The Writer's Way | How to Market Your Children's Book
The Writer's Way | How to Market Your Children's Book
Laurie Wright: Children's Author & Marketing Coach
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From kindergarten teacher to best selling author, my name is Laurie Wright and I help children’s authors publish and market their books for kids. We talk about productivity, strategies and tactics so that you can grow your impact, even if you only have a few hours a week. I share my biggest AH HAHS, my ups and downs, and I chat with other authors who are busy making their dreams come true. This show is for ambitious #wordnerds who want to make more sales and reach more readers!
Facebook Ads for Children's Authors  with Stacy Bauer
Stacy Bauer joins Laurie on the podcast and achieves the impossible - she managed to get Laurie excited to try Facebook ads again!
Oct 19
32 min
Email Overwhelm Sucks. Here's how to make it suck less
Join Laurie as she shares a yucky stat about how many emails people get on average a day, and some ways to help reduce the overwhelm!
Oct 14
9 min
Children's Authors: You Don't HAVE To Do It All Yourself
Join Laurie as she speaks with Lori Orlinsky and Alysson Bourque, the founders of 'Foreword Publicity'
Oct 12
31 min
Achieve Your Author Dreams In An Hour A Day!
Join Laurie as she talks about time, how little we all have and how to make it as an author EVEN IF we only have an hour a day! Grab the Author Tasks and Time Management List mentioned in the episode - free to make an account but you do need to sign up!
Oct 7
23 min
Social Media Strategy with Nicole Filippone
Join Laurie and author Nicole Filipone as they talk about the Facebook strategy that Nikki used to group her following from 200 to over 18000 in a matter of months!
Oct 5
22 min
Kickstarter Strategy with Nicole Filippone
Join Laurie and author Nicole Fillipone as they talk about book marketing, kickstarters and the ups and downs of the publishing journey.
Sep 28
34 min
Kickstarter as Marketing Tools! with Lindsay Kellar-Madsen
Join Laurie and Lindsay as they talk about finding illustrators, funding kickstarters, and getting it all done at nap time!
Sep 28
47 min
An Absolutely Epic Lesson in Perseverance: with Diane Elgin
Join Laurie and author Diane Elgin as they talk about the ups and downs that happen when you take on book publishing!
Sep 27
24 min
Writing & Selling Children's books: with Matthew Ralph
Join Laurie with author Matthew Ralph as they talk about handy ways to write (it's not what you think!), how to get in touch with influencers, and what to NOT do when you're just starting out!
Sep 27
17 min
How to Use TikTok as a Promotion Tool: With Heather Robyn
Join Laurie with author Heather Robyn as they talk about Heather's funny Tik Tok videos (how much time do those really take to make?!).
Sep 27
26 min
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