This Won't Hurt A Bit
This Won't Hurt A Bit
The medical podcast for your cortex and funny bone. Dr Mel Herbert, Dr Jess Mason and the FOOLYBOO team bring you a Medicine, Science, History and Humor Podcast that won't hurt a bit.
COVID-19 Part 2
Is it over yet? No! So, grab a mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer and cozy up with Mel, Jess, and Dave as they discuss the latest from the front lines of the pandemic: NY vs CA, to mask or not to mask, massage beds vs. ventilators, antibody testing, Dave’s adventures in the grocery aisle, and, of course, when will life get back to normal?
Apr 17, 2020
41 min
It took a pandemic, but WE'RE BAAAAAACK. In this episode, Dr. Jessica Mason, Dr. Mel Herbert, and, well, just Dave, cut through the Corona craziness and bring you the latest in COVID-19 news, medical science, and cocktail recipes. Wash your hands, grab your headphones, and enjoy.
Mar 23, 2020
1 hr 12 min
In this episode we break down two understudied, but frequently experienced, phenomena: Farts and Hiccups. We cover what’s normal and what’s not, throw around big words like “flatogenicity” and “singultus,” and ask important questions like “can lighting a fart make your butt explode?” We also learn about the longest hiccup bout ever, why Mel refuses to eat vegetables, and more!
Jul 16, 2018
29 min
This week we’re getting into the weeds on…Marijuana! How safe is it? What’s the difference between smoking it and eating it? And how long has it been around anyway? The team tackles these totally deep questions as well as the recent uptick in marijuana-related ER visits. We leave no stone(r) unturned!
Jun 18, 2018
30 min
President James Garfield’s life was tragically cut short when a deranged gunman shot him on a train platform, but could modern doctors have saved him? We travel back to the year 1881 to relive that fateful summer day and talk about bullets, miasma, scene safety, and why it’s a bad idea to go digging around in open wounds.
May 14, 2018
28 min
On this episode of This Won’t Hurt a Bit we talk about botulinum toxin. It seems to be everywhere: in your dirt, in your honey, in your celebrities. But how can you stay safe from this deadly poison? And if you get it, can you be saved? Also, Mel teaches us why babies are especially at risk, Jess teaches us why movie stars aren’t just like us, and Dave attempts to describe canning.
Apr 9, 2018
27 min
ER doctors are expert life savers, but what about the rest of us? What can you do to prepare yourself for common life-threatening situations? In this episode we look at three common scenarios—choking, anaphylaxis, and the unresponsive person—to see what you can do to help. We also talk to expert lifesaver, 8-year-old Andrew Ramirez, about what it takes to be a hero.
Mar 12, 2018
30 min
You got a fever, and the only prescription is more...antipyretics? In this episode we break down what a fever is, why a fever is, as well as when and how to treat a fever. How hot can a fever get? Can it damage your brain? Is there such thing as a low grade fever? Do emergency departments have fancy Tylenol? All this plus hallucinations, seizures, and the most accurate way to take a temperature (hint: it isn't your mouth).
Feb 12, 2018
29 min
Warning: This month’s episode might be our most disgusting yet! It’s about the wild world of helminths. What’s a helminth, you ask? A parasitic worm! And it’s looking for one thing: to use your body as an all-you-can-eat restaurant. Special guest Dr. Kenny Bahn joins us to recount his nightmare patient story. And special guest host Josh Kurz joins the crew for some laughter, some tears, and some tips on how to weaponize your parasitic enemies. You’ll never look at sushi the same way again!
Jan 8, 2018
29 min
In this episode we look back at some questionable medical practices that haven’t quite stood the test of time. How does a smoke enema sound? Or heroin as a cough suppressant? How about blood letting? If your answer is “great!” then you’re into some pretty outdated medicine. For the rest of us, sit back and listen to how far we’ve come and how far we probably have to go.
Dec 11, 2017
29 min
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