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"Utopia Psychonautica" with Keaton Hudema
50 minutes Posted Nov 20, 2020 at 11:00 am.
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Prepare your eyes and ears for a hope-filled mainline of Thelemic visionary libertarianism as we are joined by author of the recently published ‘Utopia Psychonautica,’ Keaton Hudema as we discuss his work in depth and explore the political ramifications of a Thelemic theocratic, anarchist, libertarian government.

Utopia Psychonatica:

On the first half of the episode we discuss:
-Radical Libertarianism as a curative to society's ills
-How to not be a “death-cuck”
-Hope as fundamental to life itself
-Following your True Will
-What does Thelemic anarchy look like??
-Correlatives to “The Book of the Law”
-Political prophecies!
-A world without violence
-Politicians on prescribed psychedelics

On the extended episode we discuss:
-We definitely don't talk about drugs
-A practical look at cults
-English as a nonsense language
-”Utopia Psychonautica” versus “The Bible”
-Luke talks about his Sophia experienceAGAIN
-Totalitarianism, Communism and Thelemic Libertarianism
-Blockchain Government
-Putting Ra-Hoor-Khuit in Mari’s butt

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