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The Zesty Life
Britany Dovenor
The Zesty Life is a podcast for those looking to live their best, most zesty life. Hosted by Britany Dovenor this podcast aims to give you the skills, knowledge and tools to feel more confident, energetic, strong and healthy life. With weekly episodes and expert guests this podcast makes the ‘zesty life’ accessible to anyone, anywhere. Are you ready to feel zesty?
#132 Final pregnancy update featuring Dave
Thank you so much for coming along this journey with me. In today's episode I am sitting down with Dave while we talk all things baby for one last time before we take a break and actually have bub.  I can't say when episodes will be restarting but if you would like to continue following my journey and bubs, please find and follow my personal Instagram @britanydovenor. Thank you again for all your support, I look forward to being in your ears again in the future! Find me: @britanydovenor The Zesty Life Community
Jul 25, 2021
1 hr 8 min
#131 Sophie Gray: journaling, mental health and the DiveThru app.
Please give Sophie Gray your warmest, most zesty welcome.  In this episode I'm chatting with Sophie Gray, former health and fitness influencer turned wellness and mental health advocate. Sophie is the founder and creator of the incredible journaling app DiveThru which is help so many get in touch with themselves and become their own rock. I really hope you enjoy this episode. If you think anyone you know could benefit from this episode please send this through to them. WIN! Announced on the first Monday of every month, one lucky winner will receive a Limited Edition ‘Stay Zesty’ Glitter Tshirt. Want to win? All you need to do is leave a 5 star rating and review on the apple podcast app. Good luck! Find me: @thezestylifepodcast @britanydovenor The Zesty Life Community Mentioned: Sophie Gray - @sophiegray DiveThru app
Jul 18, 2021
40 min
#130 Sarah Liz King on Healing Body Image
In today’s episode we are joined by the beautiful Sarah Liz King. For those of you who don’t already know Sarah she is a Health At Every Size (HAES) Exercise Physiologist and health coach who uses scientific fact and her personal journey to empower other women to develop a permanent positive relationship with food and their bodies.  Sarah helps women to regain their periods, balance their hormones, find food freedom and have a healthier relationship with exercise all while gaining body confidence. Her primary belief is to ‘unlearn’ everything about diet culture. It’s all about nourishing body and mind with scientific facts to build foundations for a life of realness, not just wellness.  Find Sarah Liz King: @sarahlizking  Podcast: Holistic Health Radio Find me: @britanydovenor
Jul 11, 2021
54 min
#129 Final Pregnancy and health update - Trimester 3
In today’s episode I wanted to sum up my final trimester of pregnancy. Now I am recording this at week 34 so there is still a bit of time before bub comes and I am sure there will be many changes I don’t address that will occur between now and labour but I wanted to make sure this episode went up and I didn’t miss it because bub came early or I was too busy, baby brain to remember to record this. Enjoy :) Find me: @britanydovenor The Zesty Life Community  
Jul 4, 2021
38 min
#128 Tyler Mahoney on Bipolar
In today’s we are joined by the incredible Tyler Mahoney. Tyler is an advocate for mental health and an open book when it comes to her own journey with type 1 bipolar. I originally asked to speak with Tyler for an episode to be realised later in the year for mental health month but found this conversation so enlightening I couldn’t hold onto it for any longer. The wisdom and kindness Tyler speaks from really does connect back to the relationship and self-care she has for herself and for that reason I have bumped the conversation to this month. I really hope you get a lot out of this conversation.   Mental Health Numbers: Beyond Blue - 1300 22 4636 LifeLine - 131 114 NSW Mental Health Line - 1800 011 511 Find Tyler: @tyler_m_mahoney @letsunpackthat_pod Find me: @thezestylifepodcast @britanydovenor The Zesty Life Community
Jun 27, 2021
53 min
#127 My hypnosis session with Lilli Hay
In today’s episode I am sharing my experience with Lilli Hay’s Hypnosis session. After speaking with Lilli Hay I was really interested in this therapy and after dealing with at times intense debilitating stress I thought there was no better topic to dive into. This episode goes through my experience, the lead up to the session, the recordings afterwards and months down the track leading to how I feel today. I am so grateful to Lilli Hay and recommend that anyone interested speak to her! Find Lilli Hay website:  instagram: @hypnosis_by_lilli  email: Find me: @thezestylifepodcast @britanydovenor The Zesty Life Community
Jun 20, 2021
32 min
#126 Lilli Hay on hypnotherapy & rapid transformation
I today’s episode we are joined by Lilli Hay a Certified Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner  which is a therapy using a combination of hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. Using these modalities, Lilli works with young women to get to the core of whatever is holding them back - eating disorders, body image and confidence issues, career motivation etc - and then enable them to overcome these issues! After struggling with her own eating disorder in her teenage years, its Lilli’s passion and purpose to help women struggling with similar issues to overcome them and live their best lives! Find Lilli:  @hypnosis_by_lilli Find me: @thezestylifepodcast @britanydovenor The Zesty Life Community
Jun 13, 2021
56 min
#125 Kate Williams from Retreat Yourself on self-care
CORRECTION! The code for 15% off the Retreat Yourself Boxes is THEZESTYLIFE   In today's episode we are joined by Kate Williams from Retreat Yourself. In this episode we talk a lot about the 10 pillars of health that Retreat Yourself is built off as well as self-care and Kates experience with becoming a mother. I am really excited to be bringing you this episode, I really hope you enjoy it.   Find Retreat Yourself: @retreatyourself_box Find me: @thezestylifepodcast @britanydovenor The Zesty Life Community
Jun 6, 2021
51 min
#124 What does spirituality mean to me?
In today's short episode I want to round off the month of spirituality with what spirituality means to me. It's been a journey I have been on for a while now and is one that I am really glad I was open minded enough to explore. I hope you enjoy this episode and have gotten a lot out of the interviews that have filled this month.  Find me: @thezestylifepodcast @britanydovenor The Zesty Life Community
May 30, 2021
23 min
#123 Sam Fagan on the story of Jesus and the spiritual journey of religion
In today’s episode we are joined by Hillsong pasture Sam Fagan. I met Sam after attending one of his sermons where I was blown away with his teachings of the bible and the love and support that the Hillsong Inner West Church exuded. I am so excited to bring you this episode and I hope it opens your mind and brings a little more love and connection into your day. @sjf Find me: @thezestylifepodcast @britanydovenor The Zesty Life Community
May 23, 2021
55 min
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