Tides of History
Tides of History
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Podcaster’s ego ruins it
I wanted to like this podcast. I’m interested enough in the topic that I actually made it through a couple dozen episodes before the podcaster’s many off putting tendencies made me quit. The podcaster’s smugness was palpable. In many episodes, he purports to “interview” experts, writers, and academics. However, he doesn’t really interview them at all. He scarcely ever asks a question - just shares his own ideas about the subject and invites the guest to agree with him. That is, when he bothers to interview others at all. You see, unique among history podcasters, there are many episodes where he HIMSELF is the one being interviewed (on his own show). Pair this with his cringe-inducing accents, and the overall sense of superiority he gives off, I had to call it quits.
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Patrick is the best
I’ve been listening since the beginning and Patrick does an incredible job with Tides. I listen to a lot of history podcasts and Mike Duncan’s History of Rome and Revolutions are the only ones that are in the same league as Patrick Wyman and Tides. Love his enthusiasm and how he brings his professional expertise (most history podcasters are self-taught) to being in new research techniques, genetics and to interview academics in the field. And his book, The Verge is great. Cannot say enough positive about Patrick and his work!
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Bobert the ruler of all
Best history podcast
Dr Wyman has a unique and refreshing approach to history. This seasons topics are by far my favorite. He crafts engaging narratives to bind the facts into related and more poignant themes. I do wish he would spend fewer episodes talking to other authors about HOW to write history books. But that’s a very minor complaint.
expands your understanding of humanity at a basic and profound level
Deep, well written and endlessly fascinating It is a very interesting history lessons with amazing specialized experts that explain so much of how our modern world became what it is. What changes we experienced as a species. How we moved from our origins to our present. And. The really really concerning possibility that even the best and most advanced society can fall. All the previous ones have
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adams and victor
Joe Rogan?
Sorry, when your guest cites listening to a Joe Rogan interview with Quentin Tarantino to support a point, the credibility of your entire enterprise drops through the floor. You need to pause and separate yourself from the QAnon and Ivermectin crowd immediately, or you just seem like another internet baloney artist. What a mistake.
Probably the best history podcast around
There are a number of great history podcasts that specialize in interviews of or discussions among professional historians; Tides has some of that, but its style and presentation is more reminiscent of the highly successful popular history podcasts. Many of those shows, however, rely on problematic sources or take an overly credulous view of a few works of nonfiction. Wyman, on the other hand, does his homework. He tries to keep up with current historiographical and (more recently, given the direction of the show) archeological and anthropological debates; he consults with a range of specialists who are also fans of Tides. Sometimes Wyman offers an interpretation which doesn’t stand up to scrutiny; when he does, he usually calls himself out for it and explains what went wrong. What more could you ask for?
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Favorite history podcast
Best history podcast
One of my favorites. What changed?
Specifically for this episode.. I hate to write this because I’ve enjoyed so much from this podcast. The stories and the they way they bring to life forgotten moments have been educational and inspiring. But this episode was very sadly hugely disappointing.
5+ year listener
Just unfollowed. Your “journey to find unifying solutions to our country’s biggest problems” will go on without me. It’s a good enough podcast when the host can keep his far left leaning commentary out of the show. Adding a CNN bobblehead gifted us by Obama and claiming anyone involved has any interest whatsoever in addressing or fixing the country’s problems is the final insult.
Inspires More Research
Unfortunately I’ve come to this series a year into its run. This means I’ve listened to it backwards. It’s still one of my favorite activities, and now I’m starting from the beginning to hear it forward.
Van Jones?
You lost me with the interview with Van Jones. There is zero historical value to interviewing a current day self/described socialist. Socialists/Communists have shown nothing but a desire to revise history over the past 100 years. What makes him any different?
Greatest History podcast I’ve found yet.
This dude knows his stuff. Each show is immersive and comprehensive. At about an hour an episode it’s just long enough to not be taxing. Another thing I’ve noticed with other podcasts is the host will bring on an interviewee and the quality is dramatically poorer. Not so with Tides! Each interview serves to build on the previous or following episode and seamlessly fits the trajectory of where Wyman is taking the season. I’ve learned so much from the series and it’s really entertaining. Highly recommend for any history nerd.
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A GOAT podcast
Much respect and gratitude for this effort by Patrick Wyman and his crew. This podcast is a time machine and it’s a gift to be able to fly through what we know about deep history. If I were wealthy, I would commission spin-offs and more spin-offs to bring this material to a wider audience — terrifically enlightening. We are lucky to be alive now and to have a resource like this.
