Timothy Keller Sermons Podcast by Gospel in Life
Timothy Keller Sermons Podcast by Gospel in Life
Tim Keller
Classic sermons by Tim Keller, Pastor Emeritus of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and NY Times best-selling author of "The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism." For the latest sermons and additional resources, please visit www.GospelinLife.com
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Amazing teaching again and again.
This teaching is so profound if we could all listen to it three or four times and examine our own hearts through it we would be dramatically changed.God help me to take this message deep into my soul!
Challenging and encouraging and insightful
Tim Keller’s “Blessed Are the Poor” was the first sermon of his I ever heard. I couldn’t make it through without crying and realizing how I had a proud, “middle-class spirit” for so much of my life. The teachings here are so challenging but also so joyful and uplifting. He brings each message back to the core of the Gospel (Jesus) and does not shy away from asking hard questions. But he does it in a winsome way with a humility that is unexpected from someone with so much knowledge. Truly life changing for me and my family. Thank you.
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Pittsburgh Zack
Vote your conscience
I’m surprised by Pastor Keller’s resent comments, such as: “The Bible tells me that abortion is a sin and great evil, but it doesn’t tell me the best way to decrease or end abortion in this country, nor which policies are most effective,” tweeted Keller. I’ll continue to pray for him.
The Living Word
The different ways in which the gospel comes to life and how God speaks to us, directs, guides, instructs and really meets us where we are in our life journey really came to life for me listening to Tim Keller. I’m not from the same denomination but the truth pierced through me in a way that was completely unexpected and this was the beginning of the connection between the head knowledge about the bible to the heart knowledge about what it means to love God and follow Jesus.
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Thoughtful and uplifting
I am a Christian but not of Tim Keller’s denomination. His teaching is very thoughtful and uplifting and his insights into the scriptures are so applicable to every day life. This podcast is among my regular listens to build my own faith.
My biggest mentor
Pastor Tim you are Gods gift to me I cannot begin to divulge details of how your words have garnished my life As a fourth year medical student I hold on to Gods promises for your health You are my favorite person in the world
Priscilla Itua
Love it 👌🏽
A breath of fresh air
Tim Keller’s ability to bring the true gospel to life and understanding is such a breath of fresh air in my life!!
Timothy Keller Sermons
dallas matron
I absolutely love Tim Keller’s sermons. He is so knowledgeable/wise and preaches the true word of God. So grateful that I can access the sermons and learn and grow from them.
liz vaugin
Thought provoking
I love how do Pastor Keller gets me thinking and brings the Bible to life.
Dean C H
Excellent Bible based teaching!
Genuinely Thankful
Beautiful truth that the Spirit of God uses to speak deeply into the hearts of His children.
Great podcast
One of the best speakers and writers of this time
Great for Expats
Currently living abroad and haven’t found a church where I am yet. This podcast feeds me well until I can find a community here.
A leader from afar
Tim Keller has been instrumental in teaching the Way for my wife and I. He’s a unique voice for us. Coming from a Pentecostal background and swinging into a reformed theology, but surrounded by politically right, we are blessed as Keller is unwavering in his teaching to show how God, through Jesus, from beginning to present, and beyond, rises above it all setting a truly counter cultural standard by which we are set as heirs and brothers/sisters through His work alone.
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Timely content!
I attended Redeemer when I lived in New York in 1998-99. It has been life-giving to hear these sermons from Tim Keller that show just how timeless God’s word really is! Thank you for sharing—so life giving! Small note: sermon 476–they greatly feared—has a really important ending that has been cut off by the support voice-over. It would be lovely to have that remedied! Thanks!
Formerly in NY
I am so thankful for the wisdom God has given Tim Keller. What an amazing teacher. What a gift to hear these Godly messages and deep dives into scripture.
Salvation is of God alone
This sermon is a light to everyone: both irreligious, religious, and redeemed. We need to hear how we can have a breakthrough in this Pandemic, so that all the world can be saved
These are great for my drive times. Dr Keller has been blessed and blessed us.
Mudd butt samari
Too progressive
I have listened in the past, to many to your YouTube videos. But as of late, you have become a little too progressive for me! God expects us to stand for ALL truth, including in the political spectrum!
God has greatly gifted Tim, he is a wonderful preacher and teacher. The content of these sermons are rich and thought provoking. But most importantly, Tim preaches the Gospel and always points people to Christ. My prayers are with Tim and his family.
#477 19 years later and prescient
TK preached this sermon 3 weeks after 9/11/2001. Pertinent at that time; pertinent now. Breathtaking to apprehend truth — the Truth in the Word.
Dr. Keller’s teaching always helps me so much. I have learned more than I can explain from him and he helps me to see things clearly in a way that no one ever has before. Definitely God has given him an incredible gift that I am very thankful for. I hope many more people would be willing to hear what he has to say.
hungry for prayer
Dr. Keller has an anointing that allows him insight to the Word of God.
My go to sermon podcast
Dr. Keller provides amazing insight and dissection the Word, could not recommend it more.
mrs. shadows
Has swallowed the SJW pill
His teachings are infused with worldly influences and it’s disappointing.
