The Wag W/Mick
The Wag W/Mick
Michael Marks
My names Mick: Throughout my entire life people have referred to me as "Mick Dog" Why? I honestly do not know. What I do know is Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's I am here to give you a FANTASTIC 15-20 minutes on whatever the hell I feel like talking about that day. Some days it will be current events, others will be a topic of my choice that I ramble about, and we might even sprinkle in an interview every now and then. Welcome To My World
The Return of The WAG Mick gave his thoughts on everything happening in the world as we know it
Aug 7
32 min
Ep 08: Kirk vs Barstool
Kirk is at war with barstool yet again Chris Delia also is a total creep
Jun 19
18 min
Ep 07: Return Of The Slov
Slovak. Is. Back
Jun 15
39 min
Ep 06: Slightly Buzzed
Yeah this was the first time I've drank a few beverages before the Podcast...
Jun 12
16 min
Ep 05: Back To Work
Episode 05 Wednesday June 10th   Mick talked about how he is finally able to go back to work after all this Covid 19 craziness. Also discussed UFC fight island and the match ups that have been planned as well as the Barstool Sports drama.
Jun 10
25 min
Ep 04: Almost Back To Normal
On todays episode Mick recapped the weekend. -Drew Brees drama -Finally back to work -NBA coming back
Jun 8
14 min
Ep 03: We All Can Be Better (Featuring Miguel Encarnacion)
On episode 03 of The Wag we talked with an old pal of mine, Miguel. Miggy and I grew up in the same area but I can promise you we did not have similar experiences. As you can imagine mine was a very peaceful and easy upbringing. Miguel? Not so much. If your form Cape Cod, you'll need to hear this. IG: @wag_with_mick IG: @migz_realestate SUBSCRIBE AND RATE
Jun 4
23 min
Episode 02: This Is My View
Take it for what its worth. This is my take on the madness in America 
Jun 2
14 min
Ep 01: The Maiden Voyage: Featuring Joe Slov
Today is the day. The Wag is here to take over the podcast world. Today marks the start of something I have been wanting to do my entire life.  I don't say this with any satire: Podcasting is all I got left.  This has to work. 
May 31
22 min