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Subpar since Matt left
The show just now feels like big standard Vox fair since Matthew Yglesias left. It’s not nearly as intellectually challenging nor is it really “in the weeds.” There’s not much about the show anymore that’s worth listening to because it’s not in any way differentiated from the content you get from reading Vox or the very standard, rote line you get from any sort of left of center podcast. Vox is already a boring outlet these days and now The Weeds just follows that dull, unchallenging fare with Matt gone.
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Jerusalem Demsas is terrible
I found this podcast right before the pandemic started and I looked forward to listening every week. I tried to stick it through after Matt left, but I cannot take listening to Jerusalem any longer. It is painful to hear her talk. This show is now boring, slow (except when Jerusalem is speaking!) and sad. Finally unsubscribed.
Show became far left once Matt left
Matt was a great host and kept things quite balanced. I liked the fact that he brought multiple perspectives to the show and i enjoyed listening and learning. But as soon as he left the next few shows have been terrible 😢 this was one of my favorite podcasts and now they are just another far left podcast. Please be constructive and report stories like Matt did. I hope Vox fixes this soon I loved this podcast for so long.
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Needs Challenge?
something that was much more common under Yglesias + Klein was the intelectual fight, you could see it even in the last episode of the three original hosts. whether or not they agreed with opposing positions they were always brought up, and the hosts considered them before often dunking on them. that desire to challenge groupthink made the show a great place to learn ALSO Jerusalem has energy, and it’s deeply needed. Yglesias + Klein (probably part of the reason both so successful in media) were not scared to show legitimate personality in their work (neither was Dara). if i had to guess such personality helped break up groupthink too, you got their unexpected but deeply held beliefs. the other new hosts are intelligent, but showing a little more of themselves would make such a “weeds”y show be a little more listenable. thanks for the great years, owe a lot of poli. history knowledge to the crew.
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Not the weeds
The weeds was so amazing because the boats (Sarah Matt Ezra) really understood the topic (policy). Replacing them with some earnest progressives who don’t have any special grasp of policy just obviously doesn’t work.
Please slow down!
Hello, I love this show and have been listening for years. However, the new hosts speak so fast and rush that it is really difficult to absorb their point. This reminds me of my debate club. Please slow down for the listeners! If I can’t keep up, I’ll have to drop the show.
Why did you kick Matt off the show??????
Why would Matt leave?
Regrettably, what’s happening to The Weeds reminds me of what happened to The Argument (NYT). The original format was great, but for some reason new hosts started to replace the old ones and the show’s quality declined accordingly. Also reminds me of when Clare Malone and Micah Cohen left the 538 podcast. They were the heart and soul of that show and now it’s boring—no vitality whatsoever. (No offense to Galen, who does his best. Even Nate hardly appears anymore.) I don’t know if there are structural or economic reasons for these changes but as a listener I wish they would stop.
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Sad to say
Though there are still some good topics, this podcast has really declined with the loss of the original hosts. Perhaps, it is because I have been following the likes of Matt and Ezra for too many years. Perhaps, it is because one of the new hosts (Jerusalem) speaks so fast it sounds like she is coming from a high school debate and is very difficult to follow. Thanks for the many great years, but I might be dropping this podcast.
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C Note 97
Not without Matt
Vox used to be great. Now it suuuu… Guest: I don’t wanna turn this into a criticism of the media. Matt: Nah, you should. The media suuuuu… It’s garbage.
What is this, NPR?
The weeds, as a matter of content, are gone. The depth is gone. These new guys have nothing to say and didn’t do the reading, and they’re trying to get by on virtue signaling alone. Jerusalem is great. Dara is great. Even Matt was great. They show up prepared and with something to say. German and the other guy are just pundits, and if you’ve ever listened to the NPR Politics Podcast, you know what they have to say already: nothing. What’s worse, they seem like intellectually dishonest urban progressives who don’t know how to read the current political landscape. “If kids parents aren’t working, their children should suffer” is not an appropriate or useful characterization of Manchin. It certainly isn’t in the spirit of engagement with issues that the weeds is about. I’ll give it a couple listens, but this first episode was deeply disappointing. I miss Jane, Dara, Matt, and Ezra.
