Throttled Motorcycle Podcast
Throttled Motorcycle Podcast
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Slow pace, boring catch up intros. Little in the way of entertaining content
mat tel
Straight up Intelligent informative talk
The information and talk here is straight forward & intelligent. Loads of useful motorcycle information, with varied content that keeps me subscribed and listening! Especially appreciate gear review and would enjoy more tech talk i.e. tires, preventive maintenance. ✌️😎
It’s a good podcast, but my biggest problem is that it doesn’t come out in a timely manner. Then, if you delay listening to the episode for any amount of time, it’s really dated then. For this reason, I think the paddock is a complete waste of time. I love American Flat Track but there is no real conversation on the races anyway. It’s just Larry repeating what I already saw, usually weeks prior.
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Really enjoying this podcast
Hesitate to say I like the earlier ones as much as the new ones. Over the course of the episodes, Kevin has learned that Larry is the rock of the show. I think Larry should have his own podcast. Also not a fan of more than max, three people, in a podcast, but they make it work without talking over each other.
Longtime Listener
I always enjoy the down to earth discussions on rides and news in the M/C industry. Kevin and Larry do a very nice job and I enjoy Tom and his input. Hey, I don’t agree with everything that’s said but still, I look forward to each new podcast.
Needs more humor
Kevin makes me not want to ride. When he describes his weeks worth of riding its always I didn’t have time, the wife, the kids, my out of shape hurting body. Wow, when do you ride?? Kevin needs to also let the conversations flow free form and if it gets funny keep it going but often Kevin shuts it down.. Anyway my 2 cents worth
Getting hard to listen
I want to first say that the content and information itself is fantastic . However during the banter Kevin constantly discredits Larry and interrupts Larry . I completely understand that people will disagree, as we should and it is fun to hear both sides but not when one person constantly interrupts . Just my feedback. I realize it’s a free show and the feedback is only to be constructive because I want the show to continue and improve in doing so . Thank you guys for all the hard work .
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Long time listener
This was my favorite motorcycle podcast to listen to but am disappointed that there is less motorcycle news/magazine reviews and has transitioned into more talk about being a riding instructor and body aches. I feel like one of the hosts can get condescending towards the other older host (I can only imagine the older/wiser/more life experienced host is rolling his eyes). Not meaning this to be a rip on the main host - but I have gotten tired of the negativity and unsubscribed for a while. I live the humbleness of Larry. Ralph
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Fun informative podcast
I enjoy the content, each contributor and the variety of serious, funny mix information. From reviews, rides, guests stories and much more. I listen weekly as it comes available and occasionally as it goes live Sunday’s
Good stuff
My favorite motorcycle podcast, and I listen to a bunch of them. Very good information and entertaining. Some other podcasts clown around so much that, while it’s entertaining, doesn’t contain much useful information. This show is not like that.
It's a good podcast & it gets better each episode
Kevin & Larry do a great job just being themselves and talking about things that are of interest to them regarding motorcycles. Kevin is funny, analytical, and knowledgable and Larry is well informed and does a great job recounting moto GP and his personal experiences. They make a great pair & I hope they keep at it. I always look forward to listening to their podcast.
Insightful and fun
Recently came across this podcast, it’s a great listen from two guys who truly love riding motorcycles. They offer up a lot of knowledge into the scene and have great hosting chemistry. Love to hear about all the rides they do. I listen to them on my commute, at work, and most importantly in the garage between rides!
Great podcast, good hosts
I really enjoy this podcast. The two hosts have a good chemistry and work well together. They seem to genuinely love to ride and I enjoy listening each week to hear what adventures they've gone on. I also like their industry news updates. They're very thorough and give a good bit of feedback on how they feel about that news too.
One of the best Around!!
As motorcycle podcast go this show better be at the top of your list! With great hosts like Kevin and Larry you can’t go wrong. Love the paddock time and love how well informed this show is I am always waiting to hear what’s coming next! Keep up the good work guys!
Great show
I just found this podcast and have only listened totwo show but love it so far :)
worth listening to
these guys are down to earth, outside the industry. breath of fresh air. fun to listen to.
Tellin' it like it is
Looking for down-to-earth dialog on motorcycle-related topics of all types? Kevin & Larry have you covered! No B.S. and over-blown personalities, just real-world discussion from 2 guys that seem to have a real passion for all things motorbike. Pull up a chair, kick your shoes off, and take a listen.
No Millennial Here
Two hosts who cover both sides of the country.
Glad to hear these guys cover the industry and their own rides. Give them a try, they will keep you company when the weather keeps you from riding.
Forestboy North
Hear the roar of this podcast....
Great show. Very informative and entertaining. I look forward to many more shows.
Ducati hyper guy
New kid on the block
Good show, good content, good quality recordings. Short and to the point. Keep an ear open for this p-cast. Ted Motorcycle Men Podcast