The Wesley Wang DPT Podcast
The Wesley Wang DPT Podcast
Wesley Wang, PT, DPT
Ep 21 | Her ACL Story, Mental Hurdles, Overcoming Complications, Having Difficult Conversations and What She's Learned With Kate Taylor
32 minutes Posted Jul 4, 2020 at 7:00 pm.
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Show notes

On today’s episode I have special guest Kate Taylor who is a former lacrosse player at Boston College. Kate is one of my former patients and is an athlete that trains with us at Healthy Baller. She is the first of my athletes to be featured on the show. I’ve been fortunate enough to develop a special bond with her and we still talk frequently even though she finished PT over a year and a half ago.

On today's episode, Kate and I discuss

  • Kate's ACL story
  • What was her initial reaction to the news
  • Obstacles and complications
  • Mental side of rehab
  • Difference in rehabbing at school versus home
  • How she felt when she got cleared
  • What she's learned through the ACL journey
  • Advice for other athletes

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