This Week in Microbiology
This Week in Microbiology
Vincent Racaniello
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Journal club reimagined
I always think that if this had been what journal club was like, it would have been a lot more fun. Just talking through good papers and good science (without picking apart every figure) and having some laughs. Good times!
Great podcast very informative!
This is a 10/10 as well as all the podcasts made by the same host, highly recommend.
The best microbiology podcast
I love this podcast and have been listening for years. I appreciate the vast scope of microbiology that is covered as well as the integration of current events. Each one of the hosts makes you feel like you know them personally. My first ASM-Microbe conference was in Atlanta a couple of years ago and admit that I was a complete fan girl when I got a seat during the the TWIM live taping.
Politics ;(
You just can’t escape politics even here, stop it already! I just want to listen about biology.
Great lessons
I learn so much from TWIM. Microbiomes are made practically huge, to my scope of conceptual perception. I’m glad y’all enlarge my view on science
Interesting and informative.
humble brag
Always worth the listen
Educational and they are clearly having a good time. Gets me more info out of these articles than I ever could on my own
In the company of Elio
Absolutely great show.
Specialist knowledge made accessible
Without dumbing down, or being patronizing to non-microbiologists, this podcast manages to educate and inform.
Music Lover 555
Just found this treasure trove
This is truly a great listen for scientists interested in microbiology. Dives into diverse subjects with an eye-leveled discussion. Almost feels like you’re having a nice discussion over beer at the end of a conference.
Microbes are so cool
Most times while listening to this podcast I think to myself "That is so awesome, how did I never know this before? I am not even surprised though"
This is amazing
First and foremost thank you for the great work that you do. I am going slowly through your podcasts (a lot to chew on). I was wondering if you would consider reviewing another mycology podcasts given the recent surge of super bug Candida strains.
True Science Entertainment and Resource
Hi TWiM team! I want to say thank you for your dedication and service in science education and outreach! As a student of science I value the material presented here and on all of the TWiX podcasts. I also have a passion for education and outreach myself and admire your work to spread the good word in our field. I enjoy the journal club style of presenting here but also the personal touches of ‘pics’ and even the quirky weather forecast, and additionally the comments on careers in science. I feel this podcast is another guide on my journey and found it recently very helpful in my graduate school application process. In preparing for interviews, I enjoyed listening to TWiM, TWiV and TWiP to familiarize myself with work of professors I was interviewing with and found the content a great benefit for this! I am grateful to share that it payed off, and I will be joining the lab of Dr. Janelle Ayres at the Salk Institute as a graduate student working towards a PhD from UCSD! Thank you Professor Racaniello and TWiM team! I encourage anyone interested in science (and not just microbiology) to listen! Best Regards, Alexandria Schieber
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Endlessly fascinating
I’ve only just discovered this podcast and I can’t get enough. Thank you for making this available to the lay person! I wish I had paid more attention in science classes and pursued this fascinating field of study.
Ivana Haffun
Awesome podcast. It blows my mind every time
Best thing
I you are no layman, the TWiX team may have the only podcasts worth listening to. I this hardcore science is not for the faint of heart, but if you start from the beginning you will be able to access it.
You should make a podcasts for cell biology, genetics, and molecular biology
Great podcast
Once you start listening, you can't stop! Great team of scientists, friendly discussion and tremendously interesting topics.
Ognjen Sekulovic
I love this podcast and all the others in the "TWi" series!
I started my TWiX habit on TWiM
You can't get more diverse, informative, and sometimes jaw-dropping than what the world of microbes provides. If only it were easier to understand. IT IS. Right here. Friendly conversational discussions of some of the most interesting things to evolve on planet Earth. Very novice-friendly.
Love this show!
I am addicted to what I learn from this show. I'm addicted to TWIM, TWIV, TWIP and TWIEVO. What an amazing gift Vincent has provided to the world by doing these shows. Countless lives and careers, including my own, have been forever changed by these highly educational and very well done shows with the expert panels! Greetings from a raving fan in beautiful and amazing Taipei, Taiwan.
TWIM is great!
It's been 40 years since my biology days in college but I have not lost my love for it. Thanks for all your hard work. You are doing a great job!!
Jim A C
My background is not directed toward this subject matter but I have an abiding interest in science and this team delivers an understandable commentary in a fun and informative style that is accessible to anyone at any level. Great work - one of my favorite podcasts to listen to from a too-long list of stong options.
TWiM is Bact-tastic!
I’m making my way through the TWiM podcasts one at a time, starting with episode 1. I’m only about 12 episodes in, but WOW. It is truly fantastic - very accessible, mostly accurate, and always informative and entertaining. If you haven’t listened yet, do!
Amazing resource!
Dr. Racaniello et al. run an amazing podcast covering a host of topics. As a Microbiology undergraduate student I look forward to his podcasts weekly and consider them the best part of my morning.
Even better than TWIV
...because I guess bacteria are more inherently accessible than viruses? In any event, I find that I understand more in this podcast than I do in TWIV. Again, the hosts here have a great commitment to science and to their audience, and I learn something every time. Michelle and Elio are particularly wonderful, though everyone is truly excellent.