Hardcore Socialist/Communist Author
It’s an ok podcast, but check out his writings for The Atlantic and Substack - he’s clearly a devoted socialist if not an outright communist. Unfollowing now…
Absolutely incredible
I have been loving these shows for a few years now, and I’ve particularly enjoyed the episodes on pre and ancient history. As another review observed this truly does put your life in perspective. The guests are always insightful and the conversations help me see things in totally different ways. This is especially true of the episode about Marquis de Lafayette and their thoughts about the differences between really good, remarkable people and great people. That gave me a useful framework for looking at America’s Founding “Fathers.”
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Perfect Historical Show
Hours and hours of incredible stories of amazing historical events etc. love this show
Absolutely Fascinating!
This podcast will help put your life in perspective. Our current lives are just a flash in the pan relative to the world of history, and prehistory as they call it. The recent couple hundred years have been so overemphasized, going back so much further is a breath of fresh air. Patrick is so knowledgeable, humble, and well spoken. I listen to each podcast two or three times! Bonus….NO politics ! YAY!
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History podcast with modern connection
The modern cultural connection, especially in the ancient human past series, is really well done. Wyman acknowledges the way that people have twisted certain parts of history, dismisses it as “racist hogwash”, and keeps the story moving. I also loved his interview with the prehistoric geneticist and how important it is to consider the needs of living humans when doing this work. Great stuff!
Great but Biased
This is a great podcast. Patrick is smart and interesting. The information seems well researched. Highly recommend. The season on prehistory and the Bronze Age is especially compelling. My only reservation is that Patrick is a stereotypical academic leftist. If you’ve spent any time in academia you know the type. He’s blissfully unaware of his own biases, and he’s never happier than when he’s lecturing on what you’ve always been wrong about and how awful you or someone else is. I handle it just like I did at the university: grit my teeth and learn what I can. At least I don’t have to pretend to agree with him on the exam.
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Uber deeds
Interviews with researchers are fantastic
Hearing people talk about their work, how they went about it, and what is challenging them makes me feel like I have a better understanding of the subject.
San Jose Earthqaukes
You make great content
Great content, but I’m not a fan of the interviews as much though.
Move on from the book interviews
Love your podcast, but please return to the series you’ve been doing over the past year. The book interviews are getting really really boring..
It’s a pod cast not sales cast.
Mention a book you recommend. Don’t waist my time trying to sell me anything. Last comment before unsubscribing history and politics are and should be separate subjects.
Excellent easy to understand info
Highly enjoying and informative podcast on history (specifically on mankind -at least the section I'm listening to). Very well done, info is easily digestable and not too complex. Keep them coming, I could listen to the complete history of the world by this guy!
manayunk wall
Best Podcast
The Tides of History is a well researched, well thought out and well presented podcast.
Wright's right
Too much insider chitchat
I was disappointed in this podcast: too much “but this book” self-promotion. Almost nothing that’s interesting about the history (which might entice me to buy the book. I stopped listening
pauline from pdx
Fantastic, thorough and thought provoking
The effort put into keeping up with current knowledge, the wide variety of scientific disciplines utilized, and the scope of cultures and time periods discussed is incredible. Never found a better source specifically for prehistory, especially analysis of new findings that reveal more about the cultures and life ways of prehistoric peoples. Really brings everything they discuss close to life and frame in an understandable way. Couldn’t recommend more highly as a masterclass in prehistoric studies and general histories.
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You R the gold standard of podcasts & I have a topic
Your podcast is the first I ever subscribed to. They are always interesting, entertaining and educational. I had one history teacher in high school and one in college who taught history but also taught that history could be interesting and relevant today-this was in the 1960’s! So glad you and I have this forum. Keep up the good work. P.S. Recent pre-history podcasts are amazing. Ive heard that many countries are thoroughly corrupt. So much so that their economies really run on corruption. I would like to know if there are any countries who have been successful after cleaning up most of the corruption and how did they do it. I realize that some corruption is just human nature so don’t require a country to be squeaky clean, say just as clean as US, UK or Germany.
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A Compelling Podcast and Stories
In this podcast Patrick will take you on a journey of history in compelling narrative form that is unlike anything you learned in school. It is exceedingly engaging and riveting leaving me always wanting more.
Eric the Podcast Fan
Stoner-friendly History Podcast!
Sit back with a fat joint and let the host take you on a journey. Great way to learn about our story.
