Throttled Motorcycle Podcast
Throttled Motorcycle Podcast
Episode 264 : Have we found the Sportster replacement?
1 hour 1 minutes Posted Mar 19, 2021 at 6:31 am.
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Show notes

Remember, its all Chris’ fault. Anyway, we have decided that we won’t be competing as a podcast team this year in the Motorcycle Podcaster’s Challenge, but welcome listeners who want to participate. Zach has decided to lead the Throttled Listeners team for this years competition...On Facebook, look for the Throttled Listeners group, if you can't find it send us a note and we will get you plugged in.

We discuss our rides, or lack thereof.  Tom talks about a new group he went riding with.  The leader also has a Vlog on YouTube called Ride On.

News: Harley trademarks the “Nightster” name.  Will it be the new sportster? Harley is formalizing the used bike business

Paddock: Larry covers the weekend AFT racing and MotoGP Qatar testing.

Programming Note: We’re off for 2 weeks, see you April 4th.

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