The Human Centered Design Podcast (Premium)
The Human Centered Design Podcast (Premium)
This is HCD
This is HCD is the Number 1 human-centered design podcast on the internet. Our mission aim to educate and empower about people and organisations about the power of true human-centered design. This podcast brings together thought-leaders from various disciplines such as service design, user experience, interaction design, and product management to discuss the craft, and to better understand what it means to work within a human-centric method.
"Exploring Creativity and Collaboration: A Journey through Music Thinking and Jam Cards with Christof Zürn"
Fast-track your career with our 12-week training programme: Welcome back to the show to our old friend Christof Zürn. I actually had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful human being in person in Amsterdam earlier this month. Christof appeared on the podcast a number of years ago but since then has produced his book "The Power of Music Thinking”, published by BIS Publishers. In this episode, we speak more about the Jam Cards, which I'll link below. It’s an interactive and meaningful way to collaborate more effectively with yourself or with teams. We demo these Jam Cards in the episode, so you can listen to it or follow along on YouTube. Christof is absolutely awesome and I’m excited to share this one with you.
Feb 20
43 min
"Crafting Human-Centric Employee Experiences: Insights from Elliott Nelson"
Fast-track your career with our 12-week training programme: Today on the podcast, I'm delighted to welcome Elliott Nelson, Chief HX Officer, which is Human Experience Officer at HXWize in the US. Now we connected through my good friend and our good friend, Marc Stickdorn in 2023, and had great conversations about the complicated processes within the world of HR and employee experience. So this episode is really for anyone who has been wondering about using service design methods. For employee experience. Elliott is truly awesome. He was a fantastic guest. I know you're going to find it really interesting to listen to him. I know you're going to love this episode. So let's jump straight in.
Feb 15
46 min
"Unlocking Creativity: Exploring Liminal Coaching with Mike Parker"
Fast-track your career with our 12-week training programme: Welcome to another episode of This is HCD. Several months ago, I started speaking with today's guest, Mike Parker, owner and founder of Liminal Coaching in Wales in the UK. I'd heard Mike's name mentioned several times over the years online, especially after reading the brilliant book by Dave Gray called Liminal Thinking several years ago. Now that book for me was transformative. Both personally and professionally, and over the years, as I explored ways and means to extend my level of knowledge in this space, I started to read more and more about the benefits of liminality to changemakers. So what exactly is liminality? And more to the point, what is liminal thinking? If you haven't read that book, I really encourage you to pick it up. It's a brilliant book and a brilliant read. Now, liminal thinking is a concept, an approach to problem solving and understanding. The world that deals with the power of the thresholds of perception and belief. Now, the term liminal comes from the Latin word limen, meaning threshold. And in a broader sense, liminality refers to a state of transition, the in between phase of a process of change, where you are on the threshold between one state and another. Some of Mike's work is really fascinating and involves holding space for yourself just to drift. So for anyone who knows me personally, they'd be familiar with the constant drive or chaos that surrounds my own life and is in constant conflict with this idea of just holding space. But I truly love it and I love practicing it. I might not be good at it. But I know I want to get better at it, but that's probably a really nice way of framing it. So this episode is going to be of interest to me, or of interest to you if you're like me in that sense, always running close to empty and always striving for perfection and really ultimately being critically hard on yourself from time to time. So in this episode we tackle some of those pieces and go deeper into Mike's practices. Let's get stuck in.
Feb 8
43 min
"Empathy, Neurodivergence, and Holistic Support: A Conversation with Occupational Therapist Suzanne Hanway"
Fast-track your career with our 12-week training programme: We speak with Suzanne Hanway, an occupational therapist from Dublin with 28 years of experience. Suzanne discusses her journey into occupational therapy, the focus on daily life aspects, and the impact on illness, disability, or neurodivergence. The conversation delves into neurodivergence, advocating for a unified term and emphasising acceptance. Suzanne highlights challenges faced by neurodivergent individuals in accessing services and the importance of strong connections between parents, schools, and therapists. The discussion covers the prevalence of neurodivergence, societal understanding shifts, and Suzanne's emphasis on a holistic, body-based approach, including movement breaks. The podcast concludes with Suzanne advocating for tighter policies, standards, and structured training to enhance collaboration in supporting neurodivergent individuals. A really interesting one, particularly for those with an interest or any personal links to neurodiversity. Enjoy!
Jan 29
44 min
"Journey Map Ops Unveiled: Navigating Customer Experiences with Richard, Maren, and Marc"
Fast-track your career with our 12-week training programme: In this episode, stand in host Richard McMurray, service designer from the UK, meets Maren Hotvedt, service designer at Atlassian in the U.S., and Marc Stickdorn, service design expert from Austria. They delve into the world of customer journey management operations and discuss the practical application of journey maps as decision-making tools within organizations. Our host and guests share insights from their experiences, emphasizing the need for flexibility, scalability, and effective communication across teams.
