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Immediate favorite
As soon as you listen you’re engaged with the show right away. A really engrossing conversation injected with authenticity and humor, thoughtful and informative
Amazing Reviews - Better Conversations
Listening to the podcast is like overhearing friends in another room talk about films you love. The analysis is insightful, funny, deep and thought-provoking. The best thing that I love about it though is the wide range of films covered. From horror to documentary. From comedy to tragedy. Always under-the-radar. Always a fantastic listen and an even better podcast about the movies we love.
These Three!
These three friends are hilarious and everything you could want from a podcast right now! Watch the movie and then listen to their take!
AlonePod review
Checked out the newest episode and was not disappointed. Great flow and pace, good information and the production is tight and crisp. Awesome show!
Perfect for the movie buff, and the movie novice!
These guys are good! Listening feels like hanging out with close friends. In depth, honest insight with humor to spare. I am not the biggest movie watcher, but I look forward to the next episodes movie. They keep it super fresh with episodes, covering movies I’ve never heard of, but know I need to find and watch. A great podcast for the movie buff, as well as the novice looking for something new to broaden their horizons.
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Call Me Brother Nature
Fun and informative
Their shared love of film and relaxed humor are a great way to learn about movies you may have missed. I love it and I trust their reviews.
A MUST listen!!
If you’re looking for some awesome conversation for movie reviews, you’ve come to the right place! Check it out - you won’t regret it!!!
These guys are FUNNY
This podcast rocks. My faovirte part is finding out (via FB or Twitter) what they are watching before the episode comes out. It's like a gentle nudge from a friend to stop bingeing Parks&Rec and watch something new and fresh that I ABSOLUTELY would not have otherwise. Then when the gang gets together and starts craking their Laura Dern jokes and what have you....I actually get to feel a part of the conversation.
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Time Sensitive is for you. Yes, YOU!
Over 40 episodes and counting! Whether it is an in depth review of an “under-the-radar” film or a fun mini episode to make you laugh, you are bound to find something to love in the Time Sensitive catalog. Discover giallo horror, mumblecore, Japanese anime, Jim Cummings, and more!
It’s Podtastic!!
This podcast was very enjoyable, informative and entertaining! The Mandy episode is my favorite. It allowed me to feel like I was watching the movie right there with them as I listened to the hosts revisit the film. If you like hearing about movies that don’t always hit the mainstream this Podcast is for you. And if you like movies in general this is for you. Hell this podcast is for all of you! Enjoy!
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Don’t threaten me with a good Pod!
I don’t usually like podcasts, and to be honest I haven’t listened to all the episodes of this one. But when I do, it’s the best time spent in my day! Keep it up guys!
Movie Review
This podcast is a movie review show--check out the current reviews...you’ll come back for more.
Great content
Really enjoy listening. Their input movies is well thought out
Can’t Wait For Friday!
Listening to Time Sensitive is my favorite part of Friday morning! Sam, Kate and Ian are hilarious together. They all have refreshingly different views, and bring the perfect amount of movie trivia and knowledge to the table. I can always count on learning something new and getting a good laugh while listening to them!
Try it out
Give it a listen, you might find some film gems that you’ve never even heard of before.
Better than rotten tomatoes
Who needs tomatoes when you have Sam Kate and Ian!
A Movie Lover Must!
This podcast has really grown on me. Each episode features the same 3 hosts discussing a film or movie related topic, and I enjoy hearing the contrasting opinions and perspectives. I’ve also watched and enjoyed several films the hosts have recommended that I previously didn’t know about. The podcast is good on humor and banter without being over the top or forced, and it’s clear that each host has a special place in their heart for film/cinema, just like myself. Glad I found this!
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So, So Good!
Sam, Kate and Ian are so much fun together. I just love listening to this show! It also provides great movie recommendations and it's like hanging out with truly fun besties who are right there when you press play. I highly recommend this podcast.
Great for movie lovers! ❤️
One of the few podcasts I enjoy...great when I’m in a movie rut and am looking for something new and interesting to watch. I also enjoy hearing their takes on movies I’ve already seen!
Clever Interactions
You can tell how much these guys hang out and care about the movies they talk about. I love the interactions between Sam, Kate, and Ian. They offer interesting perspectives for some low-key movies and why we should watch them. Personally the mini-episodes are my favorite. If you’re looking for a good place to start with Time Sensitive, I definitely recommend those!
Films + Friends = Family
I look forward to this podcast each week. 3 friends sit down to discuss an under the radar movie that common watchers may have missed. They give a summary, interesting takes and facts, and break down key moments all while entertaining you with jokes, stories and heartfelt moments. It’s a perfect combination to make you feel like you are part of the group and wanting to hangout in real life. Make sure to check them out!
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Nahtay Clark
Movie Buffs Must Listen
I love this enjoyable and informative podcast discussing recent movie releases. As someone who likes movies, I really enjoy the discussions between Sam, Kate, & Ian. I think you will too!
Must listen
I’m super excited to have found Time Sensitive. The hosts have infectious laughter & great chemistry. This podcast has me ready to check out some new books & shows. I’m always excited to see what is in store next.
Amazing Show!
Great chemistry, positive atmosphere and excellent movie analysis. Time Sensitive has become a must-listen podcast for me!
Fascinating discussions!
I love the way that Kate, Ian, and Sam really think about the details of films in a way that never occurred to me before. They have sparked a new interest in film in me! I also really appreciate that they say where the films are available for streaming because oftentimes, podcasts review movies/TV shows that I can't actually find. Really great overall!
Quiz And Hers Podcast
Love it!
I love movies and I love the podcast more!
Eric Salas
Find a gem
This podcast is all about the best movies you probably missed. Finding hidden gems. Well this pod is a hidden gem! Great chemistry and totally on point comments
Fun and insightful
Time Sensitive is a podcast for all movie lovers. A dissection of recent films you may have missed. Kate, Ian and Sam delve into these movies with wit and wisdom, they all show a clear love of cinema that cannot be denied. Highly recommended!
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