Marketing for Childrens Authors with Laurie Wright
Marketing for Childrens Authors with Laurie Wright
Laurie Wright: Children's Author & Marketing Coach
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From kindergarten teacher to best selling author, my name is Laurie Wright and I help children’s authors publish and market their books for kids. We talk about productivity, strategies and tactics so that you can grow your impact, even if you only have a few hours a week. I share my biggest AH HAHS, my ups and downs, and I chat with other authors who are busy making their dreams come true. This show is for ambitious #wordnerds who want to make more sales and reach more readers!
Dealing With Burnout As A Children's Author
Books To HelpBurnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle Mood Cure Podcasts To Help Glennon Doyle / burnout Andrew Huberman - Dopamine Episode Affirmation WorkbookPositive Affirmations for SUPER Busy Women***As a children's author, it's easy to get burnt out. You spend endless hours writing, editing, and publishing your work - many authors are burned out before they even get to the marketing! And then it feels like all your effort is for nothing. It's tough to keep going when you feel like you're not making any progress. Layer in all the day to day pressures and struggles… PLUS you may feel like you're the only one struggling with this problem.Laurie has been a children's author for 6 years and has dealt with burnout a few times. THIS TIME though, she paid attention. In this episode, she shares what works for her so that you can find what works for you. Support the show
Jul 25
14 min
Why You Can't Make Money Using Social Media
KidLit stack - July 19-26 ONLYMarketing your children’s books on social media is EASY, and a great way to make money, right? WRONG.  Not only is it hard to keep up with ever changing platform rules and algorithms, you’re also competing against celebrities … clips of super popular shows like the Office…  really funny people making reels and tiktoks and apparently toddlers who do adorable things and have huge followings!This episode of the show I’m calling ‘Why You Can't Make Money Using Social Media’ offers insight into WHY you've been struggling to make social work. And good news! You don’t HAVE to be on social media to be successful as a childrens author! Listen in for some better ways.In-depth Lazy Social Media Marketing MethodSupport the show
Jul 18
14 min
The Art of Not Burning Out: 5 Ways to Prevent Creative Fatigue
Burnout is a very real problem for many people in creative fields and authors are not immune! When you're constantly pushing yourself to come up with new ideas, and the never ending to do list of regular life, never mind learning marketing & promotion - it's easy to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. When you feel like you're constantly running on fumes it's tough to keep your creativity alive. You may start to feel like you're not good enough or that your book isn't worth it - or worse, that YOU aren’t worthy.Never fear - Laurie is here! In this episode, I'll share 5 simple ways to get your creative energy back and keep your creativity flowing. You'll hear tips on how to set boundaries, take breaks, manage stress, fuel your creativity, and stay organized.Mentioned in this episode (time sensitive! July 11-16, 2022 only Get a FREE pass to the Childrens Book Mastery Summit)Support the show
Jul 11
13 min
5 Easy Summer Strategies For Book Biz Growth
It can be tough to grow your book business during the summer months. Kids are out of school, people are on vacation, and it's hot outside! But that doesn't mean you can't make progress this summer. In fact, there are (at least) five easy things you can do to help your book business grow.1) Make a plan and set goals for Q4 - the busiest buying season of the year 2) Do your pitching for the holiday season nowListen to the show to hear the rest!As mentioned in the episode:Q4 MasterclassMarketing for Childrens Authors FB GroupSupport the show
Jul 4
16 min
4 Simple Actions to BOOST Profits with your books!
Listen and hear how you can increase your book profit's as soon as today✅ What you can do TODAY to increase your profits✅ How to increase the amount of every sale✅ Think about THIS before you publish your booksJoin the Brilliant Author Making Money Club!Support the show
Jun 27
14 min
Social Media for Childrens Authors... the LAZY Way
Ready to break your social media chains?!This is for all the authors out there who have a true love/hate relationship with social media - you can create content ONCE and be done. Purchase Lazy Social Media MAGIC for the launch price hereSupport the show
Apr 8
14 min
Book Review: One Million Followers
Hear about two wonderful books if you interested in really amplifying your social presence by going VIRAL! Brendan's book details how to think about content creation in a new, smarter way, as opposed to the more common 'common sense' model that doesn't workBooks by Brendan Kane:One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 DaysHook Point: How to Stand Out in a 3-Second WorldSupport the show (
Mar 29
18 min
Social Media for Childrens Authors - Yay or Nay?
Are you ready for this?  This is the first of 3 episodes that will RELEASE you from the chains of social media! (unless you like them, in which case this is not for you)Join the Marketing for Childrens authors FB group!Support the show (
Mar 25
13 min
Quick & Easy Social Media 'To Do' List | Marketing Minutes
Listen to the fifth most downloaded episode of 2021!Be strategic during your social media time! Four tasks for children's authors to do daily to curate your feed, build and improve relationships, and grow a reader community. This is a repeat of last week's activities because you don't need anything new right now!Support the show (
Dec 31, 2021
9 min
Thinking Strategically When it Comes to Traffic: For Childrens Authors
Listen to the 4th most downloaded episode of 2021!Where are all the people?! You know you need traffic, but where do you find the people... In this episode Laurie shares where to find traffic, how to know what to post, and how to think more strategically. Want to talk more about traffic and book marketing?  Join the Marketing for Childrens Authors FB group!Support the show (
Dec 30, 2021
14 min
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