The Whole Rabbit
The Whole Rabbit
Luke Madrid
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Robert Anton Wilson's "Prometheus Rising"
54 minutes Posted Sep 29, 2020 at 5:00 pm.
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Show notes

Heracles prepare thy sword and strike true because this week we cleave Forethought from Jupiter’s rock and bear witness to Robert Anton Wilson’s “Prometheus Rising!” So often is this text considered on the show it was about time we dedicated an episode to it… Join me as we take a long, luxurious romp through the evolutionary crude of the first two circuits in the eight circuit model of consciousness so eloquently described in this classic of esoteric psychology 

In this episode I discuss: 

An overview of all eight circuits
The origin of “Prometheus Rising”
The Thinker and the Prover
Minds as software
GURPS & Fallout
Your mother
The four humors
Top Dog versus Bottom Dog
What poop has to do with war
Matrist versus Patrist

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In the extended episode I also discuss:

The time-binding circuit
Where the first three fit in classic models of psychology
The role academia plays
Kubrick's monolith
Left versus Right brain polarity
Future Shock 

Prometheus Rising:  

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