This Is the Author
This Is the Author
Penguin Random House Audio
A podcast about authors reading their audiobooks from Penguin Random House Audio.
S9 E7: Walela Nehanda, Olivia A. Cole, and Stephanie Kuehnert
In this episode, meet Walela Nehanda, Olivia A. Cole, and Stephanie Kuehnert. Press play to hear what it was like for these authors to record the audiobooks of their new works for young adults, and discover who went to a Hozier performance in preparation for recording. Enjoy! Bless the Blood by Walela Nehanda: Ariel Crashes a Train by Olivia A. Cole: Pieces of a Girl by Stephanie Kuehnert:
Mar 19
15 min
S9 E6: Geraldine DeRuiter, Lyn Slater, and Elaine Lin Hering
In this episode, meet speaker and blogger Geraldine DeRuiter, writer and style influencer Lyn Slater, and communication specialist Elaine Lin Hering. Tune in to hear what inspired these authors to write their new books, and what it was like for them in the audiobook recording studio. Plus, learn why there should be a universal appreciation for tea and honey. If You Can't Take the Heat by Geraldine DeRuiter How to Be Old by Lyn Slater Unlearning Silence by Elaine Lin Hering
Mar 11
20 min
S9 E5: Rose McLarney, Morgan Parker, and Shalene Gupta
In this episode, meet poet Rose McLarney, poet and novelist Morgan Parker, and journalist Shalene Gupta. Hear what it was like for these authors to record their audiobooks, and what surprised them most about the process. Enjoy! Colorfast by Rose McLarney: You Get What You Pay For by Morgan Parker: The Cycle by Shalene Gupta:
Mar 5
13 min
S9 E4: Manjula Martin, Moshe Kasher, and Noah Kagan
In this episode, meet writer and editor Manjula Martin, stand-up comedian, writer, and actor Moshe Kasher, and entrepreneur and CEO of AppSumo Noah Kagan. Tune in to hear which passages were their favorites to record, and which author’s book inspired them to take up DJing. The Last Fire Season by Manjula Martin Subculture Vulture by Moshe Kasher Million Dollar Weekend by Noah Kagan
Jan 30
20 min
S9 E3: Molly Roden Winter, Uché Blackstock, MD, and Brandi Sellerz-Jackson
In this episode, meet writer Molly Roden Winter, physician and healthcare thought leader Dr. Uché Blackstock, and storyteller and birth and postpartum doula Brandi Sellerz-Jackson. Listen to hear how Roden and Sellerz-Jackson wrote the books they needed years ago, and which chapter Dr. Blackstock is most excited for listeners to hear. More by Molly Roden Winter Legacy by Uché Blackstock, MD On Thriving by Brandi Sellerz-Jackson
Jan 23
14 min
S9 E2: Cole Arthur Riley, Sharon Brous, and Dr. Mariel Buqué
In this episode, meet writer and poet Cole Arthur Riley, senior rabbi of IKAR Sharon Brous, and psychologist and professor Dr. Mariel Buqué. Press play to hear how these authors describe their recording processes, and how they felt hearing their words aloud. Black Liturgies by Cole Arthur Riley: The Amen Effect by Sharon Brous: Break the Cycle by Dr. Mariel Buqué:
Jan 16
16 min
S9 E1: Madeline Pendleton, Judson Brewer, and Jessica McCabe
In this episode meet CEO and founder of Tunnel Vision Madeline Pendleton, addiction psychiatrist and neuroscientist Judson Brewer, and creator, writer, and star of the YouTube channel How to ADHD Jessica McCabe. Tune in to hear the wide variety of friends, actors, and authors they would cast if they hadn’t narrated their books themselves, and more. I Survived Capitalism and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt by Madeline Pendleton The Hunger Habit by Judson Brewer How to ADHD by Jessica McCabe
Jan 9
16 min
S8 E42: Amanda Kuda, Grace Hawthorne, and Patrick Bet-David
In this episode, meet life coach Amanda Kuda, entrepreneur and Stanford d. school professor Grace Hawthorne, and founder and CEO of the Valuetainment YouTube Channel, Patrick Bet-David. Listen in to hear what inspired these authors to write their books, what it was like to record their audiobooks, and what they are most excited for listeners to hear. Unbottled Potential by Amanda Kuda Make Possibilities Happen by Grace Hawthorne Choose Your Enemies Wisely by Patrick Bet-David
Nov 28, 2023
16 min
S8 E41: Joe Nocera, Tracy K. Smith, and Lesley-Ann Noel
In this episode, meet journalist Joe Nocera, poet and educator Tracy K. Smith, and Assistant Professor of Design Studies Lesley-Ann Noel. Tune in to hear about each of these authors’ experiences in the recording booth, and what they hope listeners will learn from their audiobooks. The Big Fail by Joe Nocera and Bethany McLean: To Free the Captives by Tracy K. Smith: Design Social Change by Lesley-Ann Noel and Stanford
Nov 14, 2023
21 min
S8E40: Steven L. Reed and Thurston Moore
In this episode, meet the current mayor of Montgomery, Alabama, Steven L. Reed and Sonic Youth founder Thurston Moore. Tune in to hear their stories of resilience, hardship, and triumph, and how it inspired their books. First, Best by Steven L. Reed Sonic Life by Thurston Moore
Oct 31, 2023
10 min
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