The Weekly Knightly Podcast - by Vegas Golden Knights Fans
The Weekly Knightly Podcast - by Vegas Golden Knights Fans
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Weekly Knightly Podcast - EP27 - S2 Expansion Draft Time!!!
The guys are back to talk about Nolan Patrick, Cody Glass, and the Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft!
Jul 19
1 hr 20 min
Weekly Knightly Podcast - EP26 - S2 WE ARE NOT THE CHAMPIONS!!!
The gang is back together to discuss Vegas losing in 6 games to Montreal, our predictions on who will win the Stanley Cup this season, and lots of chat about potential off-season moves.
Jun 29
1 hr 16 min
Weekly Knightly Podcast - EP25 - S2 - Lehner Only Has Nice Things To Say
Andrew is back from IR and the boys talk about the series between the Vegas Golden Knights vs the Montreal Canadiens. They talk about the goalie switch, Cody Glass unable to make the lineup, the power play, problem and the missing top 6 plus more!
Jun 21
58 min
Weekly Knightly Podcast - EP24 - S2 F**K IT. Lets Just Win This Thing
Andrew still a Game Time Decision™. The rest of the guys recap the series that was the Vegas Golden Knights and Colorado Avalanche and looking forward to the Semifinals Series between the Montreal Canadiens.
Jun 14
1 hr 24 min
Weekly Knightly Podcast - EP23 - S2 We Have A Series
Erik is back in the Line-up while Andrew is now in the 10 day IR list. The rest of the guys talk about the big momentum shift in the series against Colorado as Vegas wins games 3 and 4 in a commanding fashion. The also talk about the draft lottery and other things going about the league including the other 3 series.
Jun 7
1 hr 14 min
Weekly Knightly Podcast - EP22 - S2 The Gloves Weren't Off!
Erik was a game time decision and didn't end up playing, so the rest of the guys chat about the Game 7 win against Minnesota and the really terrible but not surprising Game 1 of the Avs series. Listen in to hear why we sort of expected that loss in Game 1.
May 31
1 hr 9 min
Weekly Knightly Podcast - EP21 - S2 The Wild are a Different Beast at Home
Erik is out (day-to-day) while the rest of the guys talk a lot about how we're wrong all the time and how Vegas is doing in the playoffs with their 3-1 Series Lead against Minnesota. "You're going to see a totally different team at home. We're a different beast." - Matt Dumba before the Wild lost both home games
May 24
1 hr 13 min
Weekly Knightly Podcast - EP20 - S2 PLAYOFF SEASON!!!
The guys are back to go over playoff matchups and general debauchery! Listen in as they discuss the 1st round matchup with Minnesota Wild and why the Power Play needs to be better in the post season if this team has the best chance to win.
May 15
1 hr 21 min
Weekly Knightly Podcast - EP19 - S2 Ten Game Win Streak!
All 4 guys are back this week! And they're here to talk about a whole lot of nothing...except for the 10 game VGK win streak record, win against COL and the split with ARI for the past week. It's like this team is really good or something!
May 3
1 hr 24 min
Weekly Knightly Podcast - EP18 - S2 9 Consecutive Wins - Leave Petro Alone!
It's the 50th episode of the Weekly Knightly Podcast!!!! Erik is on IR, but the rest of the guys chat about the 9-game VGK win streak record, the roster for the next few weeks vs playoffs, and how the team is going to match up coming down the regular season stretch
Apr 26
1 hr 18 min
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