this is not a podcast the podcast
this is not a podcast the podcast
Logan Lofgren
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This is not a This is not a podcast Stan account.
I just listened again. You are so funny. I was actually using you to go to sleep bc I had already heard it. But I was laughing too much and my husband told me to go to sleep. Thanks Dave!!
Dang good podcast for not being a podcast!
Your trailer alone made me laugh a lot. I personally like how short your episodes are; having a short ~30-minute episode is both easy to digest and keeps it light. Your audio mixing is so good; 10/10 on that alone. The part with your grandmother is hilarious, please tell her that it made my day. If I’m being honest, I don’t have any critiques… I thought that I would have at least one, but I really like the feel of this. Nothing is unintentional and honestly, props to you for making it that way! If I have any critiques come up, I’ll send them your way of course. I want to say that you making a podcast about the fact that it’s not really a podcast is both relatable and intriguing to me. It makes each episode more personable and interesting in its own way. I hope you get yourself something nice with that $1 you’re keeping!! -Grace
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finally a podcast that isn’t fake
Omg I love pie
Check out this not-a-podcast!
Just gave three five star ratings and personally thanked Logan for sending this to me by sliding into my twitter dms randomly because, to be honest, I genuinely think “this is not a podcast the podcast” kinda saved my life and, dare I say, awakened something transcendent in my soul, but also just gave me the best meta content. THANKS LOGAN!
Sam (from Stars and Monsters)
WAHOO!!! - super mario
amazing podcast , opened up my third eye. kinda hurts
good podcast
good podcast
Human Reviewing A Podcast
Solid Podcast
Just from the start, I love the humor on this podcast. Crazy excited to get into it further.
oh yeah
oh yeah this is a podcast all right
Very informational and good!!! Would recommend to all even with the idea of having a podcast!
Two thumbs up
Great podcast! 10/10 would recommend
This is not a review
Its a great podcast honestly and i listen to a lot of podcasts cause my job is dull and soulless
diamond in tha ruff
i was in it for a free tshirt and found something so earnest yet chaotic....... followed on spotify & itunes for prosperity.
love it
very honest, yet interesting and funny at the same time. i usually dont listen to podcasts but i honestly felt like i was in a room with friends just observing some funny conversation. loved it
This is a podcast, and a good one
This podcast is really good. It changed my life.
Fun and unique!
Very interesting, fun and unique podcast form. Definitely going to be listening often!
Great podcast
Good podcast
This podcast ate my son
Thank you for eating him, he was getting kinda annoying Also cool podcast
great podcast!!! 10/10
I’m impressed
I listened to one of the podcast and instantly knew this was different. I love this type of humor and I hope more people can come across this podcast and enjoy it like I have.
Beau Juneau
Love the content
Great show!
For me, good. Uncles did not like.
Listened to this with both of my uncles during family time. Uncle Raymond found its to be quite humorous but Uncle Albert found the premise quite confusing. The section in which Alex from Discord said the F word was disturbing to all of us.
Very unique and interesting podcast!
Very interested into the podcast right after the first episode and looking forward to listening to the rest!
Not a Review - The Review
I wasn’t sure at first if the host was being entirely deadpan or completely serious but after listening to the first episode I came to the conclusion that it’s a little bit of both. The host does a great job balancing authenticity and humor and the end result is a positive listening experience. Can’t wait for more episodes.
If you don’t listen to this then you are a baby. Be a big kid & listen to this podcast
Great podcast!
This is a really interesting podcast - can’t wait to see what it to listeners in the near future!
A New Cool Listen
Interesting, unique, a fun listen overall.
It’s beautiful.
It’s such a good postcast that I often find myself crying
11/10 not a podcast
this podcast saved my life it cured my depression
i usually find podcasts really boring but this one was interesting and funny and i wanted to hear more after🥳
honestly very good and not annoying
I listened to the podcast with zero context or frame of reference, and I loved it. Very clever scripted comedy with a lot of nuance & restraint. Absolutely love the self-referential bits and secret recordings of friends & strangers. Definitely better than Lena Dunham’s podcast.
really cool stuff
best pod ever
love listening to this when I’m sitting on the toilet
I loved it 10/10 would recommend
2 thumbs up
1 from Lena the other from Nathan
Seriously great
Can’t wait to hear more from you guys!!!
Loving this podcast, can’t wait to hear more!
I literally can’t put into words how breathtaking this entire experience was for me. Truly groundbreaking stuff being discussed every episode. I made my Charmander listen to it and he turned into a Charizard almost immediately. Definitely would recommend it anyone and everyone who has a thirst for knowledge, is going through emotional distress, or is just horny and looking for a good time. 10/10 would recommend.
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Lil Craigy
Heat bro 🔥
I’ve actually listened to a few and it’s honestly well produced!!
I like this
Very enjoyable
Narwhal pow
this pod is amazing!!
love this...I look forward to new episodes!
really great!!
Funny, irreverent and off-beat. This is the only podcast I will listen to ever again. The host is not afraid to ask the real questions that people are too cowardly to ask nowadays. The only podcast with any credibility left.
This is the title of a review for a podcast about making a podcast
This is the body of review for a podcast about making a podcast. It’s very insightful and a great listen. Make sure to subscribe!
Better than joe rogan experience and less horrible
It is amazing
It is amazing, great pod love it so much
Nathan fielder for you
Just wanted a free shirt.
Never listened to them but they seem cool👍
This is IT
So funny ! Awesome!
I liked it.
This guy is brave, and this podcast is mildly interesting. I may listen to another one. I love how this global pandemic is reducing us all to our basics. I mean, I don’t love it, but..well, you know what I mean.
overall a great podcast it’s even better than lena dunham’s podcast, highly recommend!!!
dominick beaudrie
Friggin sweet
Friggin sweet podcast
Very good podcast, the work you are doing is essential...god bless
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