The Women in Tech Show: A Technical Podcast
The Women in Tech Show: A Technical Podcast
The Women in Tech Show
A podcast about what we work on, not what it feels like to be a woman in tech. Hosted by Edaena Salinas, Software Engineer at Microsoft. Website:
Microsoft Build: Responsible AI (Sarah Bird)
Sarah Bird, Engineering Lead at Microsoft talked about what responsible AI is and its main components and best practices. Sarah also explained what generative AI is and example metrics to evaluate systems that use it. At the end we talked about existing tools that can assist in developing AI systems.
Aug 1, 2023
Microsoft Build: Application Security with Redis Cache (Shruti Pathak)
Shruti Pathak, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, talked about optimizing web applications by using Redis cache and things to consider to make it secure. Shruti also explained what in-memory databases are and how they improve performance. At the end we also talked about the program manager and her experience transitioning from a software development role.
Jul 24, 2023
Microsoft Build: Security in DevOps (Laura Jiang)
Laura Jiang, Product Manager at Microsoft, talked about what DevOps is and security vulnerabilities in this area. Laura also explained how to dentify and address security threats within the GitHub ecosystem.
Jul 17, 2023
Microsoft Build: Software Development and .NET (Kathleen Dollard)
Kathleen has been writing software in .NET and other Microsoft technologies for over 20 years. We talked about how systems have evolved and how the process of developing software has improved. Kathleen also talked about different programming languages such as C#, F# and Visual Basic.
Jul 11, 2023
Microsoft Build: Security and Product Management (Mia Reyes)
Mia Reyes, Director of Foundational Security at Microsoft started working in tech after several years of experience in foreign policy. We talked about how her past experience relates to her role in security product management. Mia also gave a general overview on what built in security is and examples of common vulnerabilities. Mia also talked about challenges she’s faced throughout her career and how she’s tackled them.
Jul 3, 2023
Program Manager (Jhansi Reddy)
There are different roles related to the execution of a project. Some examples are: program manager, project manager, and product manager. Jhansi Reddy, principal technical program manager at microsoft, explained the differences between these roles. We also talked about how to transition from a developer role into a program manager role. Other topics that were covered are: conflict resolution and building trust with customers.
May 25, 2021
Customer-Driven Engineering (Lara Rubbelke)
As technology evolves, more organizations across different industries are looking to adopt new technologies. Lara Rubbelke, Partner Engineering Manager at Microsoft, talked about how engineers at Microsoft collaborate with other organizations to build technical solutions. Lara explained that through customer engineering engagements, they are able to contribute to real world scenarios and help improve products. We also talked about her trajectory to a leadership role and career advice.
May 4, 2021
WordPress and Open Source (Helen Hou Sandí)
Open source software is behind a lot of systems we interact with. One example is Wordpress, a system that powers over 30% of the internet. In this episode Helen Hou-Sandi, explained what Wordpress is and how it’s used to create websites. We also talked about the characteristics of open source projects and best practices. Helen Hou-Sandí is Lead Developer at Wordpress and Director of Open Source Initiatives at 10up.
Apr 14, 2021
Storytelling in Tech (Miri Rodriguez)
Marketing and storytelling are important components of product development because they allow companies to reach their audience and share their message. Miri Rodriguez, Head of Global Intern Programs at Microsoft, explained what storytelling is and its role in brand development. Miri is the author of the book “Brand storytelling: put your customers at the heart of your brand story”.
Apr 6, 2021
Technology in Education (Mickey Revenaugh)
Technology changes the way we learn and engage with content. Throughout her career, Mickey Revenaugh has worked on bringing technological advancements to education. We talked about her experience in the 80s when computers were just starting to appear in classrooms. Mickey also talked about bringing the internet to schools in the 90s and how educational content has evolved. At the end we talked about how big data and artificial intelligence are used in education. Mickey is currently Vice President of Business Development in Global Online Learning at Pearson.
Mar 24, 2021
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