The Weekly Scrap, Firefighter Podcast
The Weekly Scrap, Firefighter Podcast
Corley Moore
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The best!!
Very informative and educational. Much appreciated for all of the content!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Max Points
Welcome to the best podcast in firefighting. There is no shortage of good firefighting podcasts out there, but none of them do it quite like Corley. He has knowledge. He has experience. He has humility. He has the highest caliber guests. He even has Modelo. Most importantly, he has passion for the job. The only thing The Scrap doesn’t have is mutts. One hundred percent. Max Points.
Best podcast out their with the most knowledgeable and informative guest out there. A must for anyone who is into the Job!
I love listening to every episode! Corley and his guests are not only inspirational but informative! I listen on my way to and from the firehouse and keep finding more and more to push me!
Brad Niehaus
Best Podcast for Firefighters
Absolutely the best podcast for firefighters! Whether you are just the firefighter junkie that cant live without it or, the firefighter looking to revitalize your passion for the craft this is the podcast for you! Chief Corley Moore is the definition of Brotherhood and truly cares about the craft. Tune in! I promise you won’t regret it!
Excellent content coming from an engaging host and knowledgeable guests. These episodes never disappoint!
Weekly scrap
Great podcast all the way around.
Quite possibly the best fire fighter podcast out there!
I tune into the Scrap after having stumbling across it..I was in search of a certain speaker and what I found was WAY more than I was looking for. The Scrap has ignited something inside of me that has helped me in many ways. The guests Corley has on speak on issues I often relate to and it’s nice to know there are others out there like me 😎
Adam Schenavar
The amount of knowledge and information thrown out each week is untouched by any other. Always a great listen!
Met Chief at Into the Job in Wichita KS last year and I’ve been nothing but hooked since! Brings in some of the best in the fire service and I watch it religiously!!
Weekly Scrap with Corley Moore
This show is without a doubt one of the most intoxicating firefighting podcast on the airwaves! This show has made me a better dad, husband, firefighter, and fire officer! The guest that are continually invited to participate are “top shelf”movers and shakers in the fire service that have a deep passion for the job and the growth of it. If you are not listening or watching the Weekly Scrap, do yourself a HUGE favor and start, you will not regret a minute of it!!
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J. Platt
Great Podcast
Highly recommend! This is by far the best firefighter podcast out there. The Weekly Scrap gives you insight from the most passionate people from the fire service.
It doesn’t get better than this…
If this podcast doesn’t light a fire in you, your wood is wet. Volunteer, paid-on-call, or career, this podcast has to be part of your weekly routine. Corley brings on world class fire service icons and delivers content that every listener can relate to and learn from. The fact that Firehouse Vigilance provides this high quality educational material FOR FREE is insane. The knowledge you can gain just by listening to these dudes is highly worth your time. Finally, ALL of these guys are into the job and you can’t help but get motivated and re-energized by listening to these solid brothers preach. If you’re surrounded by slugs, this podcast will be your anti-venom. Get some.
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Top Fire Service Podcast
The Scrap sits at the top of the fire service podcasts in my book. Corley’s enthusiasm and passion is heard and felt in every episode. He’s able to land top notch guests that land all over the spectrum, that lend their knowledge to the rest of us. This is the podcast to pick if you’re only choosing one.
Mutts don’t scrap
If you love the job you will love this. Great content and training.
Great topics as usual
Corley you always have top notch guest. Always look forward to watching live and catching up and being able to revisit on anything I missed.
The best education firefighter podcast
Corley is an amazing host with top tier guests. I throughly enjoy listening to officers and firefighter all around the nation who love the job. I learn something in every episode. This podcast gets me fired up (in a good way).
For the love of the job.
If you are a fireman with a passion for the job this podcast is a must listen. Corley brings the best of the best to allow all fireman to learn from those who influence the fire service. Would give 10/10 if possible. Make sure you share this to all firman and remember mutts don’t scrap.
kyle "hamster" sanchez
Favorite podcast
I listen to a lot of podcasts but I don’t miss the weekly scrap if I can help it. Only the best speak on this podcast and you always are hyped up about the job once it’s over.
Cotton headed ninny muffins
Best podcast ever
Corley you kill it every scrap. Top notch guests and the best fans in the business. You’re podcast hooked me up with my local FOOLS group and has changed my career in a huge way
brett broge
Great training for every level
This has been my go to podcast to learn something new every time. I recommend this to everyone. This has helped me and many other become better fireman.
Battery charger 🔋
Listen most every week, and it always keeps me up to date and helps me stay loving the job!
A Must Listen!
