The Writer's Way | How to Market Your Children's Book
The Writer's Way | How to Market Your Children's Book
Laurie Wright: Children's Author & Marketing Coach
From kindergarten teacher to best selling author, my name is Laurie Wright and I help children’s authors publish and market their books for kids. We talk about productivity, strategies and tactics so that you can grow your impact, even if you only have a few hours a week. I share my biggest AH HAHS, my ups and downs, and I chat with other authors who are busy making their dreams come true. This show is for ambitious #wordnerds who want to make more sales and reach more readers!
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Thankful for this show!
I’m a new author and working on publishing my first book and I really appreciate all the helpful content! This show is a great source of inspiration! Thank you!!
Such an inspiration!
Really love this podcast, as it always seems to speak on either something I’ve struggled with or a goal I hope to achieve regarding my authoring journey. We all need little nudges from time to time and I know that whenever I tune in, I’ll be inspired in some new way by the end of the episode!
Awesome podcast!
I am an author and a big fan of Laurie! She is very informative and to the point. She also make it fun to listen and relatable.
Embracing it
Direction and clarity
I’ve been wanting to write a book but it’s felt overwhelming to think about how to do it. I’m so grateful for this podcast to give clarity and direction and support during the process. Being a creative can be a lonely journey, so I’m grateful for Laurie and her guidance with this podcast!
thank for bringing such value
Been toying this idea of doing a book... now getting of this advice here i and getting even more prepared
So motivating!
I have had several book projects I’ve failed to follow through with but hearing this podcast helps get me going and back to work on my passions! Thank you so much!
Abs anator
Needed to hear this!
I love the advice in this! It told me what I need to know. Even though I didn't even know what to ask!
Invaluable resource
If you’re a children’s book author, you need this podcast in your life. What an invaluable resource Laurie has created!
Yong Pratt
Authors of Children’s books Fantastic resource
Helpful tips and insight from successful authors. I like having a podcast to listen to about this subject rather than having to read it….LOL
Amazing content
This should be a bedtime story for every beginning author. This author displayed such grit in her kickstarter I am in awe!
recovering psychologist
Blessed by Laurie
Thank you for sharing your knowledge which allows us to grow as self-publishers. For me, listening to your podcast I am able to gain valuable insights as I go on this writing journey. Every author needs a mentor and Laurie is the mentor for us. I am so grateful that you opened that email. Keep inspiring us to learn and grow. Diane Elgin
Great information, regardless of stage
This podcast is a treasure trove of information that will benefit independent authors, regardless of where they’re at in the publication process. Laurie provides loads of inspiration and dives deep into a variety of topics. I particularly like the interviews wherein Laurie explores unusual methods utilized by outliers as I find these are a wonderful jumping point for additional research.
Such an interesting insight!
I'm a big believer in the power of cross-industry marketing principles. Really excited for this season based in MARKETING children's books. Totally sharing with my creative author friends.
An Excellent Tool
I have been following and learning from Laurie Wright for a couple of years now. Her resources are so well thought out and I love how she interviews a broad range of authors. Great resource for anyone looking to write and publish children's books - from beginning to expert. Always something to learn.
So needed!
As an author of books for kids, I get much needed information that will help me with my publishing business. Laurie has been really successful in the Indie Publishing space, so when she talks, I listen! If you are also in this space, do yourself a favor and subscribe to this targeted podcast. You won’t be sorry:)
Great content!
Wow! This is such a valuable podcast for authors. I love that I can turn this podcast on and know it's going to be practical and encouraging content in a short amount of time. Laurie does an amazing job of being informative AND motivating. That's what I need. Thanks Laurie!
Wonderful Show
Thank for allowing me to be a wee part of this amazing podcast.
So good!
Don’t skip this show. Take the time to check it out and thank me later! You’ll be leaving a review like this in no time 🙌🏼
This is a must for authors!!
As the founder of MagicBeans Bookstore I constantly get asked questions of who, what where, when to start publishing and what steps are mandatory. Laurie is so Kind to share her knowledge and expertise in this space and pay it forward. I recommend this podcast to all writers who are starting out!!
leat regwan
Inspiration and inside tips for writers
Motivation and tips from people that have finished their children’s books. The host, Laurie Wright, is a teacher, author, and amazon pro, that has succeeded in the children’s space very quickly. Now she is now helping others by bringing on guests that are on the same track. Learn from guests a few steps ahead on their author journey.