The Witch Is In
The Witch Is In
Opal Umbran
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Just your everyday witch on a budget trying to live my life with magic. Hopefully together we can both teach and learn! Support this podcast:
I'm so sorry guys. Technology hates me. I promise it'll be fixed soon. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 3, 2019
1 min
Types Of Magic and The Paranormal
In this episode I will talk about different types of spells, a little bit about the moon, and the long awaited paranormal stories! Please forgive the quality. I am still in a fight with my computer and am doing everything from my phone so that I can make sure that my episodes go out.  --- Support this podcast:
Jul 12, 2019
45 min
This episode is little more about my craft, t.v/movie witches, and some common misconceptions about witchcraft. --- Support this podcast:
Jul 5, 2019
29 min
What Is a Circle and Do I need it?
  Welcome to Episode 2! This episode I will be talking a bit about Daily Magic and my main topic will be about Casting a Circle; Why do you cast? When to cast? And Do you need to cast, ect ect. Please excuse the length. Still getting a hang of this thing! --- Support this podcast:
Jun 28, 2019
21 min
01. Paranormal Experiences
I am honestly shocked at the amount of email I received. This episode is dedicated to experiences sent to me by listeners. As long as I continue to get emails these Tuesday episodes will continue to grow! --- Support this podcast:
Jun 25, 2019
22 min
Introducing Me And A bit about Grounding With a Dash of Paranormal
This is the very first episode where I will be sharing a bit about myself. Some very quick tidbits about a few different subjects. Speaking about Grounding and what it is to me. Lastly, of me sharing my very first Paranormal experience! --- Support this podcast:
Jun 22, 2019
30 min