The Vivecast
The Vivecast
The Vivecast
The Vivecast is a podcast that is dedicated to the coverage of the HTC Vive. Anthony explains how the HTC Vive has come out of nowhere to rock his collective video game world. Join Anthony as he chronicles his journey into the realm of Virtual Reality. Is the Future here now ? You decide after listening to the show..
Quick Message to Vivecast Listeners - 10 18 16
This is a quick message to listeners letting them know what's going on with the Vivecast.
Oct 18, 2016
5 min
The Vivecast - Episode 10 - 8 23 16
We've got a special treat for Vivecast listeners this week. So far, we haven't had any special guests on the Vivecast, but that will change this week. A fellow Vive owner has reached out to me, so I decided to interview Gary from the UK about his early adopter experiences with the Vive. Of course I start off the show with some news stories, but the meat of this episode is the interview with Gary.
Aug 22, 2016
1 hr 24 min