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New podcast host will not work
I am sorry to hear that Matthew Iglesias will be leaving the weeds and that he will be replaced by Jerusalem. While she is a smart and articulate woman, she is not a suitable podcaster. She speaks too fast and it is painful to hear her talk. I tolerated her sporadic presence but knowing that she will be leading the podcast has made me decide to unsubscribe once Iglesias leaves. I hope vox reconsiders and have a different podcaster.
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myriam e
Was a Great Podcast, but IDK if I’ll Listen after Matthew Y Leaves
I’ve listened to and enjoyed the Weeds from Vox for a couple of years now, but I doubt I’ll continue once Matthew leaves the show. Leaving a review so Vox understands that by losing Erza, Jane and Matthew and others, their media company is losing my attention. The replacement hosts, particularly the fast talker, I have a difficult time following their statements and I find that they often admit that they don’t know the “weeds” on particular topic that they continue to speak about anyways. If you don’t know “the Weeds” on a topic then stop talking about it.
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Not good after Sarah and Ezra left
The show lacks the intellectual discussion I loved so much when it came out. Just sounds like rants and ramblings now.
Find a Better News Podcast
The host Matt Yglesias is pretty sub-par. Mr. Yglesias says “like” all the time and the podcast has basically become some sharing skewed viewpoint or opinion he has by reading a few articles. He doesn’t always have guests who can speak from authority or even challenge his views. Yglesias also seems to express quite a lot of anti-union views on his show and at times is classist and anti-working class. Skip this one, there are better podcasts out there that actually present news and not opinions.
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Yes, finally!
I’m glad that finally some are talking honestly about detrimental effects of schools’ closures during pandemic. Thank you!
Not regretting the unsubscribe
You know how some people have “a face for radio?” Matt has a voice for the written word. He’s really intelligent, and I love to read his work. But MY GOD, why is he doing this to his own company? I have followed all the great thinkers who’ve jumped the Vox ship - Ezra (obvs) and Jane too. They’re all so wonderful and thoughtful - and lovely to listen to. Jane has definitely been working on her formerly obnoxious cadence. And you know what? Listeners really appreciate that effort. Meanwhile, Matt just sticks around here screeching to himself. Pages of these comments about how awful he is. And it doesn’t even sound like he’s gotten a voice coach after all.these.years. Anyway, I unsubscribed in January but just thought I’d drop in to see if things had improved. They have not.
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How journalists think
I admire how many points of view or angles are considered when discussing a topic. Journalists are able to generate many half truths or partial insights without really nailing anything down while conveying consistent liberal-media values or outlook. After several podcasts, I appreciate being entertained and learning what various spokespersons and politicians say on a topic. I also appreciate how much inbreeding there must be in journalistic circles and how little actual expertise these folks have about their topics. It’s been strikingly obvious with Covid-19 eg that journalists fill thousands of hours repeating what a few spokespersons (rather than true experts) say and ignoring vast amounts of important science. I sorely miss the old days when facts and figures were within a journalist’s purview. I also crave any investigative journalism. You don’t find that here. You might get a broader perspective but the liberal media taboos will not be violated. There are many taboos in journalism—topics or ideas they uniformly pretend don’t exist. We really need a podcast to at least let us know what they’re not allowing and a little about why. For example: Tell us why Vitamin D Deficiency is called Healthcare Inequality ? ….
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The Shadow Nose
Be smarter than all your friends
Who wouldn’t want to be?
Mediocre journalism
Over time this podcast has turned from a podcast about policy to whatever their loosely supported opinion. Is mediocre journalism and Matt is the text book definition of a mediocre whit guy who has this job despite underwhelming skill as a journalist.
Deep fives into policy nerdom and opinions with range
Very thoughtful analysis. Discussion is rich in color and substance. Huge fan of the white paper section. Only gripe is that because it is a wonky show for wonky people, the practical and more ground zero level perspectives are often absent and that's sort of expected from a podcast with journos and policy experts. Just wish that they would try to include some of those voices of people in the trenches who are living the topic or working on the problem.
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Covid over?
Our Covid response was a botched job across the US, and definitely not over. The US currently has a 49% fully vaccinated population, we either need mandatory vaccinations or this endemic virus will be back this Autumn.