The Weekly Scrap is an absolute gem of a podcast! Corley brings the aces of the fire service in for one on one interviews and the listeners have an opportunity to be eavesdrop on years of experience and knowledge from around the globe! Subscribe to this podcast and take the time to listen and you will undoubtedly step up what you bring to the firehouse!
Matt Knowlton
The best firefighting podcast out there!!
Loaded with knowledge!!!
I am new to the fire service and was told about The Weekly Scrap by a coworker. It is amazing, top notch guest with a wealth of knowledge. Always learning something new and interesting
Keeping it real!
Some of the most known to not so known fire service names, sharing real world knowledge and experiences. New firefighter to Chief officers should be tuning into the Scrap’s. You will come away with some knowledge to ponder, new ideas, sparked interest and so much more. I always look forward to these and hearing others views and takes on topics. Keep scraping and putting water down range
The scrap!
Chief preaching the firefighting gospel each week! So much good information!! Love it!!
Top notch place for fireman!
Excellent podcast
Had a friend tell me about this podcast. Great podcast to listen to and learn. Love that folks are on from all around. I’ve learned a lot in the time I’ve listened. Highly recommended for anyone from rookie to Chief level. Keep that fire coming!
BC FF Medic
Love this Podcast!
One of the best Fire Service podcasts out there! So many top notch guests!
Best show.
This is defiantly one of the best shows around. One of the main podcasts I put on my phone. Play it when I’m driving. When I’m just sitting around. I listen to it a lot.
Max Points
Love the scrap!!! Get to listen/watch people with true passion for the fire service and keeps me motivated when I have my down days! Keep up the great work Brother!
Firehouse Vigilance
Only podcast I listen too! If you arent listening you are missing quality info and people! Cant recommend enough.
Best podcast out there!
This podcast keeps you fired up, informed and into the job and gives you a few laughs as well!.
One of the best firefighting podcasts
This is hands down one of the best firefighting podcasts you will find. Chief Moore and all of his guests are top notch. If this show does not inspire and drive you to be a better firefighter and human being then check your pulse and find a different career! I have listened to every episode and always look forward to the next. Max points!!!
10 out of 10
The Weekly Podcast is hands down the #1 podcast in the fire service.
Awesome material
Love listening to Corley and his awesome guests talk about the passion for the job and talk shop. #muttsdontbark
Crew leader
Corley brings on the best of the best. Best podcast out there.
Corley is a sexy beast!
Can’t rate the podcast high enough and can’t thank you enough. I have 12 years in and 7 of those were on auto pilot. Between career (working nights and a lot of travel), family, a little burnout and not the best culture I went stale. Your podcast has helped me get back into it and find the desire to train I once had.
Weekly Scraps are a Must for Firefighters at all Levels.
I have been listening to The Weekly Scraps for over a year now. I don’t miss any of them since I have started. I tell everyone I know to tune into The Weekly Scraps. Great information from some of the best individuals the job has to offer. Keep up the Great work. Remember Mutts don’t Scrap. TG
The best of the best
The Weekly Scrap is one of the best firefighter podcast out there, Corley brings the best of the best on here and it’s always 🔥!!!
Max points
Can’t rate this high enough! Bring back passion for the job for so many people!
FireBoat Capt
Mutts Don’t Scrap!
One of the best Fire Service based podcasts out there! The guests are off the charts!
Need more stars for The Scrap!
D.Ryan W.
Best podcast out there
The weekly scrap is a one of a kind podcast. The information is some of the best out there and the guest are in my opinion the best in the business. Corley is solid brother and very passionate about the fire service and dedicated to killing complacency!!!
Corley is a sexy beast
fire bro 17
Corley is a Sexy Beast!
Brando 2285
BC Moore is doing it right! He consistently provides relevant topics with some of the best names in the fire service. You can take away so much from every episode and still go back and learn more!
Fireman Chris
Into the job
I’ve got a long commute for shift and have become a podcast junkie because of it. One of my fellow officers (Snodgrass) turned me on to The Weekly Scrap a couple months ago and I look forward to every show now! I’ve since spread the love of the job to some newer guys and they have caught the bug as well. If you are looking for some of the biggest names in the game and some of the best knowledge out there, this is your podcast. Fills the voids between shift work, conferences, and classes perfectly! On a side note, if you want something to pump you up during a workout or get the motivation flowing, just put on Chief Isakson’s episode and prepare to rip a PR off the floor. Thank you for all you’ve done Chief Moore! Keep it up, the scrappers across the world are relying on you! FTM PTB
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Dillon Pendleton
So much great info
Get ya pen and paper ready! Just recently found this podcast through a friend and now i have been binge listening every chance i get. Most of the shows I listen to more than once to get all the info . Keep up the good work sir
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