Does not get better
Words cannot express what Dr. Keller’s teaching has meant to me over the years. The way he explains the Bible and especially sin and idolatry has changed my life forever.
Saul’s jealousy
Thanks to whoever asked Pastor Keller to preach on this one and thanks to Pastor Keller for pointing me to the true Jonathan.
This ministry has helped me so much. I’m always excited to listen to new messages, but i go back and listen to ones I’ve heard before and they still seem just as brand new and refreshing. I receive so much wisdom, truth, and encouragement from these messages. I call Timothy Keller my poppop. I’m a black woman and we have never met each other but he is my poppop. I adore him oh so much. His ministry means so much to me!
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Shekinah Anderson
Highest Truth
If you are turned off by the apparent foolishness and ignorance of faith religions, this is the podcast for you. Pastor Keller reconciles the seemingly discrete, contradictory Biblical scriptures into a credible, tenable, intelligent, integrated system of belief that is the necessary foundation for a powerful, victorious, soul-quenching walk of life. The highest Truth makes sense even to the highly educated, and its name is Jesus.
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Love this podcast! Thank you for posting all his past sermons.Tim Keller helps us live the gospel through Gods word. Praise Jesus.
B.J. De Idaho
I’ve been listening to Rev. Keller for about ten or so years now. His sermons are great for helping me analyze my own relationship with God. Also for helping me remember the fundamentals when reading from different theological sources.
At Jesus’s feet
Tim’s teaching is hearts changing, challenging and fulfilling. Listening to him is like sitting at Jesus’s feet.
Piazza Mom
Solid teaching for Christians and sound argument for non-believers
Tim Keller’s sermons are incredibly in-depth, and have a solid biblical foundation. For people who are not Christians, I believe his words (at the very least) provide something to ponder on which leads to increased interest in the Christian message. The sermons tackle tough questions which many people have in a systematic, sensible, spirit-filled way.
Brilliant Christian Teaching!!
Tim Keller just might be the most insightful preacher and Christian author in America today.
What a Blessing!!!
I thank God for Timothy Keller and his ability to make God’s word come alive. His sermons have changed my life and my understanding of the Word & thereby my relationship with God. Truly, truly a blessing!!!
Life changing
The Quality of Mercy: Stories of Justice and Reconciliation This sermon on the nature of forgiveness and justice is profound. How can we resist injustice without becoming like the very ones we resist? How can we forgive, and yet not forget? Shouldn’t God have to be the victim at least once so he knows what it’s like? Tim Keller explores all of these questions and more, and brings our dilemma to a resolution in
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Inspiring and convicting
Dr Keller teaches with clarity and insight. He often has literary and movie references that make it easy to relate to his points. He keeps opening my eyes to more in depth understanding of the truth of the Bible and the awesomeness of God.
West Bend reader
God has truly used Dr. Tim Keller, as He has for so many, to radically change my life. I no longer live my life on trail trying to justify myself before the Lord. Instead, I know I have been freely pardoned and invited by the very One who judges me.
Knocks my socks off
He gets it deeply. Love his teaching and him. Get well teacher. Love you
Tim is an excellent teacher who speaks straight from the Word. Wonderful.
Andrew Laing
Top Tier Sermon Podcast
Keller is always articulate, biblically-based and intelligent on topics like philosophy and church history. One of the finest Christian minds this century!
Liberty XC Coach
Life Changing
I’m going through a difficult time in my life and what has helped ground me and uplift me has been Timothy Keller. He breaks down the Bible in a way that makes perfect sense, when he speaks something inside of me just clicks. I listen to him every night before bed. My mind settles and my heart is hopeful. He goes beyond the superficial, surface level, Christian jargon...he is able to explain in depth, the deep meanings and connections between every passage in the Bible. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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His teachings are convicting and loving, the Holy Spirit speaks through him to reach people like me. If you are looking for answers, hope, or love. Look no more this is the place!
Listen to this podcast!
God has blessed Dr. Timothy Keller with an amazing ability to explain the Bible and apply it to life today in life transforming ways. Keller asks the questions that arise in your mind, even whilst listening to him preach. Keller doesn’t shy away from difficult topics in contemporary culture. This podcast is a tremendous blessing.
Truly truly life-changing
My spirit, soul, heart, and mind have been awakened to the truth of Jesus by Timothy Keller’s sermons. I can’t assert strongly enough how powerful this resource is. I am so utterly grateful to Pastor Keller for opening my eyes to who Jesus really is, and his dedication to allowing God to speak through him. Thank you, and may God bless you always.
I’m so grateful for this podcast and for Dr. Keller’s sermons. They’re a lifeline for me and help me every day in my walk to be more like Jesus.
Each sermon unfolds like a beautiful closing argument, weaving scripture, literature, and life throughout his messages with life-changing clarity.
Great encouragement
The depth of Tim’s insight into scripture is amazing. He also has a lot of insight into human nature and is able to show how the Bible is relevant to us. Great sermon series in podcast!
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