The Whole Rabbit
The Whole Rabbit
Luke Madrid
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Witches and Mangelwurzels
41 minutes Posted Oct 30, 2020 at 7:00 pm.
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Show notes

Fashion your mask, grab a jack-o-lantern and let's get spoopy as we discuss everybody’s favorite Irish-Scottish tradition, Halloween. Join us as we trick-or-treat our way through each of Halloween’s most time-honored tropes and trace them back to the fae haunted hills of Olde World.

Join us as we discuss:
-How to pronounce Halloween like a fancy smart person.
-Christmas stole everything from Halloween
-What a Banshee does
-Where the cat got nine lives.
-Why black cats get a bad rap in Halloween
-Hellhounds and Faery Dogs
-The Revenge of the Sith
-Why Crowley and Mathers took Scottish last names
-Origin of the Jack-O-Lantern
-Why we trick-or-treat
-How to stop a cat from stealing souls

To hear the extended version of this show visit where we discuss:
-Irish bat folklore and “The Book of the Law”
-The Accursed Hare
-The Best Halloween Candy


Irish animal folklore:

Bat Folklore:'s%20still%20said,will%20soon%20follow%5Bii%5D.

Hair of the Dog:

Scottish Fairy Cat:

Soul Cake:

Pronunciation of Sidhe (sounds like ‘Shea’):

Where to find The Whole Rabbit:





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