future episodes!
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