The You Get Ripped Podcast
The You Get Ripped Podcast
Scott Voelker And Jim Krill: Fitness Motivation, Nutrition And Home Workout Coaches
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YGR 006: Training Your Mind and Not Just Your Body – The Mental Game
How To Train Your Mind For Fitness Success In this podcast we talk about how to mange your thoughts when you feel that your goals are not being met. This podcast was inspired by the feelings I was having during my current bulk stage that I decided to do for the next 6 months. I […]
Dec 4, 2013
35 min
YGR 005: How To Handle All The Holiday Food And Temptations
Eat What You Want For The Holidays In this podcast we talk about how to handle all the food temptations around the Holidays. Every year we deal with the all the Holiday foods and temptations and usually just say we will take time off until after the new year. I know you’ve done this…because I […]
Nov 21, 2013
42 min
YGR 004: The Fear Of Resting To Much And Losing Muscle Gains
In this podcast we talk about how resting is an important part of muscle gains and keeping your body healthy. This is something that I realized after taking an unexpected 4 days off from my normal workout routine. Jim and I talk about how I was a little afraid of losing what I worked so […]
Nov 17, 2013
35 min
YGR 003: How To Stay Active And Not Get FAT!
In this podcast we talk about how staying active is so important for your over all health and burning calories. I realized this myself after I spent much of my Sunday afternoon in front of the computer working on some projects. I’m usually trying to get 10,000 steps per day as a goal to myself, […]
Nov 6, 2013
43 min
YGR 002: Tips For Building Muscle Naturally And Preventing Frustration
Can You Build Muscle Naturally? Yep…but it can be FRUSTRATING As HELL! In this podcast we talk about building muscle naturally and how frustration is a part of it. It’s SUCKS! I know, because that’s exactly what just happened to me and I decided to share it with everyone. I decided back on August 27th […]
Oct 30, 2013
34 min
YGR 001: Welcome To The You-Get-Ripped Podcast
Ok…We Did It! We published our very first You-Get-Ripped Podcast. Here’s what we discuss on this episode. Jim and I talk freely about why we decided to start a podcast and publish it to the world. The long story short…we LOVE Fitness and helping people, so it just made perfect sense.   Here’s a few […]
Oct 23, 2013
34 min