Things Learned
Things Learned
What did you learn today? Steve looks back and reflects on daily things he's learned over the course of a decade and counting. Come listen to a relaxing journey and retrospective of things learned. Inquiries: @SteveTheITPro
TL0061 - 2012, Week 13 and 14 Highlights
3/26/12 - You can apparently buy items in shops in D&D Why Magic Shops Ruin the D&D Fantasy 3/27/12 - The origins of the Amish/Mennonites 3/28/12 - Netbeans has a specific Python edition. Get nbPython | NetBeans Python Editor | NetBeans - Python Wiki 3/29/12 - The Python Programming Language Python 0.9.1. part 01/21 3/30/12 - Transport Layer uses port numbers for addressing Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry (IANA) 4/1/12 - Facebook timeline didn't roll out to everyone despite them saying they did Safer Internet Day 2012 – Overview of Facebook Timeline | Facebook Timeline Rolls Out to All Brand Pages 4/2/12 - A kill in LoL=2.5 minion waves 4/3/12 - How to make an air cannon out of a box. The Vortex Cannon – Student Science 4/4/12 - Sorta figured out Content-Aware fills in Photoshop Adobe Launches Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS5 Extended | Photoshop CS5 New Features – Content Aware Fill Tutorial | Remove objects from your photos with Content-Aware Fill 4/5/12 - The Dos Equis man owns a house in Vermont. Interesting 4/6/12 - John Snow is basically the pioneer of Anesthesia The Ghost Map: The Story of London's Most Terrifying Epidemic – and How it Changed Science, Cities and the Modern World | John Snow, MD: anaesthetist to the Queen of England and pioneer epidemiologist Extra Topic 1: OnlyOffice Extra Topic 2: Draw Something Extra Topic 3: Air Display Extra Topic 4: The Future of the IT Major Extra Topic 5: Upcoming Commencement This episode's music comes from, the Free Music Archive, Apple iMovie, and YouTube free music repositories. Tracks featured in this episode include: Dee Yan-Key - Minor Angst De Yan-Key - Wade in the Water Apple - Park Bench Apple - Fifth Avenue Stroll Apple - Acoustic Sunrise TrackTribe - A Night Alone TrackTribe - Walk Through the Park Doctor Turtle - Doctor Talos Answers The Door
Apr 9, 2022
24 min
TL0060 - 2012, Week 11 and 12 Highlights
3/12/12 - Set Affinity in Task manager pertains to CPU cores. Processes, Threads, and Jobs in the Windows Operating System | What is Windows Priority and Affinity and what advatanges does it provide? 3/14/12 - What Speccy is. Speccy Tutorial for Beginners | Hackers compromised free CCleaner software, Avast's Piriform says | Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data 3/15/12 - Windows 7 takes forever to update. Further simplifying servicing models for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 | Microsoft to end decades-old pick-a-patch practice in Windows 7 | Convenience rollup update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 3/19/12 - About Nocturne for Mac, and that I can invert the menu bar with it. Nocturne for Mac | What Does It Mean When Apple “Sherlocks” an App? 3/20/12 - Mac OS X Has the biggest security hole ever in its password reset feature on the recovery disk. Reset a Lost Password in Mac OS X with a Boot Disk | Set a firmware password on your Mac |  How to reset local user passwords from the macOS recovery partition 3/21/12 - Everything in Unix is treated as a file, even the Kernel Memory In UNIX Everything is a File 3/22/12 - More about Zwingli 3/24/12 - What Lane Freezing is in League of Legends How To Slow Push And Freeze A Lane In League of Legends This episode's music comes from and the Free Music Archive Tracks featured in this episode include: Doctor Turtle - Baldanders Strikes The Set Doctor Turtle - Jonah's Message for New York Doctor Turtle - Ladies, Take Me With You Doctor Turtle - The Kid In The Bins Doctor Turtle - Unexpected Hoedown In Bagging Area
Mar 23, 2022
25 min
TL0059 - 2012, Week 09 and 10 Highlights
