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The World Next Week
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The big lie: CFR is non-partisan
The big lie: CFR is non-partisan
Keep Carla Robbins
I’ve been listening almost 20 years & love Carla the BEST of the Bob/Jim subs. Great speaker, sensible, focused & succinct. Please keep her. C del Re
c king 52
Occasional insights but host and guests are partisan Democrats
A few insights into the world but most of the so called experts are the same idiots that so badly screwed up the Afghanistan withdrawal.
This Ken
Useful to understand what CIA creeps think
These people are complete State Department/CIA stooges, so I find the program interesting to listen to once in a while to get a read on the CIA’s next coup’s, color revolutions, and false flags. People like this have rendered all of American social science hollow and meaningless and should be held in appropriate contempt. However, keep your friends close and enemies closer!
Joseph LB
Great podcast
This is good journalism. CNN, Fox, and other “news” outlets should take notes. No opinions, no slanted news, just facts. Great job. I just wish it was longer. Look forward to listening every week!
Great Podcast, Overly Harsh Reviews
This podcast actually does quite a good job of trying to remain impartial compared to other political podcasts. Sure there is a skew to this “globalist” view but I dare you to find me an institution or podcast that doesn’t lean either way. And even so their personal views are very sparse and short and they often acknowledge opposing views. I really like the structure and lack of empty words/filling air time. As a younger listener I thought I might have a difficult time connecting with the older hosts but they are great at being friendly and engaging but still impersonal enough to appear neutral. Keep it up, I just found the podcast a few months ago and have been listening every week on release.
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Hosts seem to be on speed
Pauses, breaths, commas, and other non-verbals are an important part of oral communication. Please reconsider editing them out. Listeners can play at 1.5x or 2x already. Thank you. Other than that, very interesting content.
Where are the women?
In listening to the credits it sounds like there are a number of women supporting with research, production and tech for this program and yet the podcasts hosts are men...Representation matters and so does diversity of perspective. Please consider diversifying your hosts.
My favorite podcast
I absolutely love this podcast and look forward to it every week. I am constantly looking for new podcasts and I can't find anything that comes close to this one. It seems quite unbiased and un-partisan, which is a rare thing.
Buffalo Buns
Love this show
This show is phenomenal. Bob & Jim are great hosts. But lately the show has transformed to “The US Next Week”
The World Next Year
I am a first time listener. I learned a little and pondered along with you all on so many things. Thank you
Aunt Lid
Concise, Thoughtful and Fast-Paced
For busy people like me, I enjoy news that’s thorough when needed but also as concentrated as possible. This half hour show is one of my favorites to look forward to each week because it packs such a punch of fascinating and well-reported stories. It’s about as non-partisan and objective as one could desire, and they often surprise with guest appearances who bring different perspectives.
DC art guy
Always great content
Enjoy your perspectives
The Best of all newscasts
Measured and informative with context provided concisely to developing political issues around the globe . Free from the ideological taint the rest of this type show both the weekly and daily , seem incapable of avoiding
Great Show!
This is a well written and interesting show. The hosts are knowledgeable and well matched.
US Viewpoint
Excellent podcast to learn about what’s on the agenda for US foreign policy horizon every week. But Jim Lindsay, you are a historian and so it pained me to hear you use the term neo-Ottomanism on November 12, 2020. My only small critique on the last several years.
Neocons par excellence
Really well good portrayal of the neocon perspective
Calm voices in a chaotic world
This is my favorite podcast. Whether you agree or disagree with the CFR, the podcast offers calm and rational mainstream coverage of current world events. My only complaints are that the program is too short (an hour would be great), and sometimes they focus too much on the USA. America is a big player on the world stage, but I wish they would focus less on US politics.
My favorite hate listen
I’ve listened to these guys for years. They represent the erudite, incrementalist class that tends to think a bit too highly of themselves and their policies. Though they claim to be agnostic on policy, The Council on Foreign Relations is the “mainstream” viewpoint of foreign policy so it’s worth keeping track of. I’ve been waiting for these guys to catch a clue and, to their credit, I think they have moved (very) slightly toward understanding the message the American people have tried to send: less foreign adventurism, less globalism. But in general they remain clueless in their ivory towers. They don’t seem like bad people but until these two actually demonstrate an understanding of the issues concerning the majority of Americans, I’m sure we will continue to see the obstinate bureaucratic malaise of the administrative state continue. So... I continue listening - and disagree with pretty much all of it.
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Good but backward looking
I enjoy listening to this each week for the news and perspectives. Keep it coming. One aspect that I don’t like is that a lot of the podcast is fused on the previous few days. Should focus more on the world Next Week. And please bring back the old logo of the earth viewed from space.
The partisanship is getting old.
The show is great if you want to hear about stuff the news doesn’t normally cover, but the left leaning slant that comes out is annoying given the fact CFR claims it is a non-partisan organization. I have listened for a long time and it has gotten worse over time. At the beginning, the hosts at least gave lip service to other opinions. Now if anything is presented on the other side it is a straw man argument, if any justification is given at all. If they just came out as left leaning, they would get a better rating. I listen to Pod Save America all the time and I have no issues with them because they are honest about where they stand.
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The Original Snowman Bob
Excellent nonbiased coverage of World News!
