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The Whole Rabbit
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Prometheus Rising EVEN HIGHER!
52 minutes Posted Oct 7, 2020 at 7:00 am.
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Strap on them rocket boots, fluff your space pants and prepare for a journey the likes of which you have never taken into the cosmic, supramagic heights of Robert Anton Wilson’s esoteric-psychology classic “Prometheus Rising” where this week we lay bare the secrets of the rest of the text and discuss its intricacies in depth!

Join us for this week’s show as we discuss:
-The “Time-Binding Semantic Circuit” and what that is… exactly.
-What language has to do with time
-What is a stochastic process?
-Information and Negentropy
-Time-Wave Zero and the Singularity
-The Moral Socio-Sexual Circuit
-Your first orgasm
-"Star Versus The Forces of Evil" 
-The Tetragrammaton
-The Elemental Associations of Each Circuit
-How circuitry in Tarot works
-Parenting and Empathy
-Weird Sex Stuff
-Alternative Sexuality and Creativity
-How to brainwash each circuit!

Get our extended episodes on to continue the show where we discuss:
-The Neurosomatic Bliss Circuit
-Marijuana States
-Yoga breathing tricks
-Where the higher circuits are in the brain
-Pan, The Great Goddess and Witches Sabbath
-The Third Eye and Shiva Darshana
-The Cosmic Quantum Consciousness
-The Soul
-Meeting Sophia on the Eight Circuit 

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