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The Voice Off
The Voice Off
Troy Ramey talks about his Voice Elimination, coming up in the New York music scene, and working with Gwen Stefani
25 minutes Posted Apr 30, 2017 at 1:44 pm.
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Show notes

Troy Ramey is the most recently eliminated Voice contestant and he took the time to talk to “The Voice Off” Podcast about his time on The Voice. Ramey went into unfiltered honesty about how he hated doing covers. His hate for covers made him not want to do any of these competition shows.

Ramey also opened up about his back and forth with Gwen Stefani on his performances of “Free Fallin” and how Stefani earned Ramey’s respect.

About Troy:

Troy grew up in a modest family household where there was no TV but plenty of music. He dreamed of going to college to study engineering and play basketball, but after his dad’s death, he transferred to Boston College and focused on helping his mother. While working at a restaurant, he started to jam with co-workers and joined a band called In Like Lions, which had a five-year run. Three years ago, he decided to join his girlfriend in New York and pursue his career as a singer-songwriter. He held a job at an engineering firm for a couple of years in order to fund his debut EP. In 2016, his music caught fire on streaming sites – with almost 4 million plays and counting – so he decided to leave his job and pursue music full time.