Much improved
I’m a moderate conservative who has taught research methods and statistics. To challenge my own biases I listen to both conservative and progressive podcasts (eg National Review and Vox). What drives me crazy is agenda-driven opinion masquerading as analysis (on the right or left of the political spectrum). In past years I would dutifully listen to the Weeds although the ideological premises would often elevate my blood pressure. Over the last year or so the show’s discussions have become broader and more nuanced; even questioning extreme left suppositions (capitalism is corrupt, immigration control is racist, Federal legislation is preferable to state/local governance ). At the same time, the show continues to blast reactionary ideology. The country desperately needs more thoughtful and empirical discourse. Thanks, Matt.
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It is what it is
First of all, everybody stop criticizing Matt’s voice. That’s how he talks, it’s not going to change, and it’s not like someone else is going to do the talking on this podcast. Once upon a time the weeds was an ensemble project but right now it is Matt‘s project. If you are interested in these topics and his perspective – a big if - then you listen to every minute and wouldn’t really care if Matt started yodeling between sentences. If you don’t it’s not going to be for you.
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Stop Liking
If you want people to listen, stop using the word “like”. It is a filler and super annoying to the listener. I could only make it half way through the episode because I got so weary of the teenager style of language. If you want to be a professional, speak like one.
Stong Language Advocate
Once Sarah left, and after Matt lost his way, podcast was no longer a valuable listen.
Great Content, but that voice is not good...
One of the best podcasts for serious policy discussion. It’s brilliant in its detail while remaining accessible. If there is a flaw—it is that the host has one of the worst voices for the format. I love his analysis and contrarian approach, but he needs to consider vocal coaching. His voice fluctuates between a high pitched squeal, to the odd use of high rising terminal (uptalk). This is all fixable, and Mathew Yglesias is a talent.
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Need new hosts who speak properly
There are several topics I really want to listen to. The problem is I didn’t expect a show for adults to sound like a high school radio show. I haven’t heard the word “like” so much since the show “Square Pegs” in the 80s (was one of my favorite shows). When not talking strictly about the issue I feel like I’m listening to an episode of Square Pegs. Most of the podcasts I listen to have white hosts, I’m a black American by the way, and none of them sound like they’re just out of high school. That high pitched, up & down, grating, over-exaggerated & loud way of speaking is such a turn off. You know how to speak properly...speak it.
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Terrible theme song
Don’t always agree but appreciate the discourse and outside-of the box ideas. Some guests are quite sharp and provide good evidence for their theories. The theme song makes me flashback to terrible emo pop. Please for the love of god change it
Mitchel A.
I like it, sort of
I like it but dear god do the hosts and guests say “sort of” way way way too much. The guy this week in the vaccine episode says it between every clause. It’s unreal. They almost all do it.
Downhill without Sarah and Ezra
After a couple years of following, it’s time to jump ship. Matt’s insights by themselves are not engaging enough by without some of the former hosts. Sad, I really enjoyed it while it lasted.
I’m Done
Your show on Researching the Police was disgusting and dangerous. At one point you paused before suggesting that certain portions of the population be contained…what, behind barbed wire?!? I’m done with this podcast. You’re a disgrace to the profession of journalism.
Happy birthday!
Finally pulling the plug...
I miss the days with Jane Ezra and Sarah. Too much Matt is too much and I don’t have time for a Matt podcast. I’m just tired of your annoying take centric style which is also boringly predictable, maybe if he was just one of 3 permanent hosts it would be interesting I like Dara and think Jerusalem has potential but can only get to it through a mountain of self-centered dribble that is Matt After so many years unsubscribe
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Jerusalem is the best
Seriously, more episodes with her please! Love her thoughtful analysis and energy.
Step back
Matthew needs to back up from his mic, I’m liking the podcast but his voice is driving me crazy step back please
Interested fellow
Consistently Thought Provoking, but what a miss!
Come on, Vox Media. Seriously, you’re playing Facebook propaganda ads at the beginning of your program and then uncritically editorializing about Facebook on your episode The App Store War? The host didn’t even note that as a potential conflict point like they do in well-edited journalism. You could at least pretend you’re focused on covering “the weeds” on real policy instead of sucking up to your sponsors. Gross.
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Matthew Yglesias sounds like a squeaky dog toy when he first chimes in. This high-pitched SQUEE startles the animals on my block every time and sets off car alarms. One time I opened my front door and my yard was full of hundreds of wild geese all tearing each other apart, desperately attacking their own flock in an attempt to appease whatever dark god the geese serve. The Weeds must be a pretty good podcast because I still listen to it despite the mess of blood and feathers.
