The Weekly Scrap, Firefighter Podcast
The Weekly Scrap, Firefighter Podcast
Corley Moore
Firehouse Vigilance presents the Weekly Scrap. A podcast for firefighters with the best interviews of the best guests.Host Corley Moore discusses everything fire service related in his never ending fight against complacency. Awesome interviews with firefighter movers and shakers in this weekly show. Catch the show live, or enjoy the podcast recordings.
Weekly Scrap #151 - Frank Viscuso, Flashpoint
Frank Viscuso came on the Scrap to talk about his new book "Flashpoint: Ignite your team and forge a winning culture" It was an exciting episode, and I was not prepared for the rabbit holes we will disappeared down.  So much knowledge from one of the absolute best!
Jul 29
1 hr 56 min
Weekly Scrap #150 - Curt Isakson, We are the lucky ones!
<<This Episode had Technical Issues>>  Joined by Chief Curt Isakson to commemorate episode #150 of the Scrap! Topics we discuss include: The year of the Rescue, We are the Lucky Ones! Understanding Impact, Experience and mentoring... and that does not include all the audience threw our way! Curt gave away a lot of conference passes to CF Tactic conferences during the live show. There were a lot of technical issues with the live feed, I tried to edit most of them out for the podcast, but it is choppy and disjointed at times.
Jul 27
3 hr 40 min
Weekly Scrap #149 - Tom Hollick, Influence and Training
Joined by Tom Hollick to discuss all things fire service related. Topics include your circle of influence, passion for training, No Quit RIT, and Leadership. And that does not include everything the audience threw in our path!
Jul 20
1 hr 38 min
Weekly Scrap #148 - Todd Shepherd, Realistic Training Dynamics
Joined by Forge Fire and Company's founder Todd Shepherd, it was an amazing evening as we discuss training like a professional, training dynamics, how to structure training disciplines, and self-defense related to first responders... plus everything that the audience threw our way!
Jul 11
1 hr 21 min
Weekly Scrap #147 - Kevin Pfluger, For Them, Family and Adversity
Joined by Kevin Pfluger for another amazing episode of the Scrap. Unbelievably great conversation, topics included Family first, For them, overcoming adversity, the shift in the fire service, and then the audience really got warmed up! Was a great Scrap, with a passionate guest.
Jul 2
1 hr 47 min
Weekly Scrap #146 - Robby Owens, on Training, Acronyms and being perfect
Joined by Robby Owens, AKA: Average Jake! It was an awesome conversation and we talked about the the three hours, Training, Mr. Perfect, Legacy vs. Impact... plus all the  rabbit holes the audience sent us down!
Jun 27
1 hr 29 min
Weekly Scrap #145 - Firefighter Fenton, Leading with Laughter
Joined by Brent Fenton, more commonly known as firefighter Fenton. Plan to talk about laughing and enjoying the job, as well as culture and mindset and how to stay engaged and plugged in! Plus he answers everything that the audience threw his way. Was an awesome conversation.
Jun 23
1 hr 10 min
The Weekly Scrap #144 - Don Sapp, Resiliency and Tenacity
Joined on this episode by Uncle Don Sapp, one of the most sincere people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, It was an amazing discussion as we talk about resiliency and tenacity and the changes that he has seen, as well as what he sees coming for the fire service. The audience was amazing with amazing questions, and it was a really good scrap!
Jun 21
1 hr 11 min
Weekly Scrap #143 - Dave LeBlanc, Accountability and Responsibility
Joined once again by one of my favorite deep conversation people, Dave LeBlanc is coming back on the show to talk about accountability and responsibility from the newest member to the tenured legends. Leadership, Culture, Motivation and of course all that the audience threw at him!  He was a champion through it all.
Jun 14
1 hr 27 min
Weekly Scrap #142 - Jesse Quinalty, Red Helmet Fire Training
Joined by Jesse Quinalty, the man behind Red Helmet Fire Training, SlabSavers, The Firefighter Book Club, and Firefighters riding in firetrucks eating Ice Cream! This guy absolutely stays plugged in and has a passion!
May 31
54 min
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