The World Of Trans-Siberian Orchestra & Savatage
The World Of Trans-Siberian Orchestra & Savatage
Music writer/bassist Aaron Joy (former owner of Roman Midnight Music label/marketing) takes a look at the enigma that is the popular rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra and its roots as Savatage. Loved by some, decried by others for leaving its metal roots; a rehash of past music or braving new musical frontiers; a band or a revolving door of musicians; past it's prime or the most revolutionary rock band out there? *** This show is in no way formally associated with TSO/Savatage or any of its participants or Night Castle Management. *** The show is now off the air. De to changes in the hosting site some of the episodes have been deleted, but all the episodes can be found on youtube.
Eps 100: Final Show - 'Hall Of The Mountain King'
Final episode. A look at the climactic Savatage album Hall Of The Mountain King, plus a rare demo from original bassist Keith Collins.
Aug 30, 2012
45 min
Eps 99: 'Fight For The Rock'
A look at the Savatage album 'Fight For The Rock', the first album with bassist Johnny Lee Middleton
Aug 23, 2012
39 min
Eps 98: Savatage Tribute Bands
A mention of some Savatage tribute bands - Avatage, Sirens, Legions, The Unholy, Streets, Madmen & Poets, Strange Wings, Ghost In The Ruins.
Aug 16, 2012
46 min
Eps 97: 'Edge Of Thorns' & 'Ghost In The Ruins'
A look at 'Edge Of Thorns', the final album to feature Criss Oliva and the first without Jon Oliva as vocalist, and 'Ghost In The Ruins', the live album released in tribute to Criss.
Aug 9, 2012
36 min
Eps 96: Jon Oliva's Pain & Strange Wings Update
A look at Jon Oliva's post-Savatage band featuring guitarist Matt LaPorte, plus an update from Italian tribute band Strange Wings.
Aug 2, 2012
40 min
Eps 95: Vocalist Spotlight: Jeff Scott Soto
A look at a recent vocal addition to TSO - Jeff Scott Soto. JSS has performed with Journey, is the first singer of Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, numerous bands as a guest & member & has an active solo career.
Jul 28, 2012
30 min
Eps 94: Beethoven On Tour (History Of TSO Part 10)
A look at current events of TSO, including the Beethoven's Last Night Tour and first European tour & changing line-up
Jul 26, 2012
45 min
Eps 92: 'Streets: A Rock Opera'
A look at the Paul O'Neill penned Savatage concept album 'Streets: A Rock Opera'. This would be the last album to feature Jon Oliva until the final Savatage album.
Jul 14, 2012
32 min
Eps 90: Vocalists: Bart Shatto, Michael Lanning, Rob Evans
A look at three vocalists familiar to TSO audiences who all have Broadway backgrounds - Bart Shatto, Michael Lanning & Rob Evans
Jul 7, 2012
33 min
Eps 89: Violin Spotlight: Caitlin Moe & Roddy Chong
A look at two of the featured violinists with TSO. New Yorker Caitlin Moe is known for avant-garde violin music and exciting stage shows. Outside of playing violin for such musicians as Celine Dion, Elton John & Shania Twain, Roddy Chong is also an inspirational speaker
Jun 28, 2012
28 min
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