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This Life #YOULIVE with Dr. Drew
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YOULIVE -191: LA Supervisor Kathryn Barger
1 hour 2 minutes Posted Sep 24, 2019 at 8:48 am.
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Show notes

Dr. Drew tackles the Homeless crisis with LA County Supervisor, Kathryn Barger taking live calls. They believe it’s necessary to appeal Martin v. City of Boise, which forbids municipalities from enforcing common sense ordinances that prohibit public camping unless those local governments can offer acceptable shelter to every unhoused person in the jurisdiction. The overwhelming amount of “unhoused neighbors” in Los Angeles is polluting our streets and oceans and creating a new lever of mental health/drug problems among this culture. Drew and Kathryn take questions from callers, including Venice activist, Rick Swinger.  Correnda Perkins, Division Chief, Community-Based Services of discusses the wrap around services Hillsides provides LA youth ages 18-26.and

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LA Homeless Outreach Portal is available if you see someone, or know someone who needs services. LA-HOP.ORG will send out an Outreach Worker to give them a place to go for help.

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