Thinking Poker
Thinking Poker
Andrew Brokos
Weekly poker podcast featuring interviews with both famous and behind-the-scenes figures from the poker world, as well as a poker strategy segment.
Episode 340: Farid Jattin
Farid Jattin moved from Colombia to Miami to play baseball when he was 10 years old. Following an injury in college, he took his athlete’s mindset to poker, where he has become one of the most successful players on the ... Read more...
Nov 23
1 hr 25 min
Episode 339: A Few of Our Favorite Things
In this special, listener-requested episode, Nate and Andrew discuss their favorite books, movies, shows, music, and podcasts (not necessarily poker related).
Nov 16
55 min
Episode 338: The 2020 Election with Matt Glassman
Card player, political scientist, and all-around great guest Matt Glassman joins for a special episode about using game theory to think about the upcoming presidential election, the Supreme Court, and more. In the strategy segment, Andrew explains why you can ... Read more...
Oct 30
1 hr 38 min
Episode 337: Winning Poker in 30 Minutes with Ashley Adams
Ashley Adams, host of the House of Cards podcast and radio show (Andrew was a guest in 2010!)  and author of the new book Winning Poker in 30 Minutes a Day, returns to the show to discuss poker during Covid, ... Read more...
Oct 19
1 hr 29 min
Episode 336: Exploiting Small Stakes Tournaments
Carlos Welch and Andrew have a new strategy video available in the Nitcast store, based on Carlos’s specialty: exploiting small stakes tournaments. The two discuss Carlos’s poker and romantic history, the basic principles of exploitative play, and some listener questions. ... Read more...
Oct 12
1 hr 21 min
Episode 335: Fold Equity
Playing aggressively isn’t just about bluffing more! Nate and Andrew answer listener questions about fold equity and equity denial.  Play Optimal Poker 2 is back in the Kindle store!
Sep 29
59 min
Episode 334: Peter Alson
Peter Alson, author of the new poker novel The Only Way to Play It and coauthor of a Stu Ungar biography, joins us to discuss The Mayfair Club, poker in fiction, writing about poker for a general audience, working for ... Read more...
Sep 14
1 hr 37 min
Episode 333: Geeking, Grifting, and Gambling with David Sklansky
Legendary poker author David Sklansky returns to the podcast to discuss his new book Geeking, Grifting, and Gambling Through Las Vegas. David first appeared on Episode 300. Timestamps 0:30 Strategy 34:18 David Sklansky Strategy I ($197) am dealt QcJd in ... Read more...
Sep 4
2 hr 8 min
Episode 332: Polarizing
Nate and Andrew break down two hands submitted by listeners, with an emphasis on which player has the more polarized range and how that influences betting and bet sizing decisions. For more information about coaching, please visit Strategy Hand ... Read more...
Aug 17
59 min
Episode 91: Brian Rast
Brian Rast may not have the knack for self-promotion that some of the biggest names in the industry do, but he’s been quietly winning at the highest stakes, in a variety of formats, for years. In this interview, he talks ... Read more...
Aug 6
1 hr 31 min
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