2/26/12 - Figuring out Erasmus's The Praise of Folly 2/27/12 - cat command in Terminal cat(1) — Linux manual page 2/28/12 - Concatenate function in Excel (wasn't able to really get it work though) 2/29/12 - How the Elo touchscreen computer works ELO touchscreen does not respond to touch or has lost alignment at point of sale. 3/1/12 - Emperor Kangxi had the longest reign in China history. The Sacred Edict of the Kangxi Emperor, 1670 3/2/12 - I haven’t written in a while so my wrist cramps up a lot when I write. 3/4/12 - How to play Dota 2 The Story of Dota 2 3/6/12 - How to use nc in Terminal. nc linux command man page | nc/netcat 3/7/12 - Putting torches on the right side of caves in Minecraft is a good idea. 3/8/12 - There's apparently a cloud menu bar icon that looks like iCloud but is for MobileMe. How do I remove the MobileMe icon in the menu bar? | iCloud: About your,, and email addresses | Apple reminds users of MobileMe closure 3/9/12 - FTP is an insecure protocol. FTP Server – Beware of Security Risks Extra Topic 1: An IT executive and an unexpected awkward moment Extra Topic 2: Livestream's content purge of 2012 This episode's music comes from and the Free Music Archive Tracks featured in this episode include: Gillicuddy - Instrumental #2 Revisited Gillicuddy - Jupiter the Blue Lee Rosevere - Places Unseen The 126ers - The Low Seas Zero V - Don't Rush
Mar 9, 2022
24 min
TL0058 - 2012, Week 07 and 08 Highlights
2/12/12 - IBM's Thinkpad was the first laptop to have a keyboard light THINK: A brief history of ThinkPads, from IBM to Lenovo| IBM ThinkPad 701C: The Iconic Butterfly Keyboard| The ThinkLight: Shedding Light on the Legend (ft. David Hill)| What was the first backlit keyboard? 2/14/12 - How to burn a USB Lion disk and rotate multiple pages at once in Preview Make a Bootable Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Installer from a USB Flash Drive| How can you rotate all the pages of a PDF file in Preview?  2/15/12 - Clear command in terminal Clear(1) – Linux Manual Page 2/16/12 - I can middle click things in the Windows 7 Taskba Middle-Click on the Taskbar to Quickly Open and Close Application Windows 2/17/12 - You can move the chat bar in League of Legends 2/18/12 - The Dice app on Android can lock dice as well as have multiples/change dice color. 2/19/12 - Windows 7 can condense down to 2GB in size. Microsoft confirms MinWin is in Windows 7, after all | Mark Russinovich Explains MinWin Once and For All 2/20/12 - About Potosi, the city of Silver 2/21/12 - The "College Freshman" meme picture was taken in the upper quad courtyard. Know Your Meme: College Freshman | Why Every College Freshman Should Start a Roth IRA | My Picture is Internet Gold Right Now 2/22/12 - Henry Morgan = Captain Morgan, and he wasn't a pirate, he was a privateer. Also, purge in OSX Terminal clears out inactive used memory 2/23/12 - Ton of stuff on Martin Luther. Also figured out IRC. 2/24/12 - defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1 will turn on debug mode for ical in 10.7 How to enable iCal's debug menu 2/25/12 - How the Frenzied Barbarian works in D&D Ultimate Barbarian (3.5e Class) Extra topics: Club Bing's shutdown Housing damages bills This episode's music comes from, the Free Music Archive, and Apple iMovie Tracks featured in this episode include: Kevin MacLeod - Dat groove [ Kevin MacLeod ( | Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 |  Apple - Daydream Apple - Coming of Age Jason Shaw - Thingamajig Jason Shaw - Mountain Sun Jason Shaw - Solo Acoustic Guitar
Feb 18, 2022
25 min
TL0057 - 2012, Week 05 and 06 Highlights
1/31/12 - The 4th Lateran Council 2/1/12 - About the Ming Empire 2/4/12 - What a "dirt block" drink is. Dirt Block (Minecraft cocktail) 2/5/12 - Using Foobar2000 2/6/12 - Christopher Columbus did a lot of terrible things. Was Christopher Columbus a Hero or Villain? 2/7/12 - Setting up Google Sync with Exchange on iOS. Sync heck: DalDAV vs Exchange Server – a Google Apple review | What are the pros and cons of IMAP/CalDAV vs. Exchange for Gmail and Google Calendar for iOS 4? 2/8/12 - iMovie has a built in way to move projects to other drives. Problem Solved: How to Move iMovie 09 Projects to Other Drives 2/11/12 - About QTTabBar QTTabBar| QTTabBar fork Extra topic - random things about DTV - The Final Moments of Analog Broadcast This episode's music comes from, YouTube free music repositories, the Free Music Archive, and Apple iMovie Tracks featured in this episode include: TrackTribe - Walk Through the Park Kevin MacLeod - Virtutes Instrumenti [ Kevin MacLeod ( | Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 | ] Siddhartha Corsus - Count Your Blessings, Count Your Stars Siddhartha Corsus - Bhagavan Siddhartha Corsus - Pure of Heart
Jan 29, 2022
21 min
TL0056 - 2012, Week 03 and 04 Highlights
