We all know what the term Thots stands means. Our podcast THOTS stands for True Honest Opinions That Stick.
Defining Words, Cocky VS Confident
In this episode we speak on the difference with Cocky and Confident. We also go over what being humble means and its true definition. See the different Thots from Jae, Cole, and Z!
Oct 28, 2021
21 min
Getting Old and Calories
Have you ever experienced wanting to be home rather than being out? Were you the social butter fly and now you are a home body? In this episode Jae speaks about her trip she went on for her Bday last month and how 10pm was her cut off. Cole and Z speaks on calories as Zee gets not one but two slices of her favorite cake. Then they end it with birth control and germ control. These are some hilarous THOTS!
Oct 21, 2021
18 min
Men Crying, Parenting, and Tupac
We have so many THOTS in this episode! Men being men and not being able to express their emotions is a major issue in the world. We want to open this topic to everyone. Parenting is such a hard thing and Z shares some points from her perspective as a parent and provider. Cole speaks on her experiences as a mother. Jae brings in home with internal Monelogue
Oct 14, 2021
19 min
Divorce, Trans Education, and Boogers
In this episode we have some incredible THOTS! We talk about the lastest divorce shocker with Steph Curry's Parents splitting and him being ready for these streets with group chats, pegging, with Cole finding out for the first time what that is. LOL. Jae then gives a worth while explaination on Transgender education that Z and Cole never knew. Then they way in on why it is so uncomfortable to tell someone they have a booger in their nose. Do you ever have a hard time telling someone this? If you do only one of the ladies don't. Can you guess which one?
Oct 7, 2021
23 min
Ex Pop Ups and Dilemmas
In this episode the ladies share their THOTS on the phenomenon of the ex popping up right when you are ready to move on. Some take it as a sign to rekindle while Jae, well lets just say she dont think like that. We go into Z's favorite cake and why she is still not losing the weight she complains about. Cole chims in with some hilarous and great points on her experiences.
Sep 30, 2021
22 min
Colts and The Pandemic
In this episode we share our THOTS on Colts. Have you ever seen the documentary The Wild Kingdom, Jamestown, and Nexum? We discuss why it is so important to think for yourself. Also we reveal THE WORSE Parents of the Century, When you are an Adult, Adult, and how the Pandemic has forced business to raise the price.
Sep 10, 2021
28 min
Fighting and Orgasms
In this episode we discuss fighting Bullies and actually getting into physical fights. The Power of Social Media, Age Differences in Dating, and how so many woman have not experienced the BIG O!
Sep 5, 2021
26 min
Dreams, Jingles, and Betrayal
In this episode of THOTS, we have some interesting THOTS. We speak on dreams, jingles, public speaking, and Betrayal. Do you remember your dreams. And how about those old school jingles like "What would you do for a Klondike bar?" Did you know that public speaking is one of the biggest fears for humans? Have you ever been betrayed before? Z reveals some of her most intimate betrayals as well as her most favorite person in the world, Joyce Gray! Tune in and leave a comment. And if you done mind throw a rating for us. Hopefully you give us 5 stars!
Aug 16, 2021
36 min
Morning Rituals, Nostalgia, and Sexual Double Standards
In this episode our THOTS go far and wide. We speak on the importants of what you allow in your mind and morning and bedtime rituals. Would you mind living in The House of tomorrow? Is it a double standard the way people look at Woman having experiences with woman vs Men having experiences with men? We go in on this episodes. Remember to let us know your THOTS. If you have been enjoying the podcast please leave a review!
Aug 6, 2021
26 min
Love and Marriage
Boy to we have some T.H.O.T.S.! It gets a tad bit heated during this episode and ends with a boom! J gives some note taking worthy points on why relationships fails. Cole gets personal about her marriage and Z drops a few words you may have to cover the kiddies ears for. Rightfully so! You just have to tune in!
Jul 26, 2021
18 min
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