This is Only a Test
This is Only a Test
Will Smith, Norman Chan, Jeremy Williams
This is the official podcast of Tested brings you the week's technology and science news, with hosts Will Smith, Norman Chan, and Jeremy Williams. There's no jargon here, just solid explanations of the week's news--and plenty of wacky tangents. Make sure you stick around after the outro for fake outtakes!
All Good Things – This is Only a Test 668 – 10/14/22
Jeremy Williams joins us for an extra long and special episode of the podcast as we dissect and discuss the announcements from Meta Connect, including all the details about the new Quest Pro. Plus, the surprising return of fan-favorite characters in the new Star Trek: Picard trailer, and a little Moment of Science as well. Stick around for some news from the team, and thanks as always for listening!
Oct 14, 2022
2 hr 13 min
Optimusk – This is Only a Test 667 – 10/6/22
This week, we talk Twitter's uncertain future and Tesla's latest AI-day robot reveals has us fonding remembering the epic fails of the Darpa Robotics Challenge. Plus, a ruling in the EU that may change how Apple makes their future iPhones. That and our final predictions ahead of the Meta Connect conference coming up next week!
Oct 6, 2022
1 hr 10 min
EV Questions Answered – This is Only a Test 666 – 9/30/22
Marvel shocks us with a surprise Deadpool 3 announcement, NASA completes a test of its planetary defense strategy, and Stadia gets sunsetted in this week's packed news discussion. We also welcome EV reporter Robbie Baldwin to the show to answer our questions about the current state of electric vehicles around the globe, and what people in the market to buy an EV should be aware of today. Thanks so much to Robbie for guesting on the show this week! You can find him at and the Wheel Bearings podcast at
Sep 30, 2022
1 hr 24 min
Pockets of Fomenting – This is Only a Test 665 – 9/23/22
Norm's back from Disneyland just in time to discuss the debut of Andor, the GTA VI leak, and Nvidia's latest generation of graphics cards. Plus, what surprised iFixit about their iPhone 14 teardown, Logitech's curious cloud gaming handheld, and a new standalone VR headset announcement!
Sep 22, 2022
1 hr 11 min
Avatar Stans – This is Only a Test 664 – 9/15/22
We recap the big news out of this past weekend's D23 expo, including announcements from the lands of Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Disney+. Plus, a new trailer and title for Breath of the Wild's sequel, and the trailers from Sony's State of Play.
Sep 14, 2022
1 hr 2 min
Dynamic Island – This is Only a Test 663 – 9/9/22
A lot of news to go over this week as we recap Apple's big fall product launch and the most interesting features of the new iPhone. Disney+ Day goes head to head with Star Trek Day in which we see the full trailer for Picard Season 3, and we discuss the first episode of The Rings of Power. Plus, behind Adam's lightsaber build and a revelations in 3D printing.
Sep 9, 2022
1 hr 10 min
Props To History – This is Only a Test 662 – 9/1/22
We're back from SiliCon! Joining us this week is Mike Corrie aka Props To History, a new friend and one of the guests we met at this past weekend's convention! We share our favorite sights, cosplays, and memories from the event, frustrations over TSA mishandling of props, and our mutual love for 1999's The Mummy. Plus, the strange new world of AI-generated artwork. Thanks to Mike for joining us this week! You can find Props to History at:
Sep 1, 2022
1 hr 16 min
Building the MakerVerse – This is Only a Test 661 – 8/23/22
SiliCon is upon us! Jen Schachter joins us to talk about what to expect from the MakerVerse panels and workshops at the convention, as well as guests and makers we're excited to meet up with at the show. Plus, we review the first episodes of She-Hulk and House of the Dragon, lament the cancellation of an upcoming Batman show, and scratch our heads at screenshots from the metaverse.
Aug 23, 2022
1 hr 15 min
Stream of The Endless – This is Only a Test 660 – 8/12/22
We've got The Sandman on the mind as Norm reviews the new Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaiman's comic series this week, as well as the best Predator movie maybe ever in Prey. Plus, thoughts on Samsung's Unpacked event, Amazon buying iRobot, and the 90th anniversary of LEGO!
Aug 12, 2022
1 hr 15 min
Crisis on Infinite Streaming Services – This is Only a Test 659 – 8/5/22
What a week. From the passing of cultural icons like Nichelle Nichols and Bill Russell to the chaos around the Batgirl movie, we could take a breath to process major news as it broke from minute to minute. We discuss our hopes for the future of HBO Max and DC, get pumped for Andor, and get an extended return of A Moment of Science!
Aug 5, 2022
1 hr 3 min
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