1/15/12 - Minecraft's sun rose and set in the wrong places until 1.9 Sun – Minecraft Wiki 1/16/12 – Soundcloud MySpace lost 13 years worth of user data after botched server migration 1/18/12 - Some correct proportions for tablet compatible clickable images. 1/19/12 - Re-learned Lion's signature feature in Preview How to use Preview in OS X Lion to digitally sign documents | Fill out and sign a PDF form in Preview on Mac 1/21/12 - How to play D&D 1/23/12 - ITSM Process Modeling 1/25/12 - No more Macbook keyboard cover. Did more damage than good I think. 1/27/12 - The difference between an NSP and an ISP. NSPs vs ISPs – still a deal? Extra topics: Various days I skipped OnLive Desktop: ComputerWorld - Run Windows on your iPad | OnLive vs. Microsoft Licensing Issues Resolved: OnLive Desktop Moves to Windows Server 2008 This episode's music comes from, the Free Music Archive, and YouTube free music repositories Tracks featured in this episode include: TrackTribe - A Brand New Start TrackTribe - Lights TrackTribe - Cover Charge Lee Rosevere - Try Anything Once Lee Rosevere - I'm Going for a Coffee Doctor Turtle - Over the Water, Humans Gather Kevin MacLeod - B-Roll [ Kevin MacLeod ( | Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 | ] Lee Rosevere - Wandering
Jan 15, 2022
18 min
TL0055 - 2012, Week 01 and 02 Highlights
1/1/12 - How to play Words With Friends 1/2/12 - Food Poisoning really sucks 1/3/12 - Microsoft released the Critical Update Notification Tool for Win98, but then changed the name to Critical Update Notification Utility to avoid using the unfortunate acronym. /r/todayilearned post 1/5/12 - 10.4 is probably the last OS you can get to run well on a G4. 1/6/12 - id and Apogee Software's histories All Your History: Id software | All Your History: The History of Apogee & 3D Realms 1/8/12 - IMAP folder subscriptions IMAP Folder Subscriptions | How to Subscribe to IMAP Folders in Thunderbird | Thunderbird Tip: Change IMAP Folder Subscriptions 1/9/12 - What Windows + T does (focuses the taskbar) Keyboard shortcuts in Windows | 30 Essential Windows Key Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10 | Missing suggestion to press Win+T to focus taskbar icons 1/10/12 - About 2/11/12 and 2112 1/11/12 - There's a WMUR app for the ipad 1/12/12 - Amazon Flow for the ipad Powered by Amazon, Flow Scans Products You Can Buy Online | TechHive: Get this app: Flow | Amazon Flow: Try Firefly on your existing phone (sort of) 1/14/12 - netstat -a -b will show network traffic NetStat – Microsoft Docs | Netstat Command in Linux - 28 Commands with Examples Extra topics: SOPA Life after graduation Roommates This episode's music comes from and the Free Music Archive Tracks featured in this episode include: Doctor Turtle - Lullaby For Democracy Doctor Turtle - Manly Nunn Steps Out Doctor Turtle - Rocinante's Lament Doctor Turtle - Always The Teasmade, Never The Tease Doctor Turtle - Beaconsfield Villas Stomp Doctor Turtle - Unexpected Hoedown In Bagging Area
Jan 6, 2022
26 min
TL0054 - 2011, Week 51 and 52 Highlights
12/18/11 - Red Robin has bottomless fries If I order bottomless fries at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, how many fries would I have to eat in order for the restaurant to lose profit on my order? 12/19/11 - Ping -t will give some more info on pings 12/20/11 - Gas gauges have an arrow pointing which side of the car it's on. The Fuel Gauge Arrow 12/22/11 - How to use Combofix ComboFix – Bleeping Computer 12/23/11 - Napoleon Dynamite had a $400,000 budget, but grossed $46,140,956. Napoleon Dynamite Quotes | Napoleon Dynamite – Box Office Mojo 12/24/11 - Mario originally was supposed to have a gun. Miyamoto: Mario originally had a gun | Super Mario Bros.' 25th: Miyamoto Reveals All 12/26/11 - Ultrabooks have specific specs needed to be called ultrabooks. Intel Capital launches $300M ultrabook fund 12/27/11 - Dell laptops in 2001 used to cost $1200 The Cost of a Computer the Year You Were Born | $2,400 Laptop From 1994: Packard Bell Statesman | Dell Inspiron 9100: $4,800 Pentium 4 Laptop from 2004 | $5,399 Laptop From 1997: Gateway Solo 2200 12/28/11 - There is a Fantasy Starcraft league. BlizzConn ESL Fantasy Leagues | Fantasy eSports | Jung "FanTaSy" Myung Hoon | Fantasy (map) | Forget football: These fantasy e-sports sites mix League of Legends with cold, hard cash 12/29/11 - How to register Apple products and where to see them. 12/30/11 - 250x250 is a good resolution for Skype profile pictures. What's the default Skype Profile Picture Size? 12/31/11 - VNC on the ipad This episode's music comes from and the Free Music Archive Tracks featured in this episode include: Kevin MacLeod - Batty McFaddin - Slower [ Kevin MacLeod ( | Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 | ] Doctor Turtle - Curse You, Fingers (edit) Doctor Turtle - Faster, Sons Of Vengeance, Faster! Doctor Turtle - Go Tell It On The Molehill Doctor Turtle - Doctor Turtle's Maggot