One of my favourite podcasts
I have been listening to TWiM since its inception, and it has consistently been a well-produced, interesting, and engaging podcast. Vincent Racaniello and the other contributors regularly produce high-quality and informative episodes that have made me a long-term listener.
Informative and engaging, makes microbiology accessible to everyone!
What more can I say? Its great
I so look forward to listening to the TWIx podcasts. What a great way to learn. Thank you so very much.
I am not a scientist but.....
...I listen to these, (TWIM, TWIP and TWIM) on Science360 as much as I can. Sure a lot of the time I am not familiar with the topics but I still enjoy listening and I am learning a lot...amazing. I really like these 'shows'.
Great Show
High level science that is entertaining as well.
A great science podcast!
If you like this podcast, check out "This Week in Virology" and "This Week in Parasitology" also from Dr. Racaniello and friends.
Science as it should sound
Outstanding podcast describing latest new papers and reviews in microbiology. The skill and genuine interest and enthusiasm of participants make this podcast interesting and educational for an audience expanding far beyond the experts in microbiology. I am not a microbilogist myself (have degree in physics), but got hooked. Thank you Vincent, Michael, Elio and everyone!
Great summaries
Great way to hear about diverse topics and I prefer listening to reading in many cases
E to the fourth
TWIM: the best science podcast, period. Really.
I don't even LIKE biology, and this is still my favorite podcast. Content that will stretch your mind, then blow it. The hosts share their fascination with the amazing microbe world with great explanations, enthusiasm, and enunciation. Enunciation? Yes! Other podcast hosts sound like they're trying to mumble around mouths full of peanut butter compared to these guys! I only wish there was a geology podcast 1/2 as good as TWIM.
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Matthew von der Ahe
Good Juicy Science
Try this one for an enjoyable but meaty discussion of cutting edge science. I teach a Biotechnology G/T course to high school students and need to say up to date on this rapidly evolving field. I love that this podcast includes clear descriptions of the actual science completed in much more detail then available in most news outlets. They pick interesting and important articles and are enjoyable and inspiring to listen to. I find them quite accessible. My students sometimes listen too and are able to glean a fair amount of information, although it is challenging without a solid molecular biology background.
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Bay Area
There should be an exclusive category of rating with six stars, which is where TWIM, TWIP and TWIV all belong. They are the best way I've found to reconnect to the biological sciences after too many years as a lawyer. Thank you Vincent and all the outstanding participants. I would surely suffer from acute withdrawal should these podcasts ever become unavailable. Incidentally, I'm glad not to have to choose between Vincent Racaniello or the Naked Scientist's Chris Smith as the world's best podcast moderator. Both are great in their separate ways.
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Tom Latta
Great podcast for keeping up with the latest in microbiology
This podcast has pulled together a wonderful team of experts to discuss recent microbiology literature. It's fascinating to hear Vincent, Elio, Michael and others share their knowledge and experience. They've also done a few retrospective shows, e.g. looking back at the life and work of Carl Woese, that include some of the controversial history of ideas that we now take for granted. The conversation can get very technical, but they clearly make an effort to explain terms and acronyms that the lay person might not understand.
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Mark bbbbbbb
Another excellent podcast
If you like science, give this podcast a listen. It will mot disappoint.
Great science podcast
TWIM is equally as good as TWIP and TWIV. A great production for both scientist and non-scientists alike.
Thank you!
Thank you for making this conversation available to the masses!
Journal club in your pocket
As a professor at a small liberal arts college, we are an archipelago of science. Where each specialty is an island. It is so nice to hear about the interesting papers provided in this podcast. The discourse makes it feel like a journal club in my pocket. Many thanks!
Very informative. Non microbiologists can learn from this podcast as well. The hosts have a good working relationship and the sound of the podcast is high quality whereas a lot if podcasts are not as well produced as this one. The topics chosen are relevant and timely. The guests are high caliber professional s and experts in the topics they discuss. Please keep up the good work
Denver ASM
I found the TWIM and TWIV discussions at the Denver ASM extremely interesting. Keep up the great work. Long time listener in Oregon.
Cool show
Pretty cool podcast. The guys ramble at times, but that's standard for most longer podcasts. Subject matter and guests are interesting. If you appreciate what guys that have been around micro, virology, molecular/cell biology for a decade+ have to say, you'll probably like this podcast.
Great and informative podcast
I love listening to this podcast every week. The host are fun and give great information that the people can understand and use.
Amazing podcast!
As a recent university graduate, and an upcoming student in medical laboratory science, this podcast is a great way to keep up on the most recent news in the microbiology world! I have started downloading the podcasts from the beginning in order to learn from Dr. Racaniello and the numerous co-hosts. What a great podcast!
Science is Pretty Neat!
Even as a high school student, I listen to TWIM and am able to understand it. That is simply testament to Professor Racaniello's ability to teach microbiology. Great podcast!
Niall Clancy
Interesting and informative
I learned about these podcasts through an advertisement in Microbe. I have never listened to podcasts before but I really enjoy these. I think there is a good mix of explanation and hard science so anyone will enjoy regardless of their level of education. I think it is interesting to hear about the news from people that have been in the field a long time. It gives the stories perspective that I myself do not have yet.
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Scientist in training
Very interesting and insightful reviews of recent papers in microbiology. Everyone who loves our single-celled friends should tune in.
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