The Wild with Chris Morgan
The Wild with Chris Morgan
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"THE WILD with Chris Morgan" explores how nature survives and thrives alongside (and often despite) humans. Taking listeners across the Pacific Northwest and around the world, host Chris Morgan explores wildlife and the complex web of ecosystems they inhabit. He also tells the stories of people working in and protecting the wild around us.
The fiery spell of Desolation
Jim Henterly spent more than 70 days alone at the Desolation Peak Fire Lookout station last summer. He was there to keep an eye out for smoke plumes but also so much more.
Jul 1
33 min
Make it like it was: Clean, cold and flowing Gold Creek of Snoqualmie Pass
We can’t reset the clock on all the changes we’ve made to our natural ecosystems, but when we can, life is ready to thrive again.
Jun 21
26 min
Etuaptmumk: Two Eyed Seeing
There’s a way to understand nature through both the perspectives of indigenous knowledge and western science alongside each other. It’s a concept known as “two eyed seeing”.
Jun 7
32 min
Coral reefs: a biological symphony being silenced
A common misunderstanding about the sea is that it is silent down there, a quiet world beneath the waves, but it actually couldn't be further from the truth. The coral reef is the noisiest ecosystem in the sea.
May 23
30 min
Hard Knocks: Lessons from the woodpecker
Woodpeckers will peck at a tree up to 12,000 times a day and just one woodpecker peck produces about 15 times the force needed to give a human a concussion. So, how do woodpeckers bang their heads so much, and so hard and not come away with brain damage?
May 10
13 min
Nuclear sea otters: A wildlife refugee story
Fifty years later, we checked in on a rescue mission to save sea otters from nuclear annihilation and recolonize them along the west coast of North America.
Apr 26
33 min
Happy 46th Birthday! An Earth Day message from Chris
Apr 22
12 min
The Cougar Conundrum
How we are sharing the world with a successful predator
Apr 12
37 min
True grit: the wild wolverine
For the first time in 100 years, wolverines are back in Mount Rainier National Park. How did they get there?
Mar 29
33 min
The Comeback Cat: Spain’s Iberian lynx
How did what used to be the rarest cat on earth leap a staggering 1000% in number in just 20 years?
Mar 15
38 min
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