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Blood of the Witches Sabbath
45 minutes Posted Oct 13, 2020 at 7:00 am.
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Grab your daggers by the hilt, clutch your moon crystals close and prepare to imbibe the glorious ambrosia of the mingling of sacred energies because this week we are discussing “The Wine of the Sabbath,” “The Blood of the Saints” and what to do once you have some in your pimp cup.

On this shorter-but-denser-than-usual episode we discuss:

-Aleister Crowley’s legacy
-The Rise of Kenneth Grant
-The Witches Sabbath
-The Blood of the Saints
-Babalon and the Beast
-The glyph of the Sun
-The Bavarian Illuminati
-The worship of Satan
-Robert Anton Wilson’s “fifth circuit”
-The Annunaki
-The Ritual of the Bornless One
-The Book of the Law
-What it all has to do with space..

Visit to hear the extended show:
-How Aleister Crowley got introduced to drugs
-What drugs Aleister Crowley liked the best
-The dog days of summer


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