The Wesley Wang DPT Podcast
The Wesley Wang DPT Podcast
Wesley Wang, PT, DPT
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Amazing Pod!
Such an informative podcast for physical therapy, sports performance, and entrepreneurship! Highly recommend!
Excellent content!!!
Great content by a passionate clinician!!! I especially like episode 14!!!!
So glad I found this podcast!
I am 5 weeks post op, ACL surgery and meniscus repair. Listening to Wesley Wang and the people he interviews, gives me hope, motivation, and much needed advice and ideas for my recovery. I look forward to his podcasts every week!
Audra Ann
Informational and supportive podcast, good work.
As a ex-collegiate athlete and current Wildland Firefighter and outdoor sport enthusiast, I have been listening and learning from Mr. Wang on this podcast and IG. I’m 56 days post op and have been using these podcasts as a reminder it’s a process. EP 11 was legit! Thanks Wesley!
Great podcast!
I’ve been following Wesley Wang for a while now on instagram and as a student in a physical therapy program, his material was always informative and helpful. He was always willing to answer questions and now he has a podcast where he puts a real story on people going through injury. Great content for an medical personnel!
Amazing podcast
I’ve known Wesley for some time now and he consistently puts out solid ACL rehab/physical therapy/strength and conditioning content. It’s great to see he has taken his skillset into the podcast realm. From a physical therapist’s standpoint, I have learned a ton of valuable info from him and look forward to what he has in store with future episodes. Make sure to add this podcast to your list! -Andrew Millett MSPT, SFMA, CSCS
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Andrew Millett
Awesome podcast!
I am almost 3 weeks post op from an ACLR and meniscus surgery. Podcast is great, and helps to keep my expectations where they should be, and not get too discouraged while working with the rehab. I am not an athlete, but really like all the information, stories and tips to help me during my recovery.
Great Resource for Any Sport Rehab Professional
I’ve followed Wesley and Teddy on social media for several years now and have loved their content. They show us a side of PT that more of us want to do and want to see. Super excited for this podcast to get up and rolling. I’ve loved their honesty, candor and neutrality. They are passionate about their work and it shows. In this age of social media polarity they have been some of the reasonable voices worth listening too and following. Highly recommend anything that these two put out there. Thanks Wesley and Teddy for everything you have taught me and look forward to learning more with you and from you. Signed a fellow sports PT from UT excited to be a part of the change
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Stash Dabrowski
Worth a listen!
As a student about to start PT school in May, the podcast was super knowledgeable and entertaining. Coming from a guy who hardly listens to podcasts, you got me hooked from episode 1. Props to you! Can’t wait for many more!
Much Appreciated!
I’m happy to have another podcast to add to my list. First one I’m adding that’s about PT. It’s great to have something new to listen to that’s related to the field I’m interested in. With any luck I’d love to hear you speak at my school, Chapman University DPT.
Noble Rater
Love this podcast!
Dr. Wesley Wang is super knowledgeable, can’t wait to hear more!!
Top Notch Podcast, Top Notch Guy
This PT is one of the best in the whole country and this podcast takes him to a new level of sharing his love and knowledge for getting athletes back and healthier than ever. GIVE IT A LISTEN!!!!!
A must-listen podcast to anyone looking to gain more insight on sports rehabilitation. Love the perspective and fire that Wesley Wang brings with him about sports rehab. He does a great job of laying out the pros and cons of certain strategies. He is so knowledgeable when it comes to sports rehab and how it differs from traditional PT facilities. He's done an amazing job of creating content to provide insight of how the body works. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Follow him on Instragram and visit his site as well!
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The ACL Doc!!
Ep1 - very cool to hear how you and Teddy got started. Keep doin your thing Wes 🤫