Clarice Assad
The VOXPLORATION Podcast offers a series of interviews with astonishing singers around the earth who share their musical expertise, tips, technique, and unique styles. The first season explores the vibrant world of beatbox, freestyle hip hop, improvisational systems of jazz, Arabic, and South Carnatic music.
Yodeling through the centuries / feat. Bridget Ann Johnston
In this episode, the young and scintillating soprano Bridget Ann Johnston shares her expertise on the history of yodeling, a vocal technique believed to be thousands of years old. It appears in several cultures throughout the times, including polyphonic music of Central Africa, Persian music, the Alpine countries, and its influence in American folk music. 
Mar 13, 2021
17 min
Introspection That Speaks Volumes / feat. Sara Serpa
A native from Lisboa, Portuguese Sara Serpa is a singer, composer, improviser, who through her practice and performance, explores the use of the voice as an instrument. Serpa has been working in the field of jazz, improvised and experimental music, since moving to New York in 2008. Her ethereal music draws from a broad variety of inspirations including literature, film, visual arts as well as history and nature. In this episode we explore her career as a singer and a composer leading up to a conversation about her latest album Recognition, released in June 2020. A multi-disciplinary work that traces the historical legacy of Portuguese colonialism in Africa through moving image and sound.
Mar 5, 2021
22 min
The Countertainer / feat. Edson Cordeiro
Edson Cordeiro is a Brazilian countertenor and pop and jazz singer. His repertoire covers everything from opera and lieder to traditional Brazilian folksongs to 1970s disco music. It includes covers of Nina Hagen, Janis Joplin, Prince and Édith Piaf, along with medieval psalms. As a vocal talent, Cordeiro has a four-octave voice. This episode is a fun, light hearted conversation with this incredible Brazilian legend, a pioneer in many areas, not only in the music realm.  
Mar 1, 2021
25 min
The Songstress from Ipanema, who inspires generations / feat. Joyce Moreno
Brazilian singer-songwriter and guitarist Joyce Moreno is a female icon of some of the best music that the country has produced up to this point in time.  In this episode, Joyce shares intriguing insights about her career, her journey into crafting her space as a female musician in a world dominated by men, the good, the bad, and the ugly of the music industry over the past decades, among other gems. 
Feb 13, 2021
25 min
Narration in Symphonic Music / feat. Jamie Bernstein
As a concert narrator, Jamie Bernstein has appeared everywhere from Beijing to London to Vancouver. In addition to her own scripted narrations. Jamie also performs standard concert narrations, such as Walton’s “Facade,” Copland’s “A Lincoln Portrait” and her father’s Symphony No. 3, “Kaddish.” A frequent speaker on musical topics, Jamie has presented talks around the world, from conferences in Japan to seminars at Harvard University. In Spanish-speaking locations such as Madrid and Caracas, Jamie narrates en español—thanks to her Chilean-born mother Felicia, who raised her three children to be bilingual.
Feb 7, 2021
24 min
Is it Okay To Laugh? /feat. Lila Palmer
Lila Palmer is a dramatist, facilitator and classically trained soprano. In this episode, we explore bullying in the music industry.  An illegal recording of a live performance where a tenor cracks terribly on a high note prompted me to ask questions. Lila, a beautiful, energetic writer, speaker, and person, voices her opinions in elegant, clear, and emotionally compelling ways.  
Jan 31, 2021
18 min
We Always Land Together / feat. Dianne Reeves & Romero Lubambo
Singer Dianne Reeves and Guitarist Romero Lubambo have been making music together for decades. In this episode, we explore this unique kind of partnership and the magic behind this connection. What is the glue that holds it together? What type of training do improvisational artists go through to stay on the same page, no matter how intricate the musical liberties they take with each other? Here you'll find that the higher the leaps, the more at stake; they always land together.
Jan 22, 2021
24 min
One Woman Band / feat. Badi Assad
Badi Assad is one of Brazil's most exciting performers.  A heartfelt vocalist, an accomplished guitarist, a talented songwriter, she is also a unique creative spirit who, through sonic experimentations has been called by American music critics as a "One Woman Band." In this episode, Badi and her niece Clarice explore many facets of Badi's career through the years, in a fun, engaging and light-hearted way.
Jan 15, 2021
23 min
Making Instruments Speak. And so much more / feat.Derek Bermel + Special Guest Luciana Souza
Composer, clarinetist, and conductor Derek Bermel is a master architect of musical emotions with a great taste for 'interior design'; i.e. the details, nuances, and beauty he creates by bringing so much attention to detail to his rich orchestration. This episode centers on three of his compositions that have one thing in common: The Human Voice. Find out how his passion for the voice fuels his never-ending imagination to keep on creating.
Jan 6, 2021
21 min
A Musical Butterfly / feat. Maria João
Maria João is a very unique and creative vocalist from Portugal, versed in many styles, including folk music, avant-garde, jazz, and electronica.  In this episode, we talk about many of her influences, inspiration, career, beliefs, the state of the art form in current times, and her future projects. Her upbeat personality and sunny energy are contagious in the best sense of the world.  She has greatly influenced many singers of the new generation.
Jan 1, 2021
23 min
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