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Episode 3.5 :: Enclosed
28 minutes Posted Dec 30, 2019 at 4:57 pm.
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Show notes
The archaeological team at Base Camp Piedra discovers that they might not be alone.


Written by K.A. Statz Produced by Travis Vengroff Mixed by Brandon Strader Script Editing by W.K. Statz

Translations in Mandarin by Sophie Yang,  Portuguese by Danilo Battistini, and Spanish by Airam Liscano


The Documentarian – Hem Cleveland

Dr. Josefa Guerrero - Carla García

Simon Hall – Eric Nelsen

Dr. Zhou Liu – Sophie Yang

Dr. Carito Ureta - Alli Smalley

Lucas Criado - Danilo Battistini

Eva Olivia Moreno – Diane Casanova


“Base Camp Piedra" (Main Theme for Season 3) – Written and Performed by Brandon Boone, arranged by Travis Vengroff, with ocarina, guitar, additional percussion, and choir arrangement by Steven Melin. Performed by the Budapest Scoring Choir

Cover Art by Kessi Riliniki

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