The Wheelnerds
The Wheelnerds
Chuck Brewer and Todd Cox
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Revenge of The Pace?
Big fan and longtime listener of the Wheelnerds but I’m starting to worry that they have suffered the same fate as The Pace... Even with no new episodes it’s worth listening to the back catalog if you are new to it.
This show is Hilarious!
The wheelnerds podcast is exactly what it sounds like it should be about, in the best possible way. Unbelievably funny at times, quite informative at others, a great show always. I sure hope they start making episodes again, I’m going through the back catalog while I wait for new ones.
Do not listen on the bike!
Funniest motorcycle podcast on the internet as far as I know. Also R rated. Some of us like it that way although most podcasts try to be family friendly, I’m really glad this isn’t that.
Great podcast
These guys keep getting me in trouble for giggling at work.
Best podcast in the price range
Great podcast, plenty of carp. Will trade for things. $0 or best offer. No title
Adam antisocial
Octothorpe raccoons
The discerning rider will appreciate enthralling dialogue as Chuck and Todd share their insights on all things two, or three wheeled; the underground economy; second hand offerings; beverages; raccoons; and Eric Buell’s ceaseless pursuit of awesomeness, and please dear God, a restraining order. The Wheel Nerds bring mirth, scorn, and simulated flatulence to a level that The Pace, at the height of its power, could scarcely dare dream of.
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Brett Wellington
Great Show, Except Chuck
This podcast is fantastic, with lots of great info delivered with a ton of humor. I actually hated it at first, but after The Pace went MIA, I had to listen to something. Eventually Stockholm syndrome kicked in, so here I am. Honestly the show is great, with the only downside being Chuck is kind of nuts. I recommend not leaving a 1-star review, since the last time I did that he tracked me down. I woke up to him shirtless at the foot of my bed punching me in the groin. Still, The Pace hasn’t come back, so what else can I do?
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A moderate amount of motorcycle content with lots of humor thrown in. Certainly worth listening to. These guys crack me up. I’m pretty sure if you listen to one or two episodes you will listen to them all. Five stars because I appreciate these guys putting out the show.
Motorcycle life with some humor
Chuck and Todd bring a casual spin to their podcast. The semi youngster and the ol’ cranky soul make a good pair. Give them a listen.
Not a very serious motorcycle show but it is thoroughly entertaining 😛. Keep up the great work. Last Chance Garage
650 Gus
Absolutely hysterical!
I love this podcast. Chuck and Todd regularly have me in stitches. This is not the most informational podcast, nor do the hosts cover the entire motorcycling spectrum, but they are not trying to. There are some pretty good reviews of products and motorcycle events, and some interesting guests. This will have you laughing, however, and you will probably end up putting a PA system on your bike.
Get to the chopper
Listening to the giggles and immature antics keep me smiling while driving my cage for work. Thanks for the hours of motorcycle awesomeness. #Bmw #bmwmotorcycle #motorcycle
Not really about motorcycles
Show has no real direction. Two nitwits reading classified ads and running jokes into the ground. Time to let this lame duck die
PT Solutions
Awesome podcast
These guys are a hoot to listen to. Makes the work day fly by. Btw team Todd! Love, totally not a billy.
A little hyped
Funny, irreverent
Kind-of the Click and Clack of the motorcycle world, but with dirty words. They crack each other up and antagonize one another whilst managing to be truly informative. A fun listen.
Siggy Javotnik
It’s "Bike Talk"
The Wheelnerds are about motorcycling pretty much like Car Talk is about cars. I know some people find the laughter annoying, but to me hearing a couple of people cracking themselves up is entertaining (and cracks me up too). This isn’t the only motorcycle podcast I listen to, but it’s the one I find most enjoyable.
Fun @ Work!
Heard of this podcast through the Cleveland Moto Podcast a couple months ago. Been busy catching up with all the old episodes. Constantly find myself laughing out loud at work. Really fun to listen to all the off the wall bashing and classic Craigslist ads in each edition. I currently own a Triumph Tiger 955i as a daily rider, and also a KLR650 that I am hoping to get back up and running again soon. Keep up the good work guys! "ADVENTURE!!!! Starbucks."
