Tides of History
Tides of History
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Fascinating, unique history podcast
I get so much out of listening to these podcasts - they are well researched, so engaging (spanning a wide variety of eras and cultures, including, the Austronesian expansion in the Pacific islands, the War of the Roses, ancient African history, and other intriguing subjects). The host and his guests also discuss the process of unearthing historic discoveries.
Becky Wolsk
Love the story of the Scythians. I know most people don’t ride horses. I am a long distance trail rider. I ride with my legs. It’s easier than you think, and preferred. Having said that, it’s all about that trust relationship with the horse. They are really great beings!
not a nutter
Deeply researched and thoughtful. Shows a lot about process and the contingent nature of our knowledge. Great story telling too.
Give Your Brain a Workout
This is a wonderful podcast. As a United States History teacher I have been able to gather so much knowledge for this podcast. The in-depth information that has been presented allows me To be a better educator.
Inspector Sully
I fall asleep every night to this
It grabs and holds enough of my interest to want to stay awake and the delivery + sound effects make it like I’m drifting off to some mythical land in sleep. It keeps my mind from racing as I start to drift and the longer it grabs my attention, the better I sleep. I tend to skip guest interview episodes for episodes downloaded for sleep time. The ancient history content is on repeat but it’s all high quality content.
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Amazing episodes that get me excited about history.
A treat
This must be so much work and we appreciate every bit of it.
Maude The Third
Just great
I am delighted I found a podcaster who is willing to start with the Denisovans and chronicle every step to the present. It is stunning the amount of scholarly study and inclusion of so many fields to arrive at an opinion. This is a masterclass! Jim T
Please get some grooming
Good but at time a little biased
I have found this podcast to be informative and presented well. However, it does seem to be written with an obvious tilt to a liberal view of history. Wish it was more objective and less biased.
Interviews alone are worth it
Must listen
Still my favorite, just keeps getting better
This was the first podcast I tried years ago, and it’s still my favorite. I’ve enjoyed every season. Patrick explains things in such a clear, well-thought-out way. He brings up things that I’m still thinking about days later. He does a great job of reminding us what we can and can’t find out from archeologists, ancient historians, literature, and DNA evidence. I never feel like he’s dumbing down the material for us. The sound effects and music are top notch , and the stories he creates about the imagined everyday lives of “regular” people from the past are very effective. I tend to prefer the episodes that are just Patrick over the interviews, but those are good, too. This is the one podcast that I’m nearly always caught up on! Thanks to Patrick and his crew for all the hard work you put into it. I hope you’ll continue for many years to come!
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Favorite History Podcast
I’ve been listening to this podcast from the beginning. I found a lot of other history podcasts that would only provide a summarized and superficial view of historical events, but this one finds the right balance between telling a good story and providing detailed and insightful analysis of each topic. Always looking forward to the next episode!
Enthralling narrative and insight
Amazing binge-worthy show. Literally the only reason to subscribe to Wondery, but it still makes it worth it.
Love this show!
This is my new favorite podcast. Always been interested in history but there is a lot I thought I knew but Patrick has filled in so much more and helped me understand the context. It feels like a good story —-never a dry history lecture. Easy to follow. Highly recommend.
Love the show but the subscriber feed hasn’t worked for me for half a year
What’s up, Wondery? This show is the only reason I subscribe to Wondery. It’s great. But your feed has been atrocious. Please fix it.
Memphis Jay
Great storytelling!
The only history podcast I know with great historical fiction snippets that makes it come to life for me. Very well researched, balanced and concisely written episodes. Among the podcasts I regularly listen to, this really is one of the highlights of the week for me!
Burning It on the Grill.
The content is very good; I really want to follow this program. However, I absolutely cannot abide listening to the author 1) talking too fast and running words together, 2) reading his text (too fast) and not metering his content to make it more conversational, and 3) talking with that annoying background music/sound that crops up for a period of time under his voice (detest that!). I know he has lots to say and I want to hear it! Take more time in each installment or move some of it to the next one. I love the content, but it’s like taking a great piece of meat and then burning it on the grill.
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Migrated over from Patrick’s “Fall of Rome”. In sum: great narration and editing, fascinating topics, and a great balance of academic rigor with accessibility for a popular audience. Keep up the great work!
Excellent podcast — listen and re-listen
Patrick Wyman and producers provide one of my FAVORITE podc. Everything about it is stellar. Thanks very much.
Poor Dialog and Nonstop Ads
In theory I should love this podcast. But the terrible historical fiction intros and nonstop ads really ruin it. This is not a show I enjoy.
