Thriving in the Trenches a Catholic Podcast
Thriving in the Trenches a Catholic Podcast
Becky Carter
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Inspiring and thoughtful
Authentic and life changing conversations that help us win this spiritual battle we’re all a part of
I am a guy but I still love it
A friend just shared the episode about the New age and the occult which I just listened to and it informed me a lot on things I didn’t know and others to always keep in mind. It was excellent and I just subscribed! Tell your friends!
J. Gaeng
Highlight of my weekend
I was introduced to this podcast by way of Sonja Corbitt, and I’ve been hooked ever since! Even if you are not (yet) Catholic, it will touch your heart!
Food for the soul
I listen to this podcast while I am doing dishes, and I always come away feeling so filled up, hopeful, and clear on what matters the most in my daily life. Megan and Becky ooze wisdom with their faithful witness, quotes from scripture, and the way the bring out the best in their guests. I find myself nodding my head the whole time I am listening, and thinking about the big, difficult questions they explored that somehow seem so simple afterward. Can't wait for Season 2.
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Authentically Catholic.
Becky and Megan left nothing behind this first season on Thriving in the Trenches. Their guests spoke about topics most Christian podcasts may avoid. My personal favorite was their chat with Susan about modesty being an act of charity. You will need to listen to find out some great tips for raising both genders with tact and grace. In fact, every episode and guest is chalk full of tact and grace and their like my mom but cooler since neither of them are actually my mom. I am so glad I finally figured out how to download a podcast because these ladies are so worth it!
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I FOUND IT! 😉❤️👍🏻
Huge struggle to find the iTunes review place for this amazing podcast! (iTunes flaw, not the podcasts fault) I love listening to Megan and Becky. Every Monday while the baby naps and the big is at school I clean the house and get my soul fed by Thriving in the Trenches! Thankful for you ladies and your amazing guests!
Chloes mamaree
Quaint little pick me up
Becky and Megan offer a great listen for the anyone “in the trenches” of Catholic motherhood. We’re all in this together, after all, so why not listen to one another? Help one another? Inspire one another? We can ALL “thrive in the trenches.”
New Favorite Podcast
Since finding this podcast a few months ago, I find myself recommending it to everyone. I really think the episodes on Freedom should be required listening for all Catholic women :)
Meg Holt
I typically don't make the time to listen to podcasts...
but after hearing Becky and Megan with their guests I knew I'd be back for more. I felt like I had the privilege of sitting in on a conference call with them and their guests. I found myself relating to what what were saying and laughing with them out loud. What a gift it is to hear these woman help affirm and encourage me to live the life that God has called me to live.
Catholic Hearts
I'm new to listening to podcasts but I look forward to enjoying hearing Becky and Megan share their Catholic hearts as mamas and women working toward holiness.
Great show!
I love listening to Megan and Becky! This show is so fruitful and filled with the Holy Spirit. I totally recommend it to all my friends!
Amazing, real and inspirational podcast!
Both Becky and Megan know how to reach an audience with real life relevant topics. And they do it in a way that keeps it interesting, yet inspiring! Thriving in the trenches is my favorite podcast. From @onehailmaryatatime
Like catching up with old friends who are wise and holy!
Megan and Becky do a lovely job of elevating motherhood as a vocation, pointing me toward the good, the true, and the beautiful, and also, importantly, making me laugh and smile! Motherhood is not for the faint of heart and the title of the podcast is accurate. The trenches of motherhood are often lonely, messy, stressful, crazed. But these ladies and their always inspiring guests help me thrive with the wisdom of the Church and Scripture, their honesty and wisdom! Check them out!
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Kindred spirits!
As a first time mom-to-be, I appreciate your podcast so much! I love hearing about how your live youor faith in your family life. I love that you guys are so open and real and not afraid to cover the uncomfortable stuff. You guys have had some wonderful guests! Keep them coming! Keep the book suggestions coming too-- I have a long list now! I am inspired by both of you and I look forward to the podcast each week.
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Maggie Barrowclough
A Blessing from God!
This podcast empowers women of all walks of life to see God and know Him! I recommend this podcast 100% and can not wait until future episodes!
Thriving in the Trenches Podcast
As a big family mama,I am so thankful to have found TITP. It is an infusion of encouragement, knowledge, wisdom and hope in my busy days. I appreciate how natural the interactions are between the hosts and their guests, it leaves me feeling like I've been a part of a great conversation with friends right here at home. If you're a mom and you have a lot of laundry to fold, this podcast series is guaranteed to help help tackle that mountain in no time!
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Like Popping in for a visit
Listening to this podcast is like old friends popping in for a visit. If you know your cup is empty or maybe feel like you need a little something THIS podcast is it!!! All moms out there who don't feel like you have time.... make it happen while you wash dishes, cook a meal, doing laundry or being the popular taxi cab driver in the family. You will not be sorry for allowing these ladies into your life..... get ready to be informed, encouraged, and supported in your vocation of motherhood and the journey of our Catholic faith!!!
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I've been waiting for this!
I am thrilled that this podcast is up and running. It sounds like there are some interesting disucssions ahead. I can't wait!
The perfect start to my week!
In just two episodes I have learned so much! Becky and Megan are refreshingly honest and a joy to listen to. I feel like I'm having a cup of coffee with friends! I can't wait for next weeks show and the guests and topics they are inspired to share with us. Thank you both for sharing love and light with all of us!
So fun to listen to
As a catholic wife, mom and professional, I love listening to these ladies as I drink a warm chai. Becky and Meghan edict my soul while relating in a friendship. Thanks for letting us listen in and get a little down time with you! Blessings!
Joy with Becky and Megan!
I'd love to sit down and chat over a cup of tea (or a good cup of coffee) with Megan and Becky. I feel as if I just made two new friends. They are relatable and shared many thoughts and feelings I've had myself. I loved hearing about their journeys up to this point. "Encountering Jesus is joy, and joy is encountering Jesus." I look forward to listening to these ladies again.
Off to a Great Start!
This podcast is off to a great start! The hostesses are refreshing and relatable. They come from different backgrounds, but they clearly share a deep love for the Catholic faith and a real heart for this venture. I look forward to seeing where they go from here!
Holy friendships
I turned up the speaker and went about cleaning my kitchen. I had to stop, made a cup of coffee and sat to listen more intently. I can relate so much as a revert. I may or may not have talked back at some point. :-) I have already shared your link with a few friends and especially to my neighbor who has not been back to mass in ages! I pray she listens and that you can reach her heart. Blessings to you both! May St Francis de Sales pray for your ministry. Can't wait for the next show.
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A nice break
I made some tea and a snack to sit and listen to this podcast. What a treat it was! This is much needed today... a pick me up for the heart and soul. Looking forward to this weekly listen.
If the first episode is any indication...
This is going to be REAL! Great job. Can't wait to hear more!