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Thee is some actual, good information here. But you'll probably be laughing too hard to notice!
Good job guys!
I like the Craigslist reviews, those are funny. I have an old 1978 Yamaha XS750 Special, that I'm working on, and like listening to your podcast while tinkering with the bike... not stolen.
Awesome show!
They are funny, interesting, and have good guests! And they usually wear pants!!!
Bernie from Denver
Sadly uninformative...
If you like listening to adolescents making sound effects into the mike and laughing endlessly at their own jokes, this is for you. If you wanted information about motorcycles and the riding lifestyle, move along, there’s nothing to hear here.
WoW Hunter
Great podcast except Chuck sold his Versys!
Great stories, interviews, product reviews and cackling little schools girls to boot. What could be better? Do you have a beer?
Great podcast
There's very few good motorcycle podcasts available. This is one of the best ones about. These guys are funny and sometimes informative. Love the show guys.
Mr Bruce
Hilariously original podcast!
Todd and Chuck keep things hilarious and fresh, ripping For Sale ads, discussing motorcycles, and giving each other heaping piles of grief. Well done, guys, and keep things going!
Love the Interviews, Jokes, and Stories!
I have been hooked on this show since hearing about the Water Heater sidecar. These guys are really moto-centric and they're guest interviews are fantastic! They're not just getting Dirty Bob or Terry the Tramp to ham it up about HOGS… No! There are serious conversations with people in the MC business, like Paul from Touratech-USA, Ghazi of Teiz suits….or…. MFing Ted Simon. Keep up the great work guys!
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It blue
My favorite podcast.
Favorite Motorcycle Podcast
Great podcast that does not take itself too seriously. Because of the humor it is my favorite motorcycle podcast. "TAKE THAT THE PACE!!!" Great advice and interviews does not get too hung up on boring details. My only issues with the show is not consistant shows anymore and sometimes gets a little too Ural centric. Other that that keep up the good work guys.
Bikes, humor, and ADVENTURE!
Chuck & Todd, the titular 'Wheelnerds' offer a podcast that has it all. Motorcycle ride reports, ride reviews, gear reviews, anecdotes about a Ural having mechanical issues, anecdotes about a Buell having mechanical issues, and, most importantly, dramatic readings from the Touratech catalog. In all seriousness, these are clearly two guys who love most anything to do with having two wheeled (or two-wheels and a sidecar wheel) vehicles in their lives. Whether they're talking about gear reviews, discussing the merits and flaws of different bikes, or discussing the best way to smuggle good beer into Utah, you have the feeling of sitting down with two good buddies over a pint and BSing about bikes. If you like motorcycles, bad jokes, or ADVENTURE riding, this podcast is most definitely for you.
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Great Podcast!
Great podcast with very useful information delivered in a fun, lighthearted manner! I always look forward to every new show!
Great Show
Keep it up guys. You are doing great. But I have to say, that when I am listening to your show while at school, the teacher always is wondering why I burst out laughing randomly.
Jax Pix
So crazy stupid it hurts
Wicked Good and lots of fun while somehow managing to by informative about motorcycles, Urals, and gear. Chuck and Todd's friendship and humor are great. It’s clear that Todd is the smarter one and that Chucks mind rarely wanders far from girls, beer, motorcycles, girls, girls,girls, beer, girls, girls, and some more of the same. Chuck does give great interviews with various industry people. The guests who join in always make good listening. If you have just discovered The Wheelnerds start at the beginning and enjoy. Love the Podcast, Thank You for bringing such a good farkle to us.
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David Dyer
Great Show
This is pure unadultered raw ADVENTURE. No show out there conveys the essence of wind and road, exploring new places. This show is so good that I almost sold my bike because the real thing isn't as entertaining.