Less Guests more History
This is a history podcasts but it has turned into the Oprah Show equivalent where historians come on to say their piece and the host just listens. Does not add ANY useful information, just regurgitates whatever ideology or “expertise” the historian claim to have. Do better, practice the ultimate goal of historical pedagogy, discourse.
Kinda good kinda bad
Was very interesting today. Learned a little bit about the Greeks, but I want to see some evidence that Sparta wasn’t a warrior society. Also, I’m very curious because I’m sure this can be a pro gay thing. If we all Marched to India and withstood that. Would we bring olive oil along to have anal sex? I think that’s a no I think that there’s no evidence for Sparta not being a war society I think that if you’re honest, there’s very little evidence in the ancient world I don’t think there’s much written records, or anything else.
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Love it
I love the storytelling and depth of research/accuracy. The early episodes’ realism is awesome and the details on political economy and the economic life that underpinned past societies is fascinating and draws a lot of parallels to geopolitical challenges today. Keep up the good work!
Love this show
Accessible and informative!
Patrick consistently delivers captivating episodes that are both accessible and academically rigorous. Intelligent and entertaining, Tides of History is the perfect way casual historian to continue learning!
Fekete J.
Almost good
There is a lot of good here but it often suffers from trying to apply modern morality to the ancient world which I believe actively hurts a person’s ability to understand their world and their lives.
Absolute Favorite
Excellent on so many levels- topics, story telling and enjoyable.
kev glynn kirk
Quality Popular History
We’ll done and comprehensive historical survey
Prsopect Farms
A Fantastic podcast
Patricks podcast Tides of History are so enjoyable and informative while driving a great podcast . Sean Yonkers New York
Irish gal 333
Too many ads
Ok show but too many ads on wondery
Driving Time
The Tides of History is my go-to Podcast while driving. I believe it is written in such a great manner even my wife and kids like to listen during our road trips. I enjoy the story like narration he does.
Entertaining and fun but well researched!
I went back to the beginning and am mostly though the episodes. They are illuminating and entertaining and I have learned a lot about the history of our world. Keep up the good work!!!
Fun until you started schilling for Al Franken
Al Franken is a serial sexual predator
Peter Douche
Great content too much music at random times
The content is great but the music that plays occasionally for too long while the host is too much of a distraction from the historical topics being discussed
It's Me From Pennsylvania
Keeps me wanting more.
Great production. Like you were there
Utter Nonsense
This guy and this program are the most magnificent example of modern education failing in spectacular fashion.
Narrative history
Wyman serves up deep cuts of history while maintaining a sense of narrative in his reconstruction of the past. The way he’s able to speak with top experts in specialized fields speaks not only to the admiration and respect they hold for his work, but also reflects the ability he has to make the esoteric accessible. In short: an excellent podcast
5 Stars for You
The show is often over my head. It seems to not matter. I keep listening & wondering. Love it.
Good job Wyman
Listening, this clear voiced iteration recounting three evenings of discussion woven in a sentence, I could not help to discern, though somewhat dim, a sort of Hemingwayish economy of verbiage pleasant in tone without the urgency of contemporary fulfillment.
Ancient history got me hooked.
Not sure how this happen but it became one of my favorite podcasts. Very well researched topics and wonderfully presented.
The host’s passion for ancient history is clearly expressed. The information is dense and fascinating.
Good programs
Great shows but the host needs to quit with the grunts that he makes while the guest is speaking.
John VerValen
Great Poscast!!
Very informative history podcast. I love learning about new things. And this podcast gets into the weeds where other’s stay away. The production is great too. Which makes it easy to listen to.
Uncomfortable pace
The rate of speaking is just slightly too fast for me to follow when I am doing other activities while listening. Listening at 0.5x speed is painfully too slow. There should be longer pauses between statements.
Extremely informative and well done
Very well written and expertly narrated
One of the top historical podcasts.
early massachusetts
Wyman with Mancall—great discussion of a path not taken in early colonial history
Fun interview
Dr. Eric Cline is always an entertaining interview and Patrick does a good job of drawing him out in all his lack of stuffiness. Dr. Cline’s classes must be great fun!
A Traveller
Brilliant and endlessly fun
Tides of History brings enthusiasm, good humor, and patience to its listeners- don’t sleep on the interview episodes either where Patrick’s enthusiasm for the subject at hand is matched by top quality guests that he obviously has a blast talking to. His respect for the subjects and insistence on differing view points is also an asset, with careful explanations of new ways of thinking about history that at times challenge the conventional wisdom in the field- for the better.
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e anthony b
Excellent narrative history
Patrick does his research. Presents multiple angles and interpretation of events. And he does all this with really good narration. I would go so far as to say almost immersive. I can’t wait to see what he does after prehistory.
delenda est Carthago
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