Intelligent History
It is wonderful to hear history and science combined to explain the past
The best history podcast
This guy is gonna get a tv show. He’s a real talent.
Life enriching
One of the absolute Best podcasts.
Weird gap at start of show
Good show, however it’s weird that in the feed there’s the initial two eps of the show, then a jump to 15 months later, with lots of references to episodes that apparently happened in the missing time. I understand if you’re going to charge for back episodes, but if you do, I think you should not send the wrong impression by having the initial two eps still available. Minus a star for the surprise factor.
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Kevin Finn
More Politics
Enjoy the show until you start throwing your political opinions into the program. You just can't help yourself. Even your guests manage to spout their liberal leanings while discussing ice patches! Stick to your subject and leave your politics at home!
Enjoy the history and quest speakers
I listen quite often and suppose I missed your discussion on your political leaning. But why do these right wingers always reduce everything to socialism ? I suggest that you donate your social security ,stimulus checks and your child benefits that are being deposited right now... Now back to the podcast, I enjoy it very much but the music is what pushes me away
Now I have to pay???
I’ve been listening to this excellent podcast for years. And now suddenly I have to pay every month (and for all of Wondery’s podcasts)? It’s really a shame. With so many forms of entertainment now requiring a subscription, one needs to make hard decisions or go broke. Do I pay for Wondery or Netflix or Spotify, etc? Unfortunately this is one too many—and Wondery loses a dedicated listener.
Ricardo BN
Now subscription only ?
Two new episodes are subscription only. I don’t mind he ads, but this is going too far
Decent show. Suddenly you want $4.99/month to listen? Your pool, your rule. I won’t be participating anymore though. So much for history for everyone.
ain't nuthin' left
Went to a pay site……
Great history lesson
In depth histories and great back stories. He creates stories and characters based on history that bring history alive. I have been listening for several weeks now to numerous episodes and look forward to the many more I have in store. Highly recommend to any history lover or simply anyone interested in how we came to be here today.
Ruining my listening schedule
I have other podcasts I’m supposed to listen to, Patrick. You need to stop making this so good. Only issue is I don’t like ads, but whatever, the content of his research and history is fantastic.
Dandy Guy, In Space
One of my favorites
Love every episode of this show! Patrick skillfully connects things to a larger picture, making history digestible and fascinating
Love the imagery from the host
Patrick paints such a picture to bring you back in time as you listen and learn.
Sarie Jones
My Favorite Podcast
Each episode is well researched and presented including a bit of dramatic flair. Here is a wealth of information on the latest scholarly learnings of history and prehistory.
Favorite Podcast!!! :D
I love this podcast very much. I blazed through the entire available library (sans interviews, which I’m now revisiting) in about two weeks. It’s great, easy listening—Patrick Wyman makes his episodes in a narratively-grounded fashion without losing any of the historical merit. I’ve learned a lot about ancient history and the Black Death from this podcast, and I’m really thankful for Patrick’s work.
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Best Ever Podcast
A narrator with the most immersive way of forming a word picture that takes your mind right to the subject matter. This is my favorite podcast. I listen while I’m in the car, correcting charts, (I’m a navigator for the Navy btw) or just jogging. I only wish it were possible to come out with context faster as I am voracious about listening. Best podcast EVER!!!
Like a bowling ball rolling over the history pod landscape
Jkjk. I’ve been listening to Patrick’s podcasts for a couple years now and it’s been a pleasure to hear his growth and development as a broadcaster, historian, and storyteller. I particularly like the interview episodes, partly because of how genuinely stoked he always is for them, but also because he’s an interviewer who can interject with his own theories and ideas without curtailing the guest and the conversation. The recent ep with Dr Moudy Al-Rashid was absolute fire! These are my current top four power ranking history pods: 1.fall of civilizations podcast 2. History extra 3. In our time 4. Tides All other history pods I’ve heard are at least one tier lower for various reasons, and tides has gotten even better over time, (and fall of Rome is really good too). If you’ve read this far, you could’ve already downloaded tides, skipped thru the dumb ad reads, and started listening to a well-researched and entertaining podcast. Go for it!!
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Best history podcast!
I love the diverse range of topics and great care that Patrick takes in his research. It’s very entertaining and educational, a rare combination in podcasts. I wish I could give it 6 stars!
Excellent podcast
This is very well researched and Patrick presents detailed information with amazing clarity. I hope he will also cover the first Out-of-Africa migrations into the Indian subcontinent and their interactions with the later agriculturist migrants from the Zagros area in some more depth.
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