Jan 22
1 hr 1 min
"Redefining Promises: Shaping the Future of Customer Experience with Damian Kernahan"
Fast-track your career with our 12-week training programme: Coaching & Mentoring for Innovators & Change-Makers with Gerry Scullion On this episode, we catch up with Damian Kernahan in Sydney, Australia for an insight into his professional journey, spanning from the advertising industry to co-founding a service design firm. We discuss the challenges of navigating complexity and silos in large organisations and reflect on the limitations of personas in designing effective customer experiences. Damian emphasizes the importance of understanding customer needs and emotions, proposing a shift from brand promises to actionable service promises. The conversation also touches on the evolving baseline of customer expectations, the significance of consistent experiences across channels, and the role of service design in shaping the future Western Sydney International Airport. Ultimately, the episode advocates for a focus on keeping promises and delivering value to customers in a metronomic fashion.
Jan 16
46 min
Jon Wallhouse "Sutsu: Crafting Fashion with Purpose and Longevity in a Disposable World"
Fast-track your career with our 12-week training programme: Our guest on this episode is Jon Wallhouse, founder of Sutsu, a clothing label with a unique approach to fashion. Jon shares his journey, starting with his passion for design since childhood and his dream of owning a surf clothing label, setting the foundation for his future endeavors at the age of 15. We cover the evolution of Sutsu, initially launched as an "anti-brand brand" with a focus on positive environmental impact, the challenges faced during the financial crisis, leading Jon to pivot and start a design agency. The resurgence of interest in Sutsu during the lockdown prompted Jon to relaunch the brand online, resulting in unexpected success. The conversation delves into the tension between affordability and longevity surrounding Sutsu’s ethos and high-quality products. Overall, the episode provides insights into Jon Wallhouse's entrepreneurial journey, the philosophy behind Sutsu, and a broader discussion on the value of longevity in both products and personal endeavors.
Jan 10
49 min
"Driving Design Innovation: Building Mindsets, Navigating Challenges, and Assessing Maturity with Munib Karavdic"
Fast-track your career with our 12-week training programme: In this episode, Gerry interviews Munib Karavdic, a design innovation expert. Munib shares insights into his work at Wave Design, an Australian design innovation company, where the focus is on helping businesses design new programs to address pain points or improve user experiences. He emphasizes the importance of elevating the mindset of people involved in design projects and building capabilities within organizations. Munib discusses the challenges of intrapreneurship, drawing on Steve Jobs' experience at Apple and Pixar. He highlights the need for entrepreneurs within large organizations to navigate stakeholders, inspire teams, and develop a different set of skills compared to startup entrepreneurs. The conversation delves into the value of encouraging entrepreneurship in all organizations and the necessity of having a strategy in place to align innovation efforts with overall goals. Later in the episode, Munib introduces "WaveAssess," a tool developed during his time at AMP, aimed at assessing an organization's innovation and design maturity. He discusses the importance of problem framing to achieve alignment and shares a practical trick involving visual designers to facilitate discussions around solutions. The episode provides valuable insights into the challenges and strategies involved in driving design innovation within corporate settings.
Dec 20, 2023
51 min
"Designing Change: A Decade-Long Journey in Service Design at Stanford with Morgan Miller"
Fast-track your career with our 12-week training programme: The wonderful Morgan Miller shares his journey at Stanford, where he transitioned from an arts program coordinator to leading a service design team. Working in a complex higher ed environment, Morgan highlights the challenges and rewards of introducing service design to a technology-centric institution. Over the years, he navigated the intricacies of the organization, cultivated support for service design, and eventually formed an interdisciplinary consulting group. Morgan also discusses his initiative, Practical Service Design, aimed at demystifying service design and fostering a community interested in real-world applications of the discipline. The episode delves into the unique culture at Stanford, the role of brand identity, and the importance of leadership in advocating for service design in an institutional setting.
Dec 15, 2023
50 min
"Designing Success: Jeff Gothelf on UX, Lean Principles, and OKR Pitfalls"
Fast-track your career with our 12-week training programme: We meet keynote speaker, trainer and coach Jeff Gothelf, and speak about how Jeff helps build collaborative cultures and adopt modern ways of working in organisations. Jeff tells us about his background in design, particularly the intersection of design and agile methodologies. He shares his experience in creating and popularising Lean UX, a process outlined in his book with Josh Seiden. The conversation delves into the challenges of selling and explaining user experience to businesses that didn't initially understand its value. Jeff emphasizes the importance of translating design work into language that business leaders care about, focusing on the impact on solving business problems. The discussion also touches on the evolution of user experience in tech and software businesses during a pivotal time. Jeff addresses the challenges in implementing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) within organisations. He highlights the need for a qualitative approach to objectives and the importance of key results being metrics that measure human behaviour. The conversation provides insights into the foundations of UX and the current hurdles in fostering a deep understanding of OKRs within organisations. An interesting one to record and an interesting listen for sure. Enjoy!
Dec 5, 2023
48 min
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