The Yadah Da King Radio Show #YDKRADIO
The Yadah Da King Radio Show #YDKRADIO
Marquis Franklin fka Don Christi'on with DJ em-D, DJ Mercury Waves, DJ Kingdom 7, F.R.O.G., Miss Cole & Mission
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Loveeeeeeeeeeeee this show!!
Awesomeness !!! Thanking God!!
Yadah Da King IS AN AWESOME SHOW!!!! Take some time out of your day and listen to some of the hottest interviews, topics, and unreleased exclusive music. Spread the word and buy the app!
Obie One B.A.
Super Crazy Funny!!!!
Yo! You wanna hear a great show that will bang your subs and bless your neighborhood!!! Check out Yadah DA King Radio!!! Its Slammin!!! Its crashin!!! It's funny and True to ya face!!!! Most of all Great interviews!!! Don christian and your boy Frog are two great Kats that will bless your day with some tight scripture and straight up fire topics!!! We all have questions and this show tackles em!!! You will not be dissapointed by commiting to listen everyweek!!!!!Much love A big Fan SUAVE BILL!!!
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Suave Bill