The Writer's Way | How to Market Your Children's Book
The Writer's Way | How to Market Your Children's Book
Laurie Wright: Children's Author & Marketing Coach
From kindergarten teacher to best selling author, my name is Laurie Wright and I help children’s authors publish and market their books for kids. We talk about productivity, strategies and tactics so that you can grow your impact, even if you only have a few hours a week. I share my biggest AH HAHS, my ups and downs, and I chat with other authors who are busy making their dreams come true. This show is for ambitious #wordnerds who want to make more sales and reach more readers!
Thinking Strategically When it Comes to Traffic: For Childrens Authors
Where are all the people?! You know you need traffic, but where do you find the people... In this episode Laurie shares where to find traffic, how to know what to post, and how to think more strategically. Want to join the traffic challenge? Check it out HERE in the FB group.
Jun 2
14 min
4 ways for Authors to Get More Traffic
Struggling to find new readers and make sales? You might need to back up a few steps and think about how you're getting traffic.The basics of book marketing are: turn the traffic you have into a captive audience, engage and connect with them, and ultimately convert them to loyal fans (and paying customers). Here are four ways you can borrow someone else's audience, connect with them, and start to build your own loyal audience.(the great book on focusing on our customer's experience I mentioned is HERE) 
May 26
18 min
It’s SPRING - Time to CLEAN Your Digital HOUSE!
Join Laurie as she shares 5 actionable tips to be more productive when you're online. Will these tips help you write or sell your books? NOPE. But they WILL help you to spend less time sorting emailsless time wading through posts from people that bring you downMORE time on what matters!Childrens authors! Spend 10 minutes a day this week and clean your digital house!
May 12
16 min
Lost Your Motivation? This Is For You!
The truth is, the shine usually wears off of running a book business, sometime after you publish, and when you realize how much work the marketing is. In this show you'll learn the 5 TOP things you can do on a weekly basis, that will always work to move your book business forward. And by moving it forward, you can banish the boredom, and stay motivated!
May 5
14 min
Social Media Etiquette (aka Don't Be a Kanye)
How do you act when you go to a party? Do you hover in corners, eye cast down, making sure not to cross anyone's path? Or do you mingle a bit, shake hands, make eye contact and say 'hello'?Believe it or not, social media is just like a party! And Facebook groups are someone else's party. Have a listen to today's episode to make sure you're not being a Kanye at other people's parties. And then bookmark this show in particular, to share with people who do drive by link drop offs. SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE!  👉  👈
Apr 21
9 min
Hack Your Mindset - For Childrens Authors
Imposter Syndrome. Not sure my HBa in Psych (15 years ago)  qualifies me to speak about this issue.... but it's something that many authors struggle with - especially Indie authors who haven't got an 'official' publisher behind them validating their story.This episode isn't the ultimate guide on the perfect ways to overcome your self doubts and brush off imposter syndrome for good. Instead it's a 30 day plan to HACK your way to more self-confidence, and trick your brain into forgetting the doubts you have. Say it with me, "I AM a successful childrens author". Pick up the cheatsheet at the episode!
Apr 14
22 min
Jane Owen on The Writer's Way
Join Laurie as she gets to know author and publicist Jane Owen.  Jane was able to PIVOT last year, and instead of feeling sorry for herself (for not * too* long) she set to work working a lifelong goal happen. Find Jane's book here on her website, and connect with her on  instagram  here and here!
Mar 31
23 min
Understanding Analytics - For Childrens Authors
What matters when it comes to analytics? Author and metrics expert Brandi Johnson is here again, walking us through what's important to track when it comes to metrics, and what we should DO with that information! Share with a friendWebsite metrics, social media metrics, email analytics --> what's the most important part of all of these? Brandi breaks it all down in a really easy to understand way for us. Grab Brandi's book HERE and make sure to take advantage of the free resources that come with the book. Missed the first time Brandi was here? Listen now!
Mar 17
31 min
Money Making Activities for Authors!
Author and publishing coach Lene Dybdaul chats with Laurie about money making activities authors can do. Share with a friend Lene shares her tips for book marketing... she suggests planning in advance and building an audience even BEFORE your book is published, so that you can launch your book to a waiting audience. #smartA congratulatory SHOUT OUT to all authors launching their books this week, and a specific round of applause for these two!CONGRATS to Caitlin Bangsund, for a book that's been in her brain for years now. It's finally out, and it's SO good! Grab it HERE.More congrats to Linda Steinbock who is helping kids process the pandemic experience, specifically their feelings about parents going back to work. This gorgeous book is super relatable for all of us this year. Grab it HERE 
Mar 3
17 min
Is this you? 😲
Take a common HACK and make it work for you!You've likely gotten this weird FB message from a friend of yours, I've had them from  my 80 yr old aunt, my tech savvy cousin in law, and another author....  it's a YT link and just one single sentence... listen now and then tag me when you make your hooky post! @lauriewrightauthorJoin the fun on Facebook HERE
Feb 17
6 min
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