Great podcast. One of my best sources of measured news.
A Work in Progress
Be aware that this podcast is meant to be introductory rather than a deep dive and I do think that it hits the mark for that niche. These are pretty short, which is why I suppose that they wind up being a little too one-sided in the presentation of arguments for or against whatever is being covered in that episode; the one on nuclear arms was particularly affected by this in an unfortunate way. One request that I have for whoever is in charge of sound is to take it easy. The soundscape is usually unnecessarily aggressive with them trying to wedge in weird echo effects and other things not when they’d compliment the content, but rather just make crazy sounds for their own sake.
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Not very original
Two guys talking to each other, throwing in comments about sports. Yawn.
Carolina Tola
Keeps Me Interested and Informed
Love the tone of this podcast. I've gotten some good insights into how other countries do things and why, and how what happens in one place affects other places.
Best geopolitical podcast
Bob, Jim, and their colleagues have an incredible way of analyzing and dissecting worldly issues. They keep it mostly non-partisan, which I appreciate, and their insights are unparalleled in the geopolitical podcast space. Keep up the good work team!
Mike B. Boston
Love it
Great show. Great recommendations for books. I listen every Friday on my way to work.
Unbreakable Josh
Bob is decent. Jim provides the desperate lefty spin.
Great content - some audio imbalance.
The content of the show is great. The topics covered and conversations that place on the show are informative. There is some audio imbalance from time to time when on of the softer-spoken hosts talks. The volume goes from loud to quiet. Please fix if you can. Thank you.
Samuel Reed
Informative & entertaining global insight
Bob & Jim provide an impressive breadth & depth of global insight week in, week out. The podcast is a sheer pleasure to listen to, gives a unique look forward to upcoming events that will shape the local & global events around us, and provide the context necessary to begin to understand the significance of the events discussed. All delivered in a highly entertaining and engaging conversation from two lads I'd love to have a coffee with sometime. Thanks for the brilliant show!
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Democrat “world next week.”
Very politically biased. More balance please.
Greatly value this podcast
The hosts are really talented in covering a wide swathe of global issues intelligently and with nuance. They do a good job in trying to stay neutral. They also regularly bring in subject matter experts from the Council on Foreign Relations for deep dives on issues or as back-up hosts. This is my favorite podcast within its genre.
The broadcast is informative, interesting and well developed. The pace is quick which provides the opportunity for numerous in-depth discussions with rational, insightful discourse. The entire production, including the sound engineering, is professional and first-rate.
Taken a Bad Partisan Turn
The 3/15/18 podcast has seen this comprehensive, fairly objective survey of world issues take a disturbingly sharp Left turn. Robert McMahon loses all control as his two guests (especially Susan Glasser) hijack this podcast into an extended anti-Trump screed (with Glasser making a laughable argument about how impartial journalists are - after extensively filibustering about how awful Trump is). Each podcast ends with a notice about how the organization is non-partisan: After this week’s hefty dose of agitprop, I’m no longer convinced.
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Generic Nickname #24601
Amazing Podcast
Such a good podcast. The hosts are very fair and measured. I appreciate the subtle humor of the show as well. One suggestion would be to do more figures of the week. Maybe have one for Twitter and one for Facebook.
Pure propaganda. No thanks.
lysander Rothbard
I have
spay 6
Great heads-up
A critical part of my regular listening for a look ahead.
Outstanding insights
The show provides outstanding insights into current events around the world that I simply don’t hear about through normal news channels. The hosts are very insightful, and they seen very dedicated to providing information in an unbiased way.
Excellent weeky review of key world issues
I've been a regualr listener for years. The podcast provides insightful reviews of international & domestic issues from the perspective of those of us who care deeply about the US role in the world and our shared problems.
I get most of my new via podcast. I love this show.
One of the best
I've been a dedicated listener of this podcast since its inception 5+ years ago. It's simply one of the best podcasts out there on current events and foreign affairs, delivering non-biased analysis and insights on the issues that matter. Please keep it coming!
A must-listen
Hands down my favorite podcast. If there's only one news analysis to listen to each week, this is it.
Crunk 4Eva
Great content from CFR
A winner from the Council on Foreign Relations. Two engaging hosts and well-selected guests, with wide-ranging topic up for discussion. I do find myself wanting them to dig a bit deeper on some issues, but the content on the website is a good second resource.
Bc sunburn
The best
Best podcast around. Thanks to you gentlemen for staying neutral and challenging your listeners to come to their own conclusions after hearing all the facts.
Grunt 22
The best world overview
I listen to every week. Thank you for keeping this great podcast going. It's my strongest engagement with the Council. Love it.
Remotely cool?
Great dialogs
Thanks for the great effort
Love it
The Council on Foreign Relations is simpatico with how I see the world. Don't always agree with their guests conclusions but I appreciate how they get there. Truly intriguing and thought provoking.
Feed issues
I actually like the podcast but I want someone to notice negative reviews. As others are saying all of the podcasts from CFR will reset my "played" episodes and stuff months worth of podcasts into my feed at one that I then have to go manually delete. Since I subscribe to more than one this is pretty irritating when it happens on what seems like a weekly basis. It just started doing this recently. Please fix!
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Chasey Tezak
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