The Words Over Ice Show
The Words Over Ice Show
Ray & JSun
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This podcast is great and I love all the episodes would highly recommend
the peson who plays games
New favorite!
This podcast is a window into the world. This episodes, with each guest offering a unique perspective on the process. It’s great hearing everyone’s stories too!
All in podcast !
Your podcasts rock & guide us to become the best in every aspect of life, one request is please make these podcasts regular. We understand its lot of work you & the team.
Brooklyn Leah
Enjoy the episodes!
I love your motivational podcast saying. I always wanted to follow routine but can’t continue it to a week like doing exercise or reading book or something like that. I can’t get focused now I got the answer why? Thank you for this amazing podcast.
Hailey zoe
Important Podcast
Most important I found a new way and is working. I feel HAPPY!
Victoria Zoey
Best Experience!
We just had fun watching this podcast episodes. So much romance. Great idea for discreet people.
DR. Josson
New favorite!
love to use the app to hook up with podcast. The feel that you are doing something wrong but you like it at the same time is so addictive
Samantha alex
new favorite
My new favorite topical discussiom podcast. Love tuning in to listen to Ray and the gang.
Matt the James
Great Show
Love these guys!
Love this topic
Loved this podcast. These guys crack me up and super easy listening. Have started listening on my commute and thoroughly enjoy.
Love these guys
Ray and Jason talk about interesting topics in a way that’s entertaining. And they have on really interesting guests too! Love this show 👍🏼
Dope Podcast
This is an entertaining and informative podcast. The cast that hosts the show are interesting and funny. Keep going and thanks for what y’all do!
It is hard to keep my attention on these pod casts, but I couldn’t stop listening to this one! Great podcast! Can’t wait to hear more!