Dec 20, 2021
27 min
TL0053 - 2011, Week 49 and 50 Highlights
12/5/11 - Deja Vu is your brain is trying to apply a memory to a situation you are in, failing, and then making you feel like it's familiar anyway. Vuja De | The Matrix - Deja vu | Deja Vu: What It Is, When It May Be Cause for Concern | What Causes Déjà Vu? Neuroscience May Finally Have the Answer | Neuroimaging and cognitive changes during déjà vu| Presque Vu: An Annoying Mental Effect You Have Probably Experienced | How Words Get Stuck on the Tip of Your Tongue 12/6/11 - Preference file locations for Final Cut and DVD Studio. 12/7/11 - chflags nohidden ~/Library will unhide the Library folder in Lion. Show Hidden Library and User Library files and folder in macOS 12/8/11 - Cmd 8 will show/hide paragraph marks in Word 2011. 12/10/11 - How to root a Nook Tablet Nook Tablet Rooted! That Took Less Than A Week | How to root the NOOK Tablet, install the Android Market | Nook Tablet Update 1.4.1 Breaks Root And Ends App Sideloading 12/14/11 - 3rd Gen Macbook Airs don't have an eject button. What's the purpose of the eject button on the MacBook Air? 12/15/11 - I can finish a music final before most people even after being 30 minutes late 12/17/11 - I can move my room in 30 minutes. Extra Topic 1 - Other Final Exams Extra Topic 2 - TV Station theft Extra Topic 3 - Internet2 senior project - Performance and Analytics Tools - Internet2 This episode's music comes from and the Free Music Archive Tracks featured in this episode include: Jason Shaw - Sidewalk Jason Shaw - Travel Light Kevin MacLeod - B-Roll [ Kevin MacLeod ( | Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 | ] Lee Rosevere - Wordless Language Lee Rosevere - Wordless Language II Lee Rosevere - Going Home Lee Rosevere - Heat Haze Lee Rosevere - Keep Trying
Dec 4, 2021
32 min
TL0052 - 2011, Week 47 and 48 Highlights
11/23/11 - Guardsman Bob is from Denmark. In a Pros Mind: HotshotGG | HotshotGG Raging | Player Report - Yesterday | Guardsman Bob on Twitch 11/24/11 - Samsung makes washers/dryers. Samsung's Heritage 11/25/11 - TSO recruits local orchestra members for their shows. Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Band and Family | 'Little gift' from Trans-Siberian Orchestra strikes the right chord | The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is bigger 11/26/11 - What "The Uncanny Valley" is The Uncanny Valley: The Original Essay by Masahiro Mori | Elergy of Emptiness 11/27/11 - My old phone runs better with little to no apps installed on it 11/29/11 - Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo 11/30/11 - Cmd + Shift + 4 + Spacebar = screencap window Take a screenshot on your Mac 12/1/11 - CPI and SPI ratios for project management Schedule Performance Index (SPI) & Cost Performance Index (CPI) 12/2/11 - /etc/bootpd.plist is where the DHCP settings are in OSX Server Adding DHCP options into bootpd.plist | Running Mac OS X’s built-in DHCP server 12/3/11 - A whole lot about Skyward Sword's gameplay mechanics. Extra Topic 1: Bone the Fish - What Happened to Jump The Shark? Extra Topic 2: Google Wave: we came, we saw, we played D&D | Google Wave: why we didn’t use it| Microsoft Launches Google Wave (2021) This episode's music comes from, the Free Music Archive, and YouTube free music repositories Tracks featured in this episode include: Kevin MacLeod - Black Bird [ Kevin MacLeod ( | Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 | ] Jason Shaw - Wheels Podington Bear - Happiness Is Lee Rosevere - Where Was I Kevin MacLeod - How it Begins Kevin MacLeod - Wallpaper Lee Rosevere - All The Answers JR Tundra - The Night Falling John Deley - Play Song RKVC - Friday Night Lights MK2 - The Big Score TrackTribe - Lost At Sea
Nov 20, 2021
31 min
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