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Sorry, but Jerusalem was unlistenable
Speaking fast is fine .... but speaking in, literally run-on paragraphs one after the other without taking a breath AND speeding up (after starting fast) made it In comprehensible. I can correct for speed (play back at half speed) but not for lack of structure. I had to turn it off. Other than than that how was the play Mrs Lincoln?
Dreads Fan
Lots of Well-Ackshullyism
Superficially interesting, but there’s little exploration of the assumptions behind their worldview. Feels like an echo chamber that thinks it’s not an echo chamber.
Jason from GR
Excellent show about overlooked topics
While you do get an episode about mainstream issues occasionally, what I love about this show is that I am consistently surprised by the subject material. It’s very often a deep dive into a topic I knew little to nothing about beforehand. It’s super informative and also balanced/nuanced in a way that not many political podcasts are. Matt is an excellent host and routinely voices opinions and viewpoints from across the political spectrum (though still mostly staying on the left side of things). Dara is excellent and bounces off of Matt well. Jane, who is gone now, was my favorite host but the podcast has still held up even in her absence.
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Generally interesting; massive blind spots
This is generally a favorite podcast of mine, which makes the 2-star review I’m giving it right now strange. Matt is a great intellect who deliberately invites viewpoints across a wide spectrum of agreement and disagreement for constructive, challenging discussion that almost never tips into performative pugilism the way other shows do. Part of what I love about Matt is his ability to incisively challenge and puncture his guests and cohosts whenever they tilt too far in the direction of campaign copy and sloganeering. But this most recent episode with Faiz Shakir of the Bernie Sanders campaign was a frictionless platform for Matt’s guest to repeat every self-pitying or self-valorizing campaign myth, every rhetorical flourish, lie, half-truth, or slander of the Democratic Party from the last half decade of Bernie Sander’s monumentally destructive and counterproductive tenure in the national spotlight. Matt’s areas of overlap and philosophical agreement with Shakir seemed sincere and relatively benign, but were deluged by the narrative-building steamroller of Shakir relentless monologuing. Items where Matt had, even in very recent episodes, voiced clear and strong arguments on- including against student debt cancellation while a guest on Brian Beutler’s podcast Rubicon- went utterly unchallenged. I kept waiting for Matt to show up. Not because every episode needs to be a contentious debate, but because the intellectual honesty of this particular episode was so far in the toilet as to be little more than a bitter score-settling ad for a campaign that lost badly. Hugely disappointed in Matt’s inability to stand up to an old boss of his. Will make me question him more broadly from here on out.
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Long term care episode 👎
Entire discussion of long term care policy was ableist and filled with completely inaccurate assessments of how LTC currently works, to the point of being misinformation. Anyone who listened to this should listen to Death Panel instead
Not impressed.
Have never heard such awful voice work. Um, hem, haw, poor enunciation, just awful to listen to. Could be great content, but the episodes I sampled were so acoustically awful I couldn’t get to it. Some writers need to write, unless they take speech lessons. A year later - the sound and diction issues are solved, only to reveal the most shallow and uniformed of small minds. Shouldn’t a health care policy reporter know something about Medicaid before flapping his gums about a tiny sliver of its service to Americans? Gave this a second chance, got my intelligence insulted.
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More Eps with Jerusalem
The episode on gun policy & the recent shootings was the only episode in the last several months that was anywhere near as engaging & Vox-brand 'educational' as 2017--2019 Weeds. I think a key value of this pod is hearing the Weedsy debate which has been steadily fading since Matt became host. More eps with Jerusalem.
Can’t listen any longer
I used to find this podcast educating and a good discourse on topics, but this latest episode was so willfully obtuse that I have to unsubscribe now.
Favorite podcast
Love the Jerusalem/Dara/Matt combo! These episodes are so interesting and fun!
Recent Immigration topic
Very tired of this show framing the topics in a conservative view and generalizing what a democratic voter is. The constant bringing up of AOC. It doesn’t provide anything more informational than a cable news show. I kind of expected this podcast to clarify topics, instead I find it bashes, and tarnishes whoever it disagrees with. It’s slightly better than fox. But that is an extremely low bar.
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Garbage of a game
Jerusalem needs to s-l-o-w down!
That’s it. She talks too fast.
Smells Like Teen Spirit
As a 23 year old super-listener, not knowing Smells Like Team Spirit is the name of that song after 5 seconds is a Jerusalem problem, not a generational thing!
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