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An independent little podcast where we discuss bizarre, strange and supernatural stories, old and new. Cryptozoology, OOPARTS, UFOs and more. WE SAY BAD WORDS
The What Cast #343 - Mystical Tombs
See. Just in time for that drive to Grandma's house. We all know about the mysterious fog that surrounds Ancient Egypt. Whether is be forbidden magics or ancient aliens, there are plenty weird rabbit holes we can go down. This week we discuss some of the mysteries found at Abydos, as well as the case of a time machine or portal, allegedly housed inside the tomb of Hannah Courtoy, that is powered using ancient Egyptian magic.   Or, ya know, maybe it's barn owls   NEW T SHIRTS UP AT OUR TEESPRING   BE SAFE
Nov 26
51 min
The What Cast #342 - Magical Music with Martin Adil-Smith
Music is a very special thing.  It has the ability to take us back in time, feel special feels.  Music can soothe an angry soul, or act as an outlet for rage and aggression. In short, music is magic.   This week we welcome our good friend Martin Adil-Smith back to the show to discuss the magic of music and his newest Skorum music project – Freyja’s Song.  Please go check out his Indie Go go page: HERE
Nov 19
1 hr 4 min
The What Cast #341 - We Are All Atlanteans
In ancient times, three generations of Egyptian pharaohs wrote about an ancient group of people that are referred to simply as “Sea Peoples” that regularly plagued the Egyptians with raids and attacks.  Some historians speculate that this mysterious group of sea raiders may have been responsible for the decline in the Egyptian civilization, as well the Bronze age collapse. Who were these mysterious people?  Were they a wandering band of pirates or mercenaries?  Warmongering Atlanteans?  Magical giants from a far off land?  One thing we can say, with relative certainty, they were not Lovecraftian fish men. This week, we run down the theories and discuss the mysterious SEA PEOPLES! 
Nov 12
53 min
The What Cast #340 - Krista Alexander's Lights In The Sky
Hey everyone! This week we cover a documentary Mike stumbled upon that blew our minds. Krista Alexander’s Lights In The Sky may sound like a documentary about something we all find interesting: lights in the sky, but what if we were to tell you that she has found something in the lights. Something.....that possibly moves right past UFOS. Hold on to your Mocha Frappe Nipples because shit just got weirder than Aliens. Our Patreon! Sticker Club, Print Club and Bonus Stuff!  
Nov 4
57 min
The What Cast: Halloween 2020
Oct 31
1 hr 17 min
The What Cast #339 - Recent UFO Videos and The Phenomenon Documetary
Greetings and salutations, one and all! You may have heard about the documentary that is being dubbed as “one of the most important documentaries of the year”.  Well, this week, we decided to discuss Phenomenon, the documentary that aims to open up the discussion of the reality of UFOs.  In sticking with that theme, we also review some recent UFO sightings videos and give our thoughts.  Spoiler alert:  They are ALL barn owls. UFO Videos: 1)   2)   3)
Oct 15
50 min
The What Cast #338 - The California AirShip Scare of 1896
Thanks for listening!!    
Oct 8
1 hr 7 min
The What Cast #337 - Our Path To The Parnormal
What is up, everysinglebody? We are living in crazy times, and we hope that everyone is able to retain some form of sanity and weather the shit storm.  In order for us to stay a bit grounded, we decided to go back to the old days and talk about our past.  We discussed how our interest in the paranormal started and some of our earliest experiences from our childhoods. Was a young Mike probed by aliens?  Did Mateo REALLY take a ghost to the prom?  The answers, and more, remain unanswered, but we hope you listen anydamnway.
Oct 1
1 hr 1 min
The What Cast #336 - Real Vampires Vs Real Werewolves
For centuries, vampires and werewolves have been sworn enemies, fighting a secret war beneath the night sky.   This week, while not exactly talking about a war between vampires and werewolves, we decided to discuss a case of a murderous man, that claimed to have turned into a wolf, and there is some evidence to back up his claim. We also discuss the case for vampires in Seattle and the possibility that black eyed kids may actually be vampires.   We went off track waaaay more than usual, and might've gotten a little more silly as a result. Bear with us, there's some good stuff in there somewhere.
Sep 24
51 min
The What Cast #335 - Random Weirdness 2
Hey everyone! We hope you are well! This week, Mike is moving, so we had to dig into our bag of odds and ends stories. Things that we don't have enough to do a whole show on, things we can't do enough research on that sorta thing. As Mike mentions, we will have to take next week off so he can finish moving. Thanks for listening and STAY SAFE!
Sep 8
50 min
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