Love the Podcast, it is fun and makes my ride to work seem better
Chuck and Todd being their whacky world to my ears every week, and this makes me happy. It makes my commute to work fly by,,,,,I love their jovial banner, and all their laughs and joking. Oh yea, and their podcast is about the many motorcycles and motorcycle stories in their little banter and I highly recommend it!
Two Wheel Sanity Check
Love it...even though they are from, like Utah or something
A fun way to spend an hour while driving
I enjoy the variety of topics covered. Glad the two did not electrocute themselves on the 12v they were working on today. If anyone could, it would be them. From San Diego, Eric. P.S. Take that! The pace....
Great show about riding... and stuff.
A great show from a couple of real world motorcyclists who don't take themselves, their bikes, or too much else too seriously. Fun stuff, especially if you don't mind laughing a bit and enjoying life for the big Adventure of it all!
Take THAT, The Pace
Very funny show. The Craigslist adds are my favorite part. Keep 'em coming!
DC Downloader
Downloaded some shows b4 leaving out this morning. iListened today and enjoyed it again. I was referred here by another motorcycle podcast. iLove biker/car shows and this one is a new summer favorite.
Great Fun!
I really enjoy listening to Chuck and Todd (Go Team Todd!), and look forward to their podcast when it comes out. Take That, The Pace! They're always good for some laughs, and have helped replace the vehicle/humor niche in my life now that the CarTalk guys are winding down their career. Tune in, open a cheap 'adventure cocktail', and enjoy!
Foil Head Lloyd
Great Podcast!
Excellent guest interviews!.....I look forward to each new show!
Best Show Ever
Take that, the pace... Love the show, have been listening since 2012 and really guys how about some love to us Goldwingers! ADVENTURE
Intellect montage of silly things
This is a fun and hilarious podcast, I find the humor disrespectful in a good way. This silliness really works for me, I don't know what that says about me but then again I like Monty Python. And if you can't laugh at yourself then find someone else you can laugh at. Plus I think the motorcycling aspect is very well done, showing depth of knowledge in the industry. I for one plan to keep listening. Randy Take that bad review no humoral guy!
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Two guys who greatly overestimate how funny they are, cackling at each other's "jokes" and talking over each other, a mile a minute at times, in a vacuous conversation devoid of significant or even interesting content. Considering how inherently fun motorcycles are, this is one dull podcast.
lil’ peter
Love these guys
The mix of humor and motorcycle talk is a great way to keep me coming back. I've been catching up on past episodes for the last couple of weeks. It's all I listen to at work. Take THAT, The Pace!!
D Woodard
Entertaining and somewhat informative
The podcast has a differnt take on motorcycling that is both entertaining and somewhat informative. While the sophomoric humor sometimes goes over the edge they always put on a great show. I enjoy the ongoing banter back and forth with The Pace.
I've been to the man cave. I followed the yellow brick road. i saw a flying monkey. I've seen the men behind the curtain, and can confirm that they are indeed wizards. Thanks for all your hard work WheelNerds.
Best almost professional podcast ever!
Ok, I might be over selling it a bit but this really is a good mix of hi-jinx, real world information and fantastic quests. You won't be disappointed and if you are then this really wasn't meant for you.
Definately unique
These guys dig riding. They act like we all want to act but are afraid to do so in public! That's what makes them so easy to listen to. That they talk about motorcycles is even better!
Jonny Del
Thunder Cobra8
Good. Recommended
Thunder Cobra8
Too funny, go Team Todd!
What a great format for a podcast! These guys are too funny for words. Its all about two guys, their motorcycles and the joy and often frustration that comes with ownership. I know, I know. It doesn't really sound that interesting from that description, but it's actually a lot more universally appealing than it sounds. Chuck & Todd (and fake Todd, and puppet Chuck) have great chemistry and their banter is top notch. Add to that the infectious giggling and my day at work just flies by! They also happen to be pretty informative at times and have had some great guest interviews on (Craig Vetter rocks!) Too bad I've now listened to all the back episodes… guess they'll